Theoretical: New Line of Past Doctor Novels?

I was hoping for someone to notice the use of my beautiful new term! And I’m surprised to see that Delta accepts it (which makes it a very valid word; he is a teacher after all!).


I see this proposal as more of a working document to be fair… Whodia might not end up making the cut.


I am not opposed to this Idea, I’d love to read more books for the old Doctors (although I still have a lot to get through bookwise, sooo that surely would stop me with catching up on some older ones). I will say it’s unlikely that they would do every Doctor every year, even if they pause the 4th and 10th for a short while (I know they probably won’t but admittedly as much as I enjoy them, especially the 4th, they already tend to get a lot of EU Stuff). Furthermore, I am also not so sure if they would even want to try with the classic Doctor, I know they still get a few releases but when it comes to books it mainly dominated by the revival Doctors (and 4). If they ever try this I am pretty sure we will probably see more of the revival Doctors with a few releases of some others, I mean if I am not mistaken it’s been a while since another classic Doctor got a new target novel besides 4 (then again every classic story was already novelized at least once, so fair enough I suppose?)
But that’s just me. Would love to get proven wrong (especially since i will buy most of the classic books probably day one), but who knows. I will say I am glad they are continued the book range for 15, I believe in the Whittaker Era it took a long hiatus after three released


If this were a thing, and again I want to clearly stress the “Theoretical” in the topic title, would kind of story (setting, Tardis Team, genera, etc) would you choose for each Doctor as the first in this new range? Feel free to copy the following template.

First Doctor: ?
Second Doctor: ?
Third Doctor: ?
Fourth Doctor: ?
Fifth Doctor: ?
Sixth Doctor: ?
Seventh Doctor: ?
Eighth Doctor: ?
War Doctor: ?
Ninth Doctor: ?
Tenth Doctor: ?
Eleventh Doctor: ?
Twelfth Doctor: ?
Thirteenth Doctor: ?

I don’t have time to fill it out myself at the moment, but I plan on maybe trying this afternoon or evening.


Haaaa so funnily enough, because I have way too much time on hands and am very obsessed, I thought about something like this. I have a whole notes page on my phone for random ideas that I’ve had.

I have a lot more… many of them I just got a wheel spinner and put whatever number is there, and many of the ideas are bad but hey it’s fun.


Well, I’m a glutton for books of Doctor Who fiction. I’m so bad I’ll even buy the novelization of Space Babies, and I pretty much hated that episode.

So yeah, bring it on, however you want to do it.


Amen brother. Amen.


I’d quite like this run to be free to break from canon. Not necessarily in an Unbound way, more like “The TV show’s allowed to ignore and contradict the expanded universe, so why can’t we go the other way and ignore and contradict the TV show?”

Also, these wouldn’t be generic stories, they’d ideally be significant, impactful events that future books could follow from

First Doctor: The Daleks’ Invasion of Earth, 2015 AD

Second Doctor: The Second Doctor, working for the CIA, and The Fugitive Doctor, working for Division, are both sent to the same event with conflicting missions

Third Doctor: Sarah Jane publishes the true story behind a UNIT coverup

Fourth Doctor: The first version of Logopolis, before the Watcher went back and intervened

Fifth Doctor: Nyssa and Tegan get married

Sixth Doctor: Mel and Glitz as full time companions

Seventh Doctor: Something during the time war, ideally working against the War Master

Eighth Doctor: The War in Heaven vs The Time War

War Doctor: I just want to see him do something actually bad that isn’t undercut. Make him feel out of character for the Doctor. He carries a gun that he uses to kill a person

Ninth Doctor: He meets the Master

Tenth Doctor: Martha as her own companion without all of the Doctor’s angst about Rose

Eleventh Doctor: Travelling with Victorian Clara

Twelfth Doctor: He’s blind after the events of Oxygen, but travelling with series 9-era Clara. He’s trying to keep it a secret, but she absolutely knows

Thirteenth Doctor: Yaz gets fed up with the way the Doctor’s treating her and leaves the Tardis


I think it’s disingenuous to act like just because ‘Whovian’ isn’t directly co-opting another term it therefore doesn’t have a clear and natural etymology and/or weak semantic meaning.

