What Are You Currently Watching?

I just finished The Three Doctors.
I had a lot of fun watching it.


I also just finished that! It was a lot of fun


Today I watched Carnival of Monsters.
Pretty enjoyable, this one.


Watched Time and the Rani, and it was much better than I remembered.
Kate O’Mara’s acting was superb.
Sylvester McCoy made a good first appearance as the seventh Doctor.
Bonnie Langford did her best with the (too often screaming) material she was given. Respect.
Her character’s intelligence and expertise in computers were mentioned more than once, although this wasn’t necessarily well-demonstrated throughout the story.
The story was interesting enough, but nothing special.
I would rate it 3.5/5 overall. However, Part 1 on its own would get a 4/5 from me.


Watched Classic Classic Who S24 • Serial 2 ’ Paradise Towers’.
The first three parts are just brilliant, all around. Part 4 remains very strong. All storytelling is an art, but this one represents this art at its best!
Big props to everyone involved: IMHO, this could’ve easily gone south. But through their straight acting of the absurd story, the cast really brings this one to life.
Watched the featurette ‘Behind the Sofa’ afterwards. Seeing things through the eyes of Davison, Baker, Langford, Aldred, Sutton, Jayston, and McCoy elevated the serial in my regard even more (and made me view Part 4 in a more favorable light).
4/5 for the whole and 4,5/5 for Part 1-3


I’ve finished re-watching Season 13. Imho, it’s the best Thirteenth doctor season and one of the best Doctor Who seasons overall.
Some of the individual episodes are brilliant, while others are more flawed. But this is one of those occasions where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
One aspect that worked much better for me than during the first viewing was the storyline around Bel.

Without the expectation / speculation of her being more special than she is as a person surviving the first Flux event, I was able to just appreciate seeing the half-destroyed universe through the eyes of a survivor. I do still see room for improvement, but it’s so much better than, for example, what we got in the similar scenario in Season Disney 1. I’m still convinced that The Legend of Ruby Sunday being a mid-season finale leading into a second half, seeing the Doctor navigating the dying universe and working on a way to stop Sutekh, would have been better. The Flux-Season got the template for that actually right.


Just finished Seeds of Doom at a pace of one episode a day. It is as amazing every time I watch it. The changes in scenery and the continuously growing threat of the Krynoid (pun intended :wink:) makes for really compelling storytelling :slightly_smiling_face:

Scorby is such a fantastic henchman with an amazing storyline and his death is so very affecting despite him being not a particularly “good” person.

Chase’s death is so horrific, that must be one of the most gruesome deaths in the Whoniverse, just the way his scream is cut off :grimacing:

And Tom Baker is so angry throughout! “It’ll be the end of everything! Even your pension!” And it really highlights the danger of the Krynoid to the world. Take note showrunners, a season finale can be a threat to a single planet :wink:

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Been making my way through SJA for the first time! Needless to say, Elizabeth Sladen is absolutely incredible. Bane and Slitheen were both alright, but I’ve just seen Eye of the Gorgon and quite enjoyed it! Huge step up imo. Especially with how well it’s portrayed Alzheimer’s in Bea.

I’ve heard the show only gets better from here so I’m very much excited to watch more!!


I’m almost there on SJA. Looking forward to it!


Currently watching Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane and you’re in for a treat when you reach it.


So I just watched it now and wow, it really lives up to its reputation! Amazing episode, and surprisingly mature. Really loved it.


Partway through Torchwood episode 1 “Everything Changes”. Really enjoy the vibe and slow build up to Gwen discovering Torchwood.

(This is a rewatch btw)


You’ll have to check out my Torchwood adventure: Trying out Torchwood Again. It’s a bit slow going, but I’m enjoying it. (Currently waiting for another patron to finish with Season 1 so I can watch more.)


Watched Countrycide last night and Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane today. I was slightly discombobulated by the look of Torchwood. It felt very 90s fan video - something about the grain of the film and the shaky-cam. I remember thinking this episode was great first time round but I think knowing the twist takes a bit of the edge off it. The ‘sex’ stuff is really on the nose, particularly the stuff in the wood between Owen and Gwen. I watched a cut-down confidential afterwards with some rather amusing attempts by the cast and crew to justify the sex and violence. Owen Teale is chilling though and the whole thing does have some decent horror movie vibes.

Whatever Happened is astonishingly good - Jane Asher is amazing as Andrea and Yasmin Paige sells the episode really well. It’s such a mature storyline for something made for CBBC. It’s why I hate it when fans use ‘CBBC’ as an insult for something they find a bit childish in Doctor Who. A lot of CBBC (and even some CBeebies) stuff can be mature in a different way to the ‘sex, violence and gore’ of Torchwood.


Started The Masque of Mandragora.

Secondary Control Room :heart::heart::heart:


Just watched the finals of the Euros. Started a bit slow but got much more interesting in the second half of the story. The ending was good and it was overall an enjoyable evening. I give it a rating of 4/5


The best way I rationalize it in my head is that Torchwood is better at writing realistic characters and SJA is better at plots, concepts, and storylines


Definitely agree. So many people I’ve seen on the internet seem to not get the difference between ‘mature’(well thought out and able to touch upon topics in an elegant way) and ‘mature’(18+).


I’m absolutely in agreement. It may not be perfect but I always love the feel of this one. It’s a really fun Christmas special and the cast are obviously having a ball. Yup, one of my favourite Christmas episodes!


I just rewatched “Ghost Light” this weekend (split; eps 1 & 2 Friday night, ep 3 on Saturday night). Watched in the dark, headphones on, surround sound selected. Just a gloriously good story steeped in atmosphere, rich sets and costumes and absolutely fantastic dialogue. Classic Who really went out on a high! :heart_eyes: