The road to 10,000 stories…

One thing I’m noticing on the spreadsheet which I think should be sorted before things are uploaded is in the ‘short description’ column, most of them are a brief synopsis of the story but, every now and again, there is a weird factual statement.

Fellow Travellers, for example, is this:

Fellow Travellers was a Seventh Doctor comic strip published in Doctor Who Magazine.

And the Mark of Mandragora is this:

The Mark of Mandragora was a Seventh Doctor comic strip published in Doctor Who Magazine. It served as a sequel to the television story The Masque of Mandragora, and featured the return of the Mandragora Helix.

I’ll go through and change them but is this because info is just being imported from TARDIS wiki?


I expect so yes.

If there’s no proper synopsis available, which is often the case for short stories and comics, then a description like this is fine.

And they can always be edited later!


Just bugs me :wink: We all have our pet peeves…


We are starting to get a lot of different sheets in the doc and I was starting to get a bit confused. To solve this I created an Overview page with links and statuses on all the sheets. I guessed a bit about the status of the pages I have not worked on so please check if they are right. This can also be a place to write the stuff that we have not created yet (for instance I created a row for DWM Anual comics as a reminder not to forget to create that sheet in the future). Hope this helps others and not feel like extra work.


Thank you. Before I had to just store all the information in my brain!


Do I have reports to write? Yes.

Do I have assessments to mark? Yes.

Did I spend the last two days putting all of the Battles in Time comics on to the spreadsheet…erm…yes…

(To be honest, needed distracting from Dad anxiety)

You need to get them on there @shauny so we can all argue about which story shows the Doctor’s first meeting with Mary Shelley…


Oh, we don’t need to do that. We can start arguing as soon as I’ve finished my next sentence:

The Doctor first met Mary Shelley in The Haunting of Villa Diodati, because none of the EU stuff is canon :wink::laughing::laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The Silver Turk Fan is screaming inside of me :sob:


I have updated the overview page with backlogs of everything that was on my-big-list-of-things-to-add-to-the-site.

Some stuff might already be in the works but I thought that it would be easier to have everything in one place. If you find something that we should add that doesn’t exist in the backlogs please add them there so we don’t forget them (or create a new sheet and begin to work on it).


I notice the Bernice Summerfield books are ticked as done…

But they’re not. Depending on how these are being grouped, the first five were paperback and then after that they are all hardback only. They are interspersed in between anthologies.


I moved it back to in progress. It was all green and I thought it was done. added a note to say what was missing :slight_smile:


Sorry - what I should have done is said - well done @Tian for all your hard work and organising the spreadsheet rather than going straight in with an ‘I think you’ll find’ - I’m such a fan sometimes! :hushed:


No problem. I was just happy that you noticed what was wrong :joy:


I’ve added a sheet for the DWM Preludes.


I added some base info to that sheet. Basically: cmd+c, cmd+v from this page


Whenever I try to do that it doesn’t work, but I’m a bit of a luddite sometimes with computery stuff (even though everyone thinks I’m quite good at it!)


Past only values is the solotion :slight_smile:

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You have typed some words.

I don’t understand any of them!



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