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Finished The Massacre (3/5) and The Ark (4/5). Now onto The Celestial Toymaker.

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Not a fan of any of the specials?

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Watched Tomb of the Cybermen tonight for the first time since it was aired for the 50th anniversary of the show, it was one of the first classic stories I saw and the one from those airings that left the strongest impression on me, I considered Troughton my favourite classic Doctor for so long.

What I wasn’t expecting was to come out thinking “it’s alright”. The two camps I seem to see are the people who rave about it like it’s 1992 and people who don’t seem keen on it and think it’s overrated, and I feel awkwardly in the middle. Maybe it warrants me writing a full review because I have a lot to say.

Love the Cybermats though, the Tomb design (or at least the finalised one seen in parts 3 and 4) has always been my uncontested favourite and I was so happy to see they were in it a lot more than I remembered them being. Part 3 was the highlight for me for that reason.


Thank you, and no i thought the specials werent good.

Starbeast just made me angry cause all the unnecessary and poor use of wokeyness.

The middle episode felt like boring filler, with bad cgi.

The Giggle underutilized the fourteenth doctor, the middle of the ep dragged on.

Bi-generation just breaks the entire purpose of dr who for me.

Some positive things about the specials.

  • Donna and the doctor (when they have good time together)
  • Last wilfred moment (bummed out that was his last scene in the show but its nice he had a cameo anyway)

  • The Toymaker (Come on, it’s NPH)
  • some 15 moments

Thank you! If i run into anything i will scream!

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Thank you! I have made an intro topic!


I’ve finished the fifth doctors run and am currently 3 quarters of the way through season 22 (I’m up to timelash specifically)


Finished The Celestial Toymaker (2.5/5) and now onto The Gunfighters.

I always remember the First Doctor’s tenure limping towards the finish line. Shame I remembered correctly.

Interesting. I just finished The Gunfighters earlier and have found the last few stories to be a big improvement on the first few of S3 and much of S2 and overall one of my favorite stretches of his era, and The Gunfighters especially was really one of my favorite First Doctor stories.


While I think the highs are higher than series 2, the lows are very low.

Personally S2 has had the lowest lows for me so far, which is a shame because the 1+Barbara+Ian+Vicky team is really my favorite of the era, but about half their stories just really failed to hold my attention much. But 1+Steven+Dodo has definitely become a pretty close second favorite team. Though I am halfway through the savages and think it’s a bit weaker than the last few stories, but still feeling pretty solid.


I think from Toymaker to Tenth Planet, The War Machines is the only bright spot. It’s a run of 6 or so stories that are bad to forgettable.

But I’m glad you find more bright spots than me. :blush:

EDIT: and a bonus Dodo’s changing accent.

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That’s unfortunate! I consider Season 2 the height of the era, the 60s as a whole, and perhaps the best season all the way until the 80s!


A while back I would have agreed but I do love Toymaker and on my recent rewatch of Hartnell developed a new found appreciation for The Smugglers. The War Machines is one of my favourites (but I do agree about The Gunfighters and I really struggled with The Tenth Planet his time round).


Toymaker is still boring to me. Almost to the point of skipping it.

A big surprise for me was Galaxy Four. It was the first time I had seen the animation. Also, to me, The Daleks’ Master Plan. I think it’s a more refined version of The Chase, even if it is twice the length.

It’s been at least 15 years since I watched anything before Pertwee, and I know my tastes have changed a lot in that time. New favourites have emerged. I also think listening to audio has helped me cope with recons.


This is why I always advocate revisiting stories even if your overriding memory is of not enjoying it or it being a bit ‘meh’. I constantly come back to stories and find loads to enjoy where before I wasn’t overly fussed. Too many fans write off a story after one watch and as fans, we have the luxury of loving the show and therefore, surely, of wanting to rewatch things time and again. There are good things about every story, really, if we want to look for them even if, ultimately, the story won’t trouble our top 10.

I know I don’t like The Gunfighters or The Time Monster or Marco Polo, but I also know I will watch them again one day and will, depending on my mood, find more to enjoy, or something I missed, or something will chime with me that didn’t before.

An example - when I first watched The Next Doctor I was a bit non-plussed by the whole thing. I’d only just become a dad and was probably still reeling from the sleepless nights.

Fast forward a few years and I rewatched it around another Christmas time and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it - and found the bit with Jackson Lake and his son had much more impact on me now as a father of a few years with a child approaching the same age. It chimed with me in a way it hadn’t before because my life had changed.

You would think fans would be more inclined to giving the show a chance and the benefit of the doubt but, sadly, we can be its worst critics and, ultimately, that is only to our own personal detriment.


And to add to this.

I’m an advocate for stopping watching something if you aren’t enjoying it. There is far too much stuff out there that is great to consume. Not worth wasting time on an unenjoyable experience.

But that being said, there is little in Doctor Who that is actually terrible. So even if you aren’t enjoying something, there will be a little glimmer in there. Hell, we’re on this site so we must be a little obsessed with the show.

I’m just rambling now.


“The Gunfighters” gets a 2.5/5. While the story is ‘Fine’ the accents and constant singing make it fairly bad.

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The singing is what makes it good :joy: