'Pure' Historicals on audio

Doctor Who fans love to categorise Doctor Who stories and one of the most often discussed ‘genres’ is the ‘pure historical’.

A feature of the TV series during Seasons 1-4 but then quietly retired, they saw the Doctor, his companions and the TARDIS be the only ‘anachronistic’ elements within the story. They would also often feature historical figures and see the Doctor and his companions having to survive turbulent periods of history.

Many fans call for their return to TV and whilst that may seem a bit of a pipe dream, the expanded Whoniverse hasn’t been shy in returning to the genre.

Big Finish, in particular, seem to love a pure historical and there are many examples, starting with this week’s Audio Club entry - The Marian Conspiracy.

What are your favourite audio historicals from Big Finish. Below are links to just a few:


I stumbled upon The Behemoth on a whim when I was first dipping my feet into Flip and Constance. As it turned out, it got me effectively hooked on those two companions. There was some iffy-ness regarding the slave trade aspect, but overall I enjoyed this audio. Generally speaking, I prefer stories that aren’t too heavy on the sci-fi elements. The Marian Conspiracy is another good one, as OP mentioned.


Ooh, this is a trope on the site!

Have I missed any? (I’ll check the ones you posted a bit later)

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Oh I didn’t think to look for that - I just used ‘past’ as a filter.

I’ll check the list for the ones I know about.

Edited to add - yeah…you’re missing a bunch. You haven’t even got The Marian Conspiracy :wink:

You’ve only got two audio dramas!

I’ll put a list of the ones I’m definite about in the website section.

I used the TARDIS Wiki as a source… looks like whoever made the list I saw didn’t know as much as you! Thanks, I’ll add them.

But going back to the subject of your post - I’m not a huge fan of pure historicals. I’m willing to be proved wrong when I listen to The Marian Conspiracy, but I like Doctor Who because of the sci-fi and aliens mostly!

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The Settling is an excellent pure historical that then needs a pallette cleanser afterwards. It’s really, really good. But intense.


A lot of the ones I’ve listed are excellent - The Fires of Vulcan, The Church and the Crown, Son of the Dragon, The Council of Nicaea and Other Lives.

Other opinions are available though…

I love a pure historical! Lots of great Big Finish titles already mentioned. I won’t repeat any of these, but here’s another one I loved:

The Davison team works really well in history.

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The Wrath of the Iceni is also very good. It gives Leela some wonderful material.


Both excellent stories and highly recommended.