Pitch your Story Ideas

Since a topic from about a week ago by DarthGallifrey on a theoretical line of new Past Doctor Novels turned into people pitching what they thought the stories would be about, I thought it might be fun to have a thread where you can pitch story ideas you’ve come up with.

Whether it’s an idea for an episode, or an audio, or a novel or a comic or anything beyond that, put some ideas in the replies, I know I’d be interested to see what mad ideas people could come up with.

The idea for this thread began when I came with the plot to an episode called “Crypt”:

The episode begins with the companion dying.

Not a fake out, not a rouse, they are very much dead.

Luckily, the TARDIS has just so happened to land on the planet Crypt, the only place in the universe confirmed to have an afterlife.

As violent natural disasters cause the living world and the dead world to merge, dragging ghosts into a crumbling Earth colony, the Doctor has to communicate with the companion using an ancient ritual native to Crypt and find a way to bring them back into the land of the living before they fully pass into the afterlife.


I had the germ of an idea where a post-Planet of Fire Turlough meets a future Doctor, but I could never figure out what incarnation would work best (6-15), much less the setting and plot. I had kind of imagined it as a short trip.


I have been thinking about the possibility of a multi-doctor story where the doctors never met since the Devil’s Chord. Where something happens and the different Doctors solve different parts of the problem but don’t understand why their solution worked.


Big Finish needs to watch this thread for new ideas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like a good idea. To be honest, I’d be more enthused if the series hadn’t watered down the concept of “companion dying” to the point of meaninglessness. How many Rory deaths did we get? How many corpsified Claras? Even Bill got an 8-inch hole blown through her, and she’s still swanning about the universe.

I think your concept has a lot of potential, but I’m inclined to steer of the dead companion concept for the time being.


Some form of spaceship, maybe space cruiser, the doctor and companion land on the bidge and are trying to figure out what’s happening, people have been going missing but the life scanner on the deck that shows the number of people on board is still showing they’re all alive, it’s showing the number of humans aboard, and that there’s one alien, but it doesnt’ show where that alien is.

Investigaton around to try and figure out where the alien is, what it’s doing, where the people have gone, etc, until the doctor realises it’s been staring him in the face the whole time. There’s only one alien, him. So whoever’s doing whatever’s going on is human… or at least human enough as it’s quickly revealed that it’s a Cyberman story


Part of me wants to play, part of me wants to hoard my ideas for the million-to-one chance that I become showrunner and want to use them

In the spirit of the thread, I did have a similar one to the Crypt one, where the companion dies, it’s the doctor’s fault, and they come back as a ghost, except we don’t fix it at the end. That’s the new status quo, and we have a ghost companion

Their presence is a constant reminder of the doctor’s latest failure, but also they have cool eldrich ghost powers. I’m thinking less glowing floating semi-transparent phantom, and more horror eldrich polturgeist


Every story idea I have is something I end up writing. I am currently working on a Torchwood novel, but I don’t want to share too much in case anyone here would like to read it when it’s done and doesn’t want any spoilers. I will say that it’s a canon compliant AU - it works with what we see in the show but it doesn’t quite fit, and if I were to ever turn it into an official novel it would have to undergo some serious structural changes and the climax would be completely different.

This book took me down some serious rabbit holes and led to me practically creating the Wikipedia article for Ceffyl Dŵr from scratch (it was a stub article with two sources before. Now it’s around 2000 words with seven sources, which isn’t as much as I would like but is practically everything you can find).


An idea I’ve always had is one where the Daleks manipulate humanity against the Doctor. It would be a two-part finale where the Daleks plot to frame the Doctor for the murders of several innocent people. The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver is confiscated and he is forced to prove his innocence the old fashioned way, through the UK legal system.

Meanwhile, with the Doctor otherwise engaged in a legal battle, the Daleks unleash a gigantic Dalek on the streets of London. Its eggwhisk is so powerful that one blast can instantly eliminate entire cities. Can the Doctor prove their innocence in time to regain their freedom and stop the giant Dalek from wiping out every city on Earth? Or is it too late, and will the Earth be turned into a nuclear wasteland?

I also kind of like the idea of either the Doctor or the companion using some kind of gigantic machine, or an enlargement ray, supplied via UNIT, to go head-to-head with the massive Dalek. So you have the spectacle of two enormous figures fighting over the London skyline, like something out of a child’s toybox.


That almost sounds like The Next Doctor, but with Daleks.


