Thasmin Appreciation Thread <3

I seem to recall the photographer confirming that was intentional too! It’s maybe a bit obvious in hindsight but every new thing was like “woah, is this really happening?”. Wonderfully exciting time.

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The words hung above
But never would form
Like a cry at the final
Breath that is drawn

Remember me, love
When I’m reborn
As the shrike to your sharp
And glorious thorn

It’s all me in my head
I’m the one who burned us down
But it’s not what I meant
Sorry that I hurt you
I don’t wanna do, I don’t wanna do this to you
I don’t wanna lose, I don’t wanna lose this with you
I need to say, hey
It’s all me, just don’t go
Meet me in the afterglow

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Space girl, show me the stars
You know the galaxies of my heart


I hope you play this song some day
And think of Earth Girl who loves Space Girl



Thinking about them even more than usual today, if that’s possible. They just mean so much to me :blue_heart:


Was I born alone?
Have I recently developed a propensity to push people away?
Am I okay with that?

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Preorders for this fanzine just opened! In addition to the lovely cover that I shared before, there’s also a gorgeous daylight variant (which I think is the one I’ll be picking up) and a bunch of fun merch like stickers and art prints and pins.
Profits go to Huddersfield Children’s Hospice, and The Albert Kennedy Trust.

Note: I’m not affiliated with this in any way, I’m just very excited for it and wanted to share here


Thanks for the link - I ordered the digital version!

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