What Will Happen To The Cybermen Now?

I know I’m new but I will dive right in :wink:
I am a huge fan of the Cybermen and what Chibnall did to them, just made me want to scream and cry. So, I just pretended the CyberMaster storyline didnt happen.:joy:

But what do you guys think will happen? Is this a scenario where the Toymaker made a mess of the Dr’s timeline? Will RTD have some story arc about that to fix things ? What do you guys think?


They’ll be back one day as if nothing happened.

That’s how it always goes with these recurring foes. The Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master always return, despite being killed off once and for all every single time.


By this point, there are multiple origins to the Cybermen, too. I’m pretty sure there are just multiple branches to them by now.

Honestly, I feel like we’re about due for a Cybermen vs. Cybermen story.


Yeah the CyberMasters made no sense to me.

They can regenerate? But they’re also not alive? So how does that work?

I’m sure there are more Cybermen out there. Either some of the originals, or new ones being created. As the Doctor says:

MISSY: Exciting, isn’t it? Watching the Cybermen getting started.
DOCTOR: They always get started. They happen everywhere there’s people. Mondas, Telos, Earth, Planet 14, Marinus. Like sewage and smartphones and Donald Trump, some things are just inevitable.


Ahhh… good then. The cybermen arent TimeLords.
It was all a bad dream. :face_with_peeking_eye::crazy_face:
But we are seriously due a Cybermen story. 2 factions fighting I would like to see.


They may have been silly but the design was gorgeous!


Tenth Doctor: 5 Cybermen-centric episodes
Eleventh Doctor: 1 Cybermen-centric episode, Cybermen appear in 4 other stories
Twelfth Doctor: 4 Cybermen-centric episodes, Cybermen appear in 2 other stories
Thirteenth Doctor: 3 Cybermen-centric episodes, Cybermen appear in 1 other story

I think I’ve got that right.

Their appearances are diminishing each time.

What would you like to see from a new Cyberman story? How can they make them new and exciting without making them… whatever that was?


Technically speaking, the timelord cybermen happened; they are just one Cybermen faction among many. They may never show up again, or RTD might throw the CyberRani at us. Hard to know…


I don’t know what I want to see. But I do know what I don’t want see for a very long time. I absolutely don’t want another Master/Cybermen season finale. We’ve had too many, too close together (See Series 8, 10 and 12.) Make the Cybermen a single episode in the middle of the season. Yes, I’d love to see Ncuti face them, but I don’t need a Master/Cybermen team up every other year. It’s lost its appeal to me.


What I want in a Cybermen episode is for David Banks to show up, and say “Excellent!”… :stuck_out_tongue:


You know, how about this? The Doctor lands in the middle of a three way Cybermen conflict. One side is led by CyberRassilon with the CyberTimelords, one side is led by the Cyberleader as played by David Banks, and the third side is the Classic Mondasian ones with the old sing-song voices.


@SweetAIBelle that is the best idea I have heard yet.
Make it so. :rocket:


I don’t mind The Tenth Planet voices, but The Moonbase ones drive me nuts.


I love the Cybermen. I do get annoyed when they’re just treated as an army of monsters to be used to slot in somewhere. I’d love them back sometime soon. As cool as the CyberMasters looked, yes, I don’t want to see them again.


More CyberMats!

Base under siege story where the Doctor and friends are under attack from a swarm of CyberMats. And I don’t mean a swarm of 50, make it thousands of CyberMats in all of their different varieties from all of Who, it’ll be a CG nightmare. Swarming over the shed they are trapped in, burrowing under to get at them - all they have is a Third Doctor style lashed up force field protecting them and it’s getting low on power. No magic whistle to summon the TARDIS which has fled by use of the HADS. No phone to call a Captain Jack with a Vortex Manipulator or some such. Try to get out of that one Doc :wink:


OMG @BillFiler :scream::joy: that’s great! It can be a Stargate crossover where the Cybermen and Replicators have joined forces and 15 rushes in and says something like, “Honey, It’s past time for every one of you to be deleted.” :joy: :cyberman:


The cybermen are the most reinvented foes ever to appear in DW. Next time we see them, they’ll have been “upgraded” again and the cybermasters will either be quietly forgotten about, or explicitly written out. That is my prediction.


(I’ve never seen StarGate :grimacing:)

It one of my favourite things when the Doctor is without all their stuff. No TARDIS, No Sonic, No Psychic Paper and just have to rely on their wits and whatever bits and bobs that are in their pockets :slightly_smiling_face:

Like in The Woman who fell to Earth, empty pockets! No matter, she’ll just build a sonic from whatever she finds lying around. Love that stuff :grin:


Hopefully, the Cybermasters will have been quietly forgotten.
:wink: :::keeps hearing the 4th’s voice whenever @realdoctor posts::: :thinking::joy:

And Bill, dont feel bad about not seeing Stargate. You may wanna check it out though.


Stargate: Atlantis, depends on your point of view. (or if you liked Dr Weir.)