Thasmin Appreciation Thread <3

Basically just making this as a thread where I can just post a lot about Thasmin somewhere where people who aren’t interested can ignore it. Anyone else who loves these two is obviously welcome to join in. Expect spoilers for all of 13’s era and likely more.


Thinking a lot about the way that The Doctor starts to get angry about regenerating and then immediately pivots to comforting Yaz


Think of me when you’re out, when you’re out there…

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If you must die, sweetheart
Die knowing your life was my life’s best part



It’s a fascinating thing that something like Thasmin wouldn’t even have been countenanced back in the classic series - not because of the LGBTQ+ angle but because any sort of ‘romance’ was a complete no-go area - probably moreso from the fans than the production team (the 1st Doctor is a grandfather after all).

But now, in the modern era, 10th/Rose and Thasmin are more or less embraced by fandom in general.

I can’t say it’s something I was rooting for but it was really well played by Whitaker and Gill and did give this era something unique beyond just having a female incarnation.


Thinking about how it’s been like 4 years since Yaz has seen the Doctor here and how the Doctor hugs her like it’s been years for her too but it’s actually been like a couple hours





And then the way that Yaz tries to downplay the fact of how long it’s been and the Doctor just looks absolutely heartbroken hearing it and the way they say “I missed you” almost like they’re resisting saying “I love you” yeah these scenes wreck me


Also there’s a few more instances of “I miss(ed) you” exchanges that I think can easily read as sort of subtle expressions of love and I almost see it as like their version of 12’s “duty of care” lines to Clara


Absolutely adore them!! Wish we got a whole season of 13 and Yaz! (hopefully we get that in expanded media)


I want big finish 13 and yaz it would be so cool


Hopefully the licence will be extended to include them and Whitaker will be willing. I don’t think Dudman can do a convincing impression… :wink:


I hate to break it to you but unless I missunderstood this …

Indeed - we were discussing his departure over in the audio section.

I really, really need to listen to these 11th Doctor audios

Right now
It’s like you’re carrying all the weight of your past

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I’ve been working on my Thasmin playlist recently and don’t quite feel like it’s ready to share yet but if anyone else has songs that they think would be good let me know

I sometimes spend time obsessed with watching YouTube mash up videos set against music.

They mostly focus on 10 or 11 though, have you seen any good ones with 13?

I tried to make my own on once, when I was so excited for “The Name of the Doctor” I was going to mash up loads of “Doctor Who?” throughout time, and Clara reading the book in the TARDIS “so that’s Who…”, stuff like that.

It was then that I discovered I’m no good at video editing. Stick to coding!

The GOAT of clip videos set to music is anything by Babelcolour - his work is phenomenal.


I’ve got a little youtube playlist called “Thasmin Edits That Make Me Wanna KMS” I’ll share some of the ones I think are best later

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these are so cool I have subbed
heres a link to a cool chanel I found a while back