The road to 10,000 stories…

Now that we have over 5,000 stories on the site, we are over half way there! Apparently TARDIS Wiki has around 10,000 pieces of fiction on there, although it includes things we probably don’t want on TG - one thing that comes to mind is the “daft dimension” strip. That doesn’t really need to be added IMO.

So I will need some more help with the rest of the stories, but I’d like to go about it a bit differently.

I’ve had lots of fantastic people offer help and send me spreadsheets. I’ve never seen so many spreadsheets! But going forward to prevent any duplication and to make sure we get more than one pair of eyes on everything I’d like one master spreadsheet to be the centre of all work from now on.

I’ll create that (from @DarthGallifrey’s current spreadsheet, as that is now probably the last one to import), and will then reach out to anyone who wants to offer to help.

Please reply below if you want to help - either data entry or double checking what has been entered.

Some things I have learned so far:

  • Imports work best if they are all the same type - for example all comics or all books. So Darth, going through stuff by year is a brilliant way of making sure everything is added, but then it needs to go into separate sheets.
  • TARDIS Wiki doesn’t have the best images. It’s fine to use them as a quick and easy solution for now, but I’ve found the best images on Amazon.
  • There is still stuff I need to do manually - creating the collectables and linking them up is the biggest time sink, plus things like removing duplicates where things like names or locations are spelled slightly differently.


I am also going to prioritise working on a proper system for people to make edits to the existing content on the site, as adding stuff this quickly definitely ends up with mistakes or omissions. If I can get those changes approved by a team of moderators, and award badges to those that help, the site can improve dramatically!



Obviously, I’m keen to help wherever you need :smiley:


I’m happy to help when I have time (which I don’t have much of now but I will in a few weeks). I am pretty new around here so I understand that I may not be so trustworthy, but I am a Tardis Wiki admin if that counts for anything.

Regarding The Daft Dimension and other humour strips, I’d personally love to be able to track which of those I’ve read, but maybe I’m taking the whole 100% Doctor Who thing too seriously.


If someone wants to log every Daft Dimension and provide all the details in a way I can import it, then I will lol.


All 124 entries are listed on the wiki here (this was one of my first projects on the wiki), as are all of the other similar series on their pages. I’d be happy to put them into an importable format at some point.


Sounds good. I’d be happy to help wherever, but can’t truly commit to anything. When I get some time, I’ll reassess the stuff I’ve added and continue adding more to the spreadsheet. Glad to be of service to such a great resource.


I’m happy to help with a bit of data entry! Something to do while l listen to audios :smile:


I don’t know how progress is going on DWM comics or who’s working on it, but I think I’d be able to do some data entry on those for some modern doctors if needed once I get my laptop back in the next couple days.


I already have like half a dozen dr who related spreadsheets so why not one more! Happy to help out when I can!


10000! Then we can beat May in June!



I’m sure it’s in the works, but DWM prose stories will be added? Mainly thinking of the New Adventure preludes here as I am reading them alongside the novels themselves.



These are in the back up strips that were added to the site a little while ago.

Nemesis of the Daleks is also on the site :slight_smile:

(Although it was missing a link to Abslom Daak which has now been corrected)

The only thing missing is a short prose story.


Starting a petition for an Abslom Daak badge :raised_hand:
All in favour?


Aye! :raised_hand:


I’ve emailed @sircarolyn, @flora_snow00, @SheaPM and @Daximili access to the new Master spreadsheet (nothing to do with The Master…).

@deltaandthebannermen, @Tian and @DarthGallifrey already have access.

Some instructions

Ideally separate them by Media type - so a sheet for comics, a separate sheet for prose, etc.

I’d like to be able to upload them in large batches, but they do need a cut off point otherwise it will be ages until the next upload, so try and find logical groups of stories and add them all to one sheet. Let me know when you think a sheet is ready to import.

There may be columns missing, please add any for any other data that is on the site. Ask me or any of the others for details about how best to add stuff.

If you’re new to this the most important thing is to match the site’s structure exactly. For example, if you are adding a story featuring “Peri Brown” then that is how her name should be entered, not just “Peri” and not Perpugilliam :blush: Likewise, it’s “First Doctor” not “1” or “Doctor 1” etc. - please check for all names of people and places to make sure they are correct.
It’s not the end of the world if something is missed, but does take time to correct.

It’s just as useful to read through and double check stuff, if you’re not super comfortable adding things yet.

That’s it for now, have fun and thank you so much for helping improve the site!!


I have created a new sheet in @DarthGallifrey Spreadsheet for DWM Comics. I have added the base info from the table here:

Needs a lot more work before ready to go to the site but now everyone can work there.

I have added all stories from Fellow Travellers because I think that is where the one on the site left it (I might be wrong).

Had to do some search and replace it because the table says Rose but TG wants it as Rose Tylor I hope that this did not screw anything up.


If there’s stuff that’s already on the site (two strips I included in the back up strips) shall I just delete the rows?


Yes please, unless there’s info in that row I don’t have, in which case let me know :smiley:


Also - be aware of find and replace. Not sure who Tegan Jo Grantvanka is but I think someone found and replaced Jo for Jo Grant… :slight_smile: