New deliveries

You are in for a treat! :grin: 456
Is it dubbed or only with German subtitles?


It’s dubbed, though I mostly just switch it to English because I prefer watching the original audio track, it’s still always great to have the option to watch it in German if I feel like it.


I have to see if I can track down some clips to hear what that sounds like, haven’t really used what little German I know the last ~15 years. Could be a good way to brush it up a bit :slightly_smiling_face:


Went on a buying spree last night.

Ninth Doctor Adventures Series 1+2 £100
Eleventh Doctor Chronicles 6: Victory of the Doctor £10
5 Companion Chronicles £20

All second hand but in good condition.


This is a bit of topic, but we Germans love our dubs. So much that in 2014 Pandastorm a German film distributor (is this the right word) released the five doctors, the sixth and seventh Doctors, which were dubbed back in the day on DVD. This was successful enough that they started dubbing new classic who eps. This lead Polyband the distributor of the German dubs of new who and its spin offs to start releasing classic who eps in German as well in 2018. Both of them sadly stopped. (I have the strong suspicion that this has something to do with the Disney deal.)
But if you are interested here are the Links to the distributors YouTube pages: (Playlist of trailers and Clips as well as some interviews from Pandastorm for their Classic Who stuff) (Playlist from Polyband, it’s a mixture of trailers of classic and new who as well as some other stuff)


Just watched a few. Thanks. :+1:

Davros and the Sasha Dhawan Master really works with their German voice actors - Kate Stewart is really far from the original.
This is kind of fun :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m just gonna blame this site for this one…


Welcome to the K9 Gang!!!


The Kang :k9:


Starkey’s Stans…

Jorjie’s Junkies

Darius’s Devotees

Gryffen’s Groupies

Drake’s Disciples


Department Defenders?


What if we can create enough hype for K9 to get them to shoot a second season?


I’m taking this thinking into the K9 thread…




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So my Mother is moving into an old person home, and as part of my child duties I’m helping pack her stuff up. I was going through some old bits that I still had in storage there, and I found a bunch of my old CDs. My late teens and early twenties were rightfully represented. Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Prince, Eminem, Metallica, and many more. It’s funny because after COVID I bought a bunch of these albums thinking that I had sold everything. Well, I’m sure a charity shop will appreciate them.

Anyway. Hidden amongst all these were some nice finds.

They are all still sealed, except for The Sirens of Time. It’s funny because I have just started trying to build a collection, and over the weekend I almost bought the first 10 release of the Monthly Range. Bullet dodged there. These are probably extra copies that I bought as gifts for people all those years ago when that range was going out of print. When I sold my collection years ago, I know that copies of these went with them. Jackpot for the present me.

Also I had a delivery yesterday.

£15 second hand. Outer boxes are a little scuffed up, but the CDs are pristine. I’m expecting loads more packages over the next few days. My partner is wondering why I’m buying them physical when I already have them all digital. Well, a collector gotta collect.


Just after I posted, another package arrived. King Lear is going to get a listen tonight while my partner is at work.


I tried listening to King Lear but I found Shakespeare on audio to be really rather boring! And I love Shakespeare!


School put me off Shakespeare for a long time. Having to read plays as part of GCSEs really killed him for me. Several years ago I saw a production of Twelfth Night and have watched loads more since.

I’ve listened to a few of the ‘Classics’ produced by BF and have always enjoyed them, and for £1.99 I couldn’t pass this one up.


Ha - it was studying him at GCSE and A Level that made me love it (coupled with actually watching the plays obviously!)


I find reading them very dry, even the Comedies.