What Are You Currently Watching?

I did this watch-through pretty recently, good luck on it it’s gonna take a while


I just finished the Invasion.
The moment I realized that it was another Cybermen episode I kind of already deflated a bit. But beside the fact that it was the Cybermen again, I actually quite liked it.


Tobias Vaughn is one of Who’s best villains. He even returns in a VNA novel.


Today I finished

  • The Krotons: Was enjoyable, but the design of the Krotons themselves was… something…
  • The Seeds of Death: This one I liked quite a bit. It was fun.

As a Bob Holmes script, The Krotons has a lot of good ideas and dialogue. The design is… Just okay.


Today I finished:

  • The Space Pirates: I liked it. It was fun.
  • The War Games: I enjoyed it alot. But I should have maybe looked up how long it is before watching it. Zoe and Jamie forgetting their adventures is extremely heartbreaking.
  • Spearhead From Space: I liked this one a lot. I already love Liz so much.

That is sure a lot of Who :flushed::wink:


Spearhead is one of my favourites, I wish they’d shot the whole Pertwee saga on film. It looks so good.


Watching Torchwood End of days


Just finished off “The constantly repeated cycle of attacks and retreats of the Badger people” - some might call it The Monster of Peladon.

What kind of annoys me about this story (apart from the horrible acting of Queen Thalira) is that it just undoes everything that was interesting about the Ice Warriors. They are such generic bad guys in basically every single story and The Curse of Peladon changed that and made them a really interesting warrior race on par with the Draconians and this story takes a sledgehammer to all of that.
And then I just find Sarah Jane so bland for most of season 11 and besides giving the Queen a confidence boost she is really just a use of “generic companion template A”.

I don’t like to be too negative but this story is a way too long bland runaround. And there was such a brilliant Doctor Who story that could be told about how the Peladonian society changes to better encompass the miners and give them rights. I would have loved for this story to have been written by Malcolm Hulke, Robert Holmes or Chris Boucher - I think each of those writers could have made this script so much more compelling.

Only Planet of the Spiders left of the 3rd Doctor on this rewatch :smiling_face_with_tear:


Just watched The Church on Ruby Road with my mum. I had a lot of trouble finding a Totally Legal version of it, and we ended up with one that weirdly removed the music at some points, leaving the lyrics and speech intact. Even stranger, it completely removed the audio during the first half of the Goblin song, but the second half was fine. Frankly, I think that bit getting removed made this episode infinitely more enjoyable for me.


Guess who’s watching Remembrance again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Watched The Five Doctors on my family’s new 65 inch 4K TV and… WOW! It was so fun watching it! It’s got some issues with pacing perhaps, and I think it’s genuinely the worst thing they ever made Liz Sladen wear, but otherwise good fun haha

Also watched the first 3 episodes of The Space Museum. I wanted to watch a William Russel story since his passing. And… Well, all the things I’ve heard about the 1st episode being perhaps the best part of that story I think are right. Episodes 2 and 3 bored me a bit… Had good moments still but not nearly as interesting as what that first episode was building up to. Had to take a break, hoping to watch episode 4 tomorrow :slight_smile:


Watched The Underwater Menace episode 2 which I think is only the second time I ever have. My goodness but Troughton is marvellous in every scene. He’s such a clever actor.


Can anything in the world stop you now? :grin:


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Today I’ve watched The Underwater Menace part 2, Rogue and the end of The Satan Pit. I also listened to episode 2 of Vampire of the Mind. I’m now watching the animated Underwater Menace part 2. Isn’t in wonderful how I can watch so much Doctor Who that is so different from each other but all the same show!

I bloody love this show!


By Amdo does the chase sequence in Planet of the Spiders part 2 never end :joy:
Pertwee is in Bessie, a helicopter, the Whomobile AND a flippin’ hovercraft - it is literally half the episode :grin:

And can I just say: No Sergeant Benton, in no way are you expendable to me :sunglasses:


Eagerly awaiting your opinions on Rogue in the thread!


It took me two weeks to watch The Invasion of Time because I kept getting distracted with other things. I liked it, but I found the ending disappointing. Full review: