I want LEGO Doctor Who!

The non-VR port took out the only actually interesting part of the game (that it’s VR, and you can see the TARDIS in VR) and made it a flat game, which just highlighted how awful the game is lol.

If you have a VR headset then this little free game is fun:

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I need to re-setup VR first as I haven’t had a reason in a while, and that’s easier said than done atm

Sadly I missed the boat with the Dimensions game (played a few others which were awful) and now it’s too pricey. I did get a 12th Doctor, Dalek and Cyberman though. I have quite a lot of other Lego but it’s not official. If anyone is interested a lovely shop called Minifigs.Me has lots of custom figures. Time Lords – Minifigs.me


And I have a confession… I buy every single Doctor Who mini figure from minifigs.me :flushed: I am a bit obsessed haha!

I had plans to make dioramas of all the Doctors and their companions, in iconic scenes, but then never got around to it so now they live in a box.

But they’re so awesome!

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Here’s my collection (so far). The space suits and the Cushing Doctor are both customs made from other minifig parts (like Bilbo Baggins’s torso). I’ve had so much fun with mine.


They’re simply wonderful! Nice bunch who run the company too. I make a lot of sets for my toy photo hobby, which is lso great fun.


Nice! And oh I bought the LEGO TARDIS and several LEGO sets which I thought I could customise into iconic moments:

  • A London bus, and the fly monster figures, and a custom thief for Planet of the Dead
  • A Mars base and some astronaut suits and some zombie things with water shooting out of their arms for Waters of Mars
  • The Orient Express and a Mummy for… well, you can guess

Like I said. A bit obsessed!


all of these photos look so cool with the lighting. was this done digitaly or irl?

Wife has fun putting these together


wow very cooI like how the tardis is so detailed

Ha! Obessesed is right. :joy: Got any pictures of the Waters of Mars set? I live in South Wales and went to the Botanical Gardens last year, gots some fun photos there. Been meaning to make some more sets of that story as it’s one of my faves.

All done in real life, like I said, I’ve not got the concentration to learn something like Blender. Loathe AI generate images as it’s theft too. Here’s a BTS…


Not got a photo of it constructed, but here is the set I got. You can see if you squint that it could be made to look like the Waters of Mars! I also have the Tenth Doctor in the iconic orange jumpsuit!

Oh and any time I’m talking about LEGO and Doctor Who, I have to share my custom made LGBTQ+ set I call:



That’d be fairly easy to tweak into a WoM set for sure! Needs a Gadget. :rofl:


Looking at all the bins of legos I have hmmmmmm. Nice work I been thinking about doing this myself but need to reorganize all my stuff.

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That’s amazing!!! I am SO jealous. Although I want one in Pink, White and Blue.

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This is what I used for Gadget!


And swapped its eyes for this lol


I spent wayyyyy too much time on BrickOwl looking at all the different possible bricks etc.

Like I said… obsessed!

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That’s a class gadget! Same here, put an order in most months.

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Thanks! I just reverse-engineered the “Everything is Awesome” set and created Daleks with different colours (some parts were hard to find).

I don’t think I could get the parts in pink unfortunately.

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