The term is quite clearly partaking in the common English linguistic practice of creating a new noun by taking a preexisting one and adding the suffix ‘-ian’ to denote “one who”. Consider ‘librarian’ (one who manages a library) or ‘Moscovian’ (one who resides in Moscow) amongst numerous other examples. Whovian therefore seems like a perfectly natural extension of this practice.

It is admittedly ambiguous what the implied verb of Whovian is, but this is true of most other adjectives that come from this construction. And it very clearly has a meaning denoting something along the lines of “one who watches/experiences (Doctor) Who” or “one who partakes in the Whoniverse”.


Well, that sounds just like the kind of thing we should expect from someone called @NyssaUnbound huh? :wink:

Actually it reminds me of a recent discussion about A Big Hand for the Doctor, a story supposedly for the 1st Doctor, but in which he can steer the TARDIS perfectly and has a vast array of contacts.

I’m not sure if these would work or not…but I’d still buy them.


Actually, now that I go back and actually read the suggestions, you’ve got some great ideas in there!

Now I’m sad I probably won’t get to read these. :worried:


Hard to decide, I like the sort of alternative take that @NyssaUnbound brought up, but I have a few ideas of my own which they could first
First Doctor: Maybe a first encounter with the Cybermen. If I am not mistaken, the tenth planet basically confirmed that he is aware of them already, so it would be interesting if we maybe explore that? Possibly even before the first serial of the show? Other than I wouldn’t mind an adventure with 1, Ian and Barbara only
Second Doctor: Hard to decide with what to go, I feel like most dynamic have plenty of media already. Possibly something with him only, that would fall into Season 6b Category, which admitted I am not too keen on but hey why not? Other than him, jamie and zoe is always a good team
Third Doctor: Not too sure what kind of story I pick for him, maybe a pure historical with sarah? Or maybe something with Liz? Other than that no idea
Fourth Doctor: Maybe have a story that could introduce a new companion for him, as much as I enjoy and adore all of his companions, I am not too sure which one I pick, i’d be happy with any. But yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing him with a new one or even two new ones and start the range for him that way
Fifth Doctor: I think having the Season 19 Tardis Team would be a fine start for this Incarnation. Perhaps storywise something with a historical setting with an alien.
Sixth Doctor: I would have gone with Peri, but since Mel seem to be a big part of this new era, why not do a story with her? Potentially do the Dalek Story with them? That could be fun
Seventh Doctor: I do be happy with a solo 7 Story, an ace/7 Story or even depending on how the rights are maybe do something with his VNA original Companions
Eighth Doctor: Admittedly, I still have a lot to work my way through with the EDAs but I think bringing back the Tardis Team of Anji, 8 and Fitz would be a good call
War Doctor: Honestly, I’d be happy if we explore the proper dark side of this incarnation for once, as Nyssa has pointed out
Ninth Doctor: Now to the ones, I have not much of an idea what to do. But hey what about a pure historical with 9 and Rose?
Tenth Doctor: Haven’t read any of his range, but as much as I like Martha, I probably go with Donna since I believe Martha got like the most amount of books in that Range (which isn’t a bad thing of course). Donna and Ten are a safe bet pretty much, and I’d be shocked if they don’t go a little safer on the new who doctors, at least at the beginning of this potential range. No Idea what adventure, maybe they are on some alien planet and some stuff goes wrong?
Eleventh Doctor: 11 and the Ponds maybe having to solve a mystery that has something to do with a classic foe/monster. (I really think if we get this range there might be a good chance they will do something similar to the classic doctors new monster range from BF but reverse basically new doctors classic doctors.)
Twelfth Doctor: I’d like to see another adventure with him and bill, thats all I got for his Book sadly
Thirteenth Doctor: Solo 13 and Yaz Adventure, no Idea what the story could be, maybe have it as a beige under siege story, that could be fun
I could also see them maybe do a Multi Doctor Story as one of the first books, personally I would dig if we got something between 7 and 8. Or even 1 and 9


I was only joking…I do think its an ungainly word but I won’t be losing sleep over its use.


