What are the greatest pure historical adventures?

Anyone familiar with my reviews will know that I’m a real sucker for a good pure historical. The most successful of them teach you something about the chosen period, without coming across as patronising or mind-numbingly boring. They’re educational yet thoroughly entertaining, and a genre that the expanded universe has been making every effort to keep alive.

So I wanted to know what are your favourite pure historical adventures - across all platforms - and why?

I’d definitely put forward ‘The Plotters’ as one of the best - very similar in style to the ‘The Romans’ in that it puts a huge emphasis on comedy.

‘The Peterloo Massacre’ is definitely the most harrowing and brutal ones I’ve listened to. Especially if you’re a Nyssa fan

And I’m also gonna put forward ‘The Settling’ for being another harrowing story. Also really puts Hex through the wringer.


All excellent choices.

The Fires of Vulcan, The Church and the Crown and The Council of Nicaea are all excellent audios. Son of the Dragon is good too.

The Roundheads is a brilliant book.

And a vote for worst pure historical goes to the novel Byzantium! It’s horrid.


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