Set while the zygons are hiding on earth Zygon High Command notices a large number of zygons disappearing off the streets, at the same time a large number of humans are disappearing. Both species blame each other for the disappearances (we get a lot of this backstory and see the tension between the two species) 25 minutes into the episode Kate calls the doctor and is like “wtf help”. The Doctor tries to solve the mystery but is also confused. Tensions are further pushed when someone snaps a photo of a zygon. that appears to have been cybernetically experimented on, metal grotesquely affixed to the skin and wires falling everywhere. the Zygons think the humans have been kidnapping them to be made into weapons or super soldiers. at this point the doctor gets called into the meeting room to help calm everyone down he sees the photo and has an “oh shit” and runs out. they wait for an hour for him to come back but when he doesn’t the tension reaches the breaking point when the doctor busts into the room and is like “WAIT”. he has captured one of the cybernetically experimented on zygons and is like “ain’t human tech” and they like wot and he like “we got a bigger problem” “cybermen” end of part one

he would then explain how the cybermen generally work why people have been going missing and how zygons were naturally incompatible with the conversion but the cybermen couldn’t tell because of the shapeshifting, but when faced with the shock and trauma of cyber conversion it forced them to revert to their natural form but now disfigured and cybernised. These zygons are now basically suicidally insane. Some of these Zygons have escaped the cybermen probably by catching them off guard cause yk. so now there are like cyber-zygons running amock and a new cyber army ready to invade (the captured humans). the zygons are sceptical of this but agree to help because if these cyber-zygons continue creating chaos it could risk exposing the rest of the species.

I have no idea how this would end but it’s an idea I’ve had for a while, It would probably have the 12th or 15th doctor in it (apologies if this doesn’t make any sense at all I have very hurriedly written this)


I’ll probably write a fanfic for it but Torchwood: The Nethersphere, and exploring the journey of any individual who refused to return to the Nethersphere. And basically more lore about life (or death) in the Nethersphere.


Part of me says you could make this an AU 9/Rose, where Parting of the Ways goes differently. Rose does the whole Bad Wolf thing, but rather then the Doctor taking it into himself and regenerating, she just straight dies and haunts the TARDIS…


Yeah, it is similar, but the Cyber-King didn’t really do much, whereas the giant Dalek would show more of its destructive potential. Plus instead of the hot air balloon, it would be either a gigantic machine controlled by the Doctor or the Doctor literally enlarged by some sort of ray owned by UNIT to fight the giant Dalek. A bit like Honey I Blew Up The Kid but with the Doctor and a Dalek instead of a toddler, and a slightly more serious tone.


Oh shit, I really want this now


This was the germ of an idea for my submission for the Big Finish Short Trips. I didn’t flesh it out as life got in the way.

The Time War. Swirling energy from opposing Dalek and Time Lord fleets. In the midst of it all a planet blinks into existence. The inhabitants of the planet are Iron Age level of development. They are concerned about the ground they stand on shaking, and how at night they see lights in the sky that shouldn’t be there.

A young woman is out collecting wood. When she returns to her little village it has vanished. As she panics a wheezing, groaning sound is heard coming from where she was previously collecting wood. When she arrives there is nothing there, other than a slight breeze that quickly dissipates.

Returning back to where her village was she is shocked to discover a destroyed Dalek ship being scavenged by Mad Max rejects. They spot her. She runs.

For years she survives on her own, being hunted by futuristic robots, hunter gathers, knights on horseback, people in army uniforms. The world is constantly changing.

One day she hears a familiar wheezing. As she approaches, ready for a fight, a Man emerges from a Blue Box. She is stealthy. She hears the Man muttering to himself about time being broken, the planet shouldn’t be here, and other strange things she can’t understand.

The Man looks up into the darkening sky. The lights and fighting are getting more intense. He runs back into the Blue Box and it disappears. The woman is amazed and runs to where it just vanished. She hears the sound of men approaching. Futuristic soldiers with lasers pointed at her. She closes her eyes to accept her fate.

Nothing happens.

She opens her eyes again and is shocked. There is no planet any more. Just a small rock floating through nothingness. The lights in the ‘sky’ are gone. She hears the wheezing again as the Blue Box appears. The Man emerges with tears in his eyes. He spots the young woman on her knees and approaches.

“I’m so very sorry. I had to end that battle.”

The Woman cries. The Man stands next to her looking out over what once was a great battle around an impossible planet.

The idea was that this planet was getting messed about by the Time War. Shifting through time, but really it didn’t exist in the first place. The reason why she noticed all this is she was caught up in the field from the TARDIS. I would have expanded it more and made it easier to understand.


Most of the ideas I’ve had I’ve written but one that’s been on my mind for a while revolves around the 12th Doctor and Clara. They arrive on a planet that is currently in a perpetual war between the two native inhabitants and they help one of the alien species get rid of the other for now. They won’t end the war forever of course since that’ll take a while. In the middle of it something happens to both of them which makes them closer but also makes the Doctor more protective of her maybe because he thought she died or was worried about her. We get to see the effects of this progress throughout multiple stories and how it affects their relationship. That’s just one of the many ideas I have floating around.


“I’m The Doctor. I’m from the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation of Kasterborous.”

