What Are You Currently Watching?

Well, if we have it for Audio and Books, we really should also have one for Television.

My Big Who Experience continues with Jamie’s debut in The Highlanders which I honestly think is a little underrated.


Good idea!

I’m up to Episode 6 of The Power of the Daleks which I’ve been watching with my eldest. We’ve both watched the animation and I’ve been watching the reconstruction alongside. I was amazed at the number of existing clips - I didn’t know there were so many!

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Not really watching anything at the moment, mostly just random Youtube and playing video games. I’ve been watching along with the Doctor’s Beard podcast but kinda getting tired of Pertwee for the moment. Plan on watching the Behind the Sofa for The Mind of Evil.

Power is one that I never truly embraced until I saw the animation. It’s a story that makes me understand why the Daleks can be so horrifying.

Whitaker’s two Dalek stories are possibly the best in all of Classic Who. They definitely are the Daleks at their most cunning.

Power of the Daleks is my all-time favourite appearance of the Pepperpots. I’ve only seen the recons and the B&W animation, is the colour animation any good?
I’m up to season 9 in a complete Who rewatch, so it’s the Sea Devils for me right now interspersed with some K9 :sunglasses:

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I’ve been on a real Matt Smith kick of late - I just finished series 6 for the ???th time and I love it just as much. I have such nostalgia for series 5 and 6, I can still basically recite most episodes haha


I used to love the story based on the BBC Audio soundtrack but fell out of love with it in recent years.

The animation is good but actually, I found it’s been the reconstruction which has reignited my love for this story. It really is great. I love sneaky Daleks and the guest cast are great - especially Bragen and Lesterson. And who doesn’t love Polly and Ben - people that are wrong, that’s who.

I only have the DVD so no colour animation for me. I’m trying to decide for all the upcoming animations I’m due to watch (I haven’t watched any of the Troughton’s except The Invasion) whether to go for the B&W or colour version (where available). I did the colour Galaxy 4.

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I think the only animation I’ve seen where colour really added something to the story was The Macra Terror - perfect for that happy-go-lucky society :+1: Otherwise I really prefer the B&W versions

I just use what is available on Tubi for the animations which was color for Power.

Watching the last season of Torchwood. I also watch NuWho with my partner who has not watched it before.


Gwen is absolutely amazing in Miracle Day!
What did you think about Children of Earth?

CoE was amazing. A perfect spin-off story. It is something that feels in place in the world but from the perspective that the main show doesn’t do.

Miracle Day has started well, I almost like the premise more than CoE. It almost feels like a sci-fi version of 24, with the combination of politics and action. But am a bit worried that 10 episodes will feel a bit dragged out.


I kind of have the same opinion on Miracle Day, when it is good it is really good :+1: I think there are a lot of different takes on the last season and the switch to USA, but overall I find it enjoyable :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been rewatching Classic Who with my friend, Quentin (who is seeing it for the first time) over the past couple of years. It’s the first time I’ve watched the show in chronological order. It’s been a fun journey so far. We just finished “Day of the Daleks” and “The Curse of Peladon” the other day, both of which I enjoyed even though he didn’t. We’re on “The Sea Devils” now though, only two episodes in, and he seems to be latching onto it a lot more than the last two. As for myself, I’ve always been quite fond of the story, it’s one I watched a lot as a little kid, so nostalgia fogs my judgment of it massively. I’ll be interested to see what Quentin thinks of it by the time we finish it, particularly whether he prefers it over “Doctor Who and the Silurians.”


We have just finished Frontios (tonight) in our full chronological rewatch. Turlough gets a lot of backstory here, which is overdue, and the TARDIS disintegrates!

Up next: Resurrection of the Daleks


Been slowly making my way through Classic Who. I skipped most of the first and second doctors on the recommendation of basically everyone and am now on S9. I haven’t had the time to watch in a couple of weeks, though. Hoping to get back to it next week! I’m enjoying it so far.


Watching the Auton 2 Sentinel. May watch the third one if I am up for it before bed. Still enjoyed them after all this time.

@shauny is the Auton Series on the check list, just not sure if I am missing it.


BBV is on my list of things to add. It will come…

I’m not watching anything Who related at the moment. I always crave to rewatch NewWho, I’ve seen it so many times I can probably quote most episodes word for word, but watching it is my happy place.

I just don’t have the time, everyone keeps asking me to add more stuff to the site :grin: haha I don’t mind.

I did have a huge urge to rewatch Capaldi’s era though. I haven’t rewatched it as often as I have Tennant and Smith. I’ve seen Heaven Sent more than any other episode though, I just think that’s a masterpiece.