Oy people! Stop giving away story ideas for free :wink:


I just like a chance to lose sleep raving about etymology. (I say at 3:52am)


True! I am sure Nick Briggs is lurking here taking notes for the next 5 years of boxsets :wink:


We have got to have like a group fan fic production thing-y. Write fan novels, audios, short stories, whatever

The Who fandom have got to be the most creative group I’ve ever seen.


Personally, if I got to choose, I wouldn’t go too out of the box with anything but I think some cool stuff could be done.

First Doctor: Something I’ve always wanted from the First Doctor is a look into his morality, as it seems like he’s before the Doctor gained his steadfast moral code. A story where he begins to turn into the Doctor we know and love today would be fascinating. For TARDIS team, I think Ben and Polly would be most appropriate timeline wise for the story I just described, that or Steven.
Second Doctor: Here’s the place for some fun 60s cheese. The Second Doctor never really got any standout books - at least from what I’ve seen - so I’d love something inventive and something fun, that brings you right back into 1966 era Who. Jamie and Zoe for TARDIS team.
Third Doctor: Here I’d want some classic UNIT action; Liz or Jo and the Brigadier, exiled on Earth, fighting on home soil. I’m thinking maybe a Cyberman story since Pertwee never got one, I think there’s some really interesting stuff to be done there.
Fourth Doctor: The Fourth Doctor just seems like he would need a classic 70s romp, nothing special, nothing fancy. He’s already the perfect Doctor, his companions are already great. The world desperately needs more 4 and Romana II stories, so something with them in.
Fifth Doctor: Something this era desperately needed was more focus on its characters, a Tegan and Turlough story where the really great ideas surrounding those companions were actually explored would be nice.
Sixth Doctor: I think I’d like to some Big Finish Six here, a novel with Evelyn maybe. Not to say I wouldn’t mind a more cantankerous Sixie but it’d be interesting to see this TARDIS team in prose.
Seventh Doctor: For Seven I’d want something dark, I’d want something edgy, I’d want something very VNA inspired. Give me grand cosmic plans and high concept sci-fi, some real trippy 90s shenanigans with Ace (who’s probably gaslit at least three times throughout the course of the book)
Eighth Doctor: Something to do with Faction Paradox so anybody dipping their toes into DW EU straight from the new series gets immensely confused right off the bat. Also, I just generally want more War in Heaven stuff.
War Doctor: I haven’t listened to the War Doctor audios, so I don’t know how they fare, but War on the battlefields of Gallifrey would make for an incredible read, though I’d hope there’d be an interesting sci-fi twist and it’s not just a series of war vignettes.
Ninth Doctor: I’d be interested in what he was doing pre-Rose because he was clearly travelling solo, some idea of how he handled the Time War PTSD immediately following it would be great.
Tenth Doctor: I’d have Ten travelling solo, probably in the space between The Waters of Mars and The End of Time: Part 1, seeing him following Adelaide’s death and being at odds with his own morality.
Eleventh Doctor: Something that always interested me about 11 was how he always seemed to be hiding this unbridled rage left over from the whole Time Lord Victorious thing. A story where it properly boils over and Amy (or, if the books are really going out there, Valarie) has to bring him back down to reality would be fascinating.
Twelfth Doctor: A story where him and Clara have actually fallen out, like the short space between Kill the Moon and Mummy on the Orient Express would be really interesting to see as that was something I think was missing from Series 8 and was a massive missed opportunity in the aforementioned episodes.
Thirteenth Doctor: Honestly, I have no idea. I’d just like to see what some other people see in 13. I’d love to view her as a hopeful and optimistic Doctor and not just a character who had next to no interesting qualities and just lacked basic development. Basically, I just want to see 13, Yaz, Ryan and Graham act like actual characters and not just things to incite incidents in a story.


Big Finish has since remedied this. See The Blue Tooth, a companion chronicle with Liz, The Tyrants of Logic a TDA with Jo, and Scourge of the Cybermen an audio novel with Sarah Jane.


I’m seeing this reply do numbers. And I’m seeing the brilliant ideas, especially @NyssaUnbound. And now I really want this to happen sooooooo badly.

Imagine how fun it would be. We could share all the other fan productions too. A one stop shop for Whoniverse fan stuff from all over and different medias.