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What celebrity historicals is the site missing?

On a quick glance,

Son of the Dragon (5th Doctor audio)

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The Wanderer (CC)

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If I add a :tardis: emote that means I’ve added it, thanks.

I do plan on making these easy for people to add themselves, which will make this whole process a lot quicker and smoother.

Just need to add moderation because I don’t want the wrong info to be accidentally added.

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A Ghost of Alchemy (8th of March) has Marie Curie!


Harry Houdini’s War
The Lovecraft Invasion
Iron Bright
The Behemoth (if you count a named rhinoceros with a Wikipedia page as a celebrity)
Mark of the Rani
Escape from Holy Island
The Shadow in the Glass

Wild Blue Yonder?

Again, is a very short pre-credits joke scene worthy of making the whole episode count as “celebrity historical”? :man_shrugging:t2:

With how mavity seems to keep showing up, seems like that scene might be an important plot point…

Maybe you need to rename the trope ‘historical figure’ or have two separate tropes.


Mentioned in the other thread, but would the Queen Vic Torchwood stories count as celeb historicals?

Now I’m not sure what to do lol

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Would all of Sacha Dhawan’s appearances as the Master count as celebrity historical appearances, since he’s Rasputin? :stuck_out_tongue: