Pure Historical Trope

The following stories should have the ‘pure historical’ trope ( I think - I’m willing to be corrected if my memory/knowledge of them is wrong):

  • The Marian Conspiracy
  • The Fires of Vulcan
  • Just War (Benny audio (and book for that matter)
  • Doctor Who and the Pirates
  • The Council of Nicaea
  • Other Lives
  • The Settling
  • Circular Time: Summer
  • 100- 100 BC
  • The Angel of Scutari
  • Farewell, Great Macedon
  • The Wrath of the Iceni
  • Voyage to the New World
  • The Peterloo Massacre
  • The Behemoth
  • The Great White Hurricane
  • The Barbarians and the Samurai
  • The Phoenicians
  • Last of the Romanovs
  • The Hollow Crown
  • Resistance
  • The Glorious Revolution
  • The Emperor of Eternity
  • A Town Called Fortune
  • The Flames of Cadiz
  • The Alchemists
  • The Ravelli Conspiracy

Added all those! Thanks! you deserve a badge for that! Coming your way :wink:

How on Earth did you remember all those?

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I had your ‘past’ list on the guide and just tried to remember which were and weren’t with a bit of cross-checking with the ones I’ve reviewed for my blog (which has been mainly history-set stories). I’m sure I’ve missed a few, though.

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The Nine-Day Queen
The Plotters
The Roundheads
The Last Days
The People’s Temple
The Witch Hunters
The Wages of Sin
Romans Cutaway
Mire and Clay

(Not sure if any more recent books or short stories are pure historicals).


You mean to tell me The Kingmaker doesn’t qualify? (jokin’)

Is there any way I can just hook your brain directly into the site?! :exploding_head:

For the right fee…

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Perhaps I will use… The Mind Probe…

No! Not the mind probe!

(I thank you, (takes bow)).


It kinda does though if you think about it, right? The only sci-fi element present is the TARDIS crew, isn’t it?

The Nine-Day Queen is so good!

I discounted it due to the extensive use of time travel - and the robot from the publishing company.


Ah, understandable :smile: