I want LEGO Doctor Who!

I even bought a little key for it to hold, to re-enact the TARDIS unlocking scene :clapper:


I am in awe of all these Lego creations. I want a Gadget!


I made Sarah Jane Smith’s attic and custom figs for all the kids but I’m a bit embarrassed to share because it is so amateurish lol

This is a safe space :slight_smile:

Haha OK I warned you.

Sarah Jane’s attic. Including Mr. Smith (!), K9, Luke, Clyde, and Rani.
I ran out of bricks to do a back wall.
Sarah has her Sonic Lipstick. Rani is holding a mobile phone like in the Big Finish cover for Rani takes on the world, but you can’t quite see it here.

And then… they are attacked by Cybermen and Daleks! Luckily an old friend materialises to save the day…



That is my Favorite SO far hehe

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Haha my other half looked at me like I was ten years old when I’d made it and was beaming up at him… yeah… it’s a bit amateurish.

I think that’s brilliant - nothing amateur about it!


That’s so cool! :heart_eyes:

These look really amazing

I think today I might finish the Lego thing I have been making in blender also 50 replys! Halfway to 100 when the reader badge is achieved Lego doctor who is cool


I think a Lego Doctor Who game would be great. You could play through each TV story, they could create a couple sets to go with each story, they could bankrupt hundreds of Doctor Who fans and their families.

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In thinking of what sets to make for each story, I can think of two for An Unearthly Child: the I.M. Foreman Junkyard, and The Cave of Skulls. The Junkyard would have the Doctor and Companion Minifigures, and the Cave would have the Tribe of Gum Minifigures.

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I love this thread. I want to get to my storage unit find my old Lego and start building Doctor Who stuff! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Created another thread along the same lines to run parallel to this one: Lego Doctor Who: Ideal Sets per Story.

This is great!


Oh I may have to borrow this. I’m sure I’ve got the parts lol

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Completely agree. One of my main hopes with the new era is that LEGO show interest in releasing sets again.