Lego Doctor Who: Ideal Sets per Story

Branching off of @LaminatedChicken’s post on Lego Doctor Who that leant more towards video games (I want LEGO Doctor Who!), what would be the ideal set or sets for each Doctor Who TV Story? In my mind, each story would get between one and three sets and have the DVD image on the packaging. What are your thoughts? (Note: This doesn’t have to be limited to the TV Series. It can include sets based on the novels, comics and audios too.)

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The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End LEGO sets

This would be epic, and would be several different sets:

TARDIS Interior

For the start and the end of the story, the interior of the TARDIS. Includes a custom printed Doctor hand, and the following mini figures:

  • The Tenth Doctor
  • Donna Noble
  • The meta-crisis Doctor

The Shadow Proclamation

An asteroid with a base on, including:

  • Shadow Architect
  • Several Judoon

The Dalek Crucible

The showdown with Davros! Includes:

  • Several Daleks
  • Dalek Caan
  • Davros
  • Rose Tyler
  • Jackie Tyler
  • Mickey Smith

Sarah-Jane Smith’s attic

Okay so this could be a Sarah Jane specific set, but could also be used for these stories. It would include:

  • Sarah-Jane Smith
  • Luke Smith
  • Mr Smith
  • K9

(I have tried to build this myself, it was shown in the other thread, and I included more characters but they weren’t in these stories)

The Torchwood Hub

Again, could be a different set but also works with this one!

  • Jack Harkness
  • Gwen Cooper
  • Ianto Jones

(Could also add the other team members if it’s Torchwood-specific).

What I wouldn’t give to have all these sets! Then you can put all the mini figs in the TARDIS set and reenact the final scene where they pilot it together to move the Earth :star_struck:


You’ve spent time thinking about this, haven’t you…

An Unearthly Child: For this story, I would have two sets. One would be the I.M. Foreman Junkyard and the other would be the Cave of Skulls.

I.M. Foreman Junkyard (could also be called 76 Totter’s Lane): This would be the Junkyard from the first episode. It would have a flat base with four walls and no ceiling/roof. The front wall would have the door in it. There would be various piles of junk, probably a mix of solid bricks and loose pieces. There would be the TARDIS shell in one corner and it would include the four regulars (First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara).

The Cave of Skulls: This would probably a buildable cave with a flat open area outside with some boulders and bits of jungle. There would several skulls, an unlit campfire and it would have the Tribe of Gum for its minifigures (Za, Kal, Hur and Old Mother).

I’ve put a fair bit of thought into the first set and not as much into the second. Ideally, the packaging would have the Doctor Who logo and the DVD cover of the featured story. Initially, I’d thought about having the Tardis Crew in both sets, but thinking about now, you could just combine the two sets minifigure-wise.

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I just want a TARDIS interior…

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Impressive. Most impressive.

The Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS interior exists as an official LEGO set. I am lucky enough to have one of these, it is retired now:


The Pertwee era needs a UNIT Soldier Battle Pack with a Land Rover, Motorcycle and four or five UNIT Soldier Minifigs.


Thinking of some possible Flux sets that could include a variety of locations and most of the major characters of the season. Some would be bigger and more interactive while others would have to be smaller not quite as interesting builds

TARDIS Interior
13’s TARDIS, can be built either normal or corrupted with the extra doors and such. Includes:

  • Thirteenth Doctor (Blue Shirt)
  • Yasmin Khan (Halloween Apocalypse outfit)
  • Dan Lewis (Halloween Apocalypse outfit)

The Temple of Atropos
Another larger set that could have some interactive features. Includes:

  • Thirteenth Doctor (Dark Coat)
  • Fugitive Doctor
  • Swarm
  • Azure
  • Old Swarm
  • Passenger

Jericho’s Lab
Just a small set of Jericho’s Lab. Includes:

  • Eustacius Jericho
  • Claire Brown
  • Weeping Angel
  • Thirteenth Doctor (Weeping Angel)

Lupari Ship
This could be like a small set or an exterior model. Includes:

  • Karvanista
  • Bel
  • Inston-Vee Vinder
  • Sontaran
  • Thirteenth Doctor (Blue Jumper)

Division Control
Another small set that includes:

  • Tecteun
  • Ood
  • Thirteenth Doctor (Blue Jumper)

Williamson Tunnels
Set of the tunnels with some various options of what can be behind the doors. Includes:

  • Joseph Williamson
  • Yasmin Khan (Survivors of the Flux outfit)
  • Dan Lewis (Survivors of the Flux outfit)
  • Kate Stewart
  • Grand Serpent
  • Thirteenth Doctor (Blue Jumper)

Some of these are better ideas than others, but I was going for getting all the major characters I could into them, including costume changes for the main trio, and like that this gives 3 matching blue jumper Doctors in the 3 locations she gets split across in The Vanquishers


I’ve been recreating sets and shots from the serials my wife and I have been watching, here’s a link to them. It’s good fun and is a bit of a challenge to recreate a real thing in Lego.

Also, the Brickpandorica has done some amazing Lego builds.

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Recently watched Terror of the Autons and the Episode 4 finale could totally be something. You’d have the bus and a UNIT jeep or truck, and for Minifigures have: the Doctor, Jo, Yates, the Brig, the Master, Rex Farrell and maybe three Autons with the carnival masks as helmets. Then you could use the UNIT Soldier battle pack I mentioned earlier to round out the UNIT side.