It’s very impressive when they say it so bold and loud, of course, but anyone with half a grasp on what’s important in this universe, indeed in all universes, could tell you that The Doctor is far from the most important or momentous thing to emerge from the constellation of Kasterborous. Seventeen suns, home to Gallifrey, ancestral home of the Time Lords, and too to Karn, adopted home of the Sisterhood. The people of this star system hold great power, and they guard the secrets of that power with the iron grip of withered fingers.

But there are secrets that sit deeper. Secrets that roam the vast expanses of nothing between the stars, secrets that bear the scars of wounds made by forgotten generations. Monuments to hubris and shame that have no fixed point on a star-map, and can only be found when the seeker shares that same failed hope in their hearts. A planet without a sun, small and dense and barren, unnoticed and constantly moving.

On this planet, there is a valley, wider end-to-end than the geography that is supposed to hold it. Nothing grows here, but the twisted roots of trees that planted themselves inverse to hide from the devastation on the surface. No atmosphere exists to protect the it from the scouring song of celestial winds, aging the dirt of the planet and cracking it like corpse-flesh. From time to time, dark pulsing clouds will twist out of nothingness, dragging tumorous shadows across the sky. This is not a hospitable world.

Except you were presented with The Invitation.

You’re coming to the end of your time in the Academy on Gallifrey. Soon, you will be invested with the full status of Time Lady, as well as all the responsibility that comes with it. The storied halls of academia, the many swiveling eyes in the Matrix, the raw data and information of history, it all smells of nothing but stuffy bureaucracy and stagnation. You are well aware of the policy of non-interference, of neutral observation. All that power, and the Time Lords do nothing with it.

One morning, you find a letter. The envelope smells like the first rain that ever fell on a planet after it formed and the atmosphere cooled enough to produce it. The patience of nature’s grace, working century through century, to culminate in that bright, earthy smell. Petrichor. The Invitation. Inside, a time ring, and coordinates.

Now, arriving with The Invitation, instead of the disaster-blasted landscape that this forgotten world was once doomed to, there is a cobbled path, winding slowly and lazily up towards a house of immense size, shining white and multi-storied under the gleam of a sun you know should not exist up there. Towers reach up, terraces expand out, windows sparkle invitingly.

The door is open for you, as you were Invited, although it swings gently in a summer breeze, and on the freshly painted wood, there is nailed a note. It reads as follows:

“Looks like you’ve made it a little early, which is unusual. We’re very diligent about timeslots. No matter. We’re just happy you made it. We’ve taken note of your performance in the Academy, and we believe that you have certain qualities that make you a tremendous fit for our organization. I’m sure you have a lot of questions. I can’t promise that all of them will be answered, but I can promise that you will find more value here with us, making a difference, than you will wearing a big collar on Gallifrey and never doing anything but watching the universe work its way, without you.

Consider this your formal invitation to the Aesthetic Preservation Initiative. We look forward to meeting with you.”

You wake up.

There is a letter on your desk. It smells bright, and earthy.


For further context, The Aesthetic Preservation Initiative is a BIG secret society dedicated to maintaining and preserving the unique beauty of the universe, objective of morals or ethics. They reside in The Oldest House (yes I ripped that off Control), a TARDIS-like structure existing within five looped seconds of time on an otherwise entirely barren planet.

Myth arc is that the Time Lords screwed this planet with their first temporal experiments, and the planet is the home of vast reefs of coral; it is also placed in an exactly perfect position to be constantly blasted by a particularly friendly Time Wind, meaning the coral itself became sentient and was able to grow itself out and across Time. This coral, along with Omega and Rassilon’s temporal engineering, would become the Hearts of the first TARDISes, including The Doctor’s antique Type-40. And the planet was devastated. The Oldest House is all that remains, The Mother of TARDISes.

And basically we just do adventures around the universe stealing art, saving the monsters instead of defeating them, and having big old arcs about what the Initiative is really up to.

Also sub-plot about Rassilon sterilizing the Tharils without their knowledge. A lot of dealing with the fallout from the Time War, actually.


Oh also, a Cybermen story that you don’t really realize is one until the end; The Doctor + companion arrive on a planet that is constantly living through a Love Island style reality television show, with the people inside parroting vapid 21st century courtship, putting in “graft”, flirting but not really flirting. Kind of a Dot And Bubble atmosphere, very bright and sunny with underlying darkness.

The twist is they’re actually inside a computer simulation, all of the “contestants” are actually the minds of the last Cybermen, by this point thousands of years old, crumbling, rotting, yearning for human consciousness and only able to soothe the realization that they traded the warmth of life for the terrifying cold of eternity by trying to learn how to love again from broken reflections of human history.

It’s called Graft, obviously.


Much better than what I pitched. My submission was a story about the Fourth and Sixth Doctors going undercover as bakers to stop an alien threat, based purely on the fact that the actors both share the surname ‘Baker’.

I think it was called Baker’s Dozen.