Theoretical: New Line of Past Doctor Novels?

I think that the BBC should create a new line of Past Doctor Adventures. This would be a line of novels featuring Doctors 1-13+War and could theoretically be released either on monthly basis or in small blocks of two or three. We could have companions from all over the Whoniverse (TV, Audio, Comics, Novels) as well as new companions original to this line. What are your thoughts on this and how would you go about it (organization-wise)?


I would love this. I think that once a month is a bit too often. But maybe one every 2/3 months.


I will not stand for this Morbius Doctors erasure :wink:

And I assume you didn’t include the Fugitive Doctor because we will get a full spinoff miniseries with her and Karvanista, right? :sunglasses::dog2:


If it’s anything like as anywhere-and-everywhere as the previous Past Doctor range, I’m all for it!


As good as Jo Martin was, I’m sticking with the traditional incarnations for this. The Timeless Child/pre-Hartnell incarnations aren’t something I want to delve into.


I think one a month would be fine, but every other would be fine too. I’m a fast reader (depending on the book), so that would be manageable for me. You could also do a block of three and do it every other month.


That would actually be incredible, I need more classic Doctor books in my life.


This is a great idea but they’re only allowed to start publishing them when I’ve got through the PDAs and EDAs and NSAs I’ve already bought.

So everyone’s happy with 2035, yes?


I would love a more regular PDA series, even if it is like others are suggesting, every few months or so. Out of the classic Doctor’s, Four is extremely overrepresented in terms of prose in the modern era, with the target novelisations, the Shada, Krikketmen, Scratchman novels, Return of Robin Hood, Drostens Curse, The Self-Made Man in the Decade’s collection, and I’m sure I’ve missed something else. I think maybe only Three comes close with Harvest of Time and Josephine and the Argonauts?

It’s understandable from a marketing point of view as he is the most iconic classic Doctor, however the other classic Doctor’s could do with some much needed prose stories now. Another War Doctor story would be lovely, and I’d certainly welcome a Fugitive Doctor story.


I think I would have like to a novel each month and kind of cycle through the Doctors. The problem being that there are only twelve months and fourteen different Doctors that would be featured in this theoretical line. Doing blocks of three every other month (1-3 in January, 4-6 in March, 7/8/War in May, 9-11 in July, 12-13 in September, and then maybe a 14-story volume of short stories in November) would allow fans to get all the Doctors each year as well as space things out for slower readers. And of course, one could pick and choose which ones they purchase and which they get from their local libraries.


My brain can’t compute this sentence - are you suggesting that I wouldn’t need to own every single one? That’s not how being a Doctor Who fan works…must have it all…!


me pre-ordering the gold version of 14s sonic


I would love and hate this. I love it because we need more DW books, and the old Doctors need more love. I hate it because there are already more books out there than I have time to read, and adding more would make it impossible for me to read everything before I die (yes, I believe you should digest every piece of Whodia out there if you consider yourself a fan).

I’m afraid they wouldn’t sell well enough, though. There is not enough of a market for them, which is probably why this hasn’t happened already.


@shauny that’s not one of the hidden badges is it? :wink:


The true fan badge - complete, rate, and review everything on


The part I felt was a bit too much is that you have to own all the Collectibles.


I truly doubt anyone has owned and read and rated everything on the site.

If they do, they deserve a badge!

I like the idea of a new line of Past Doctor novels, but agree with @MrColdStream - I’d never get around to reading them all, and they probably wouldn’t sell well.

The stories for each Doctor at the 50th and 60th anniversaries have been good though, maybe each year a new short story for each Doctor could be done, that would be easier and cheaper to produce and wouldn’t take as long to read.


That’s TARDIS Guide’s mission statement isn’t it? @shauny Can we get it as a tagline?


You balk at Whovian but your a fan of Whodia??!


As I’ve said about Whoniverse vs Whovian, Whoniverse and Whodia (the latter one less so) are clearly based on an existing word. What the actual hell is ‘Whovian’ based on?