Story Discussion: Origins

Here’s the story discussion thread for the Origins graphic novel collection that collects the four-issue Fugitive Doctor miniseries from Titan comics.


I liked the opening bit with the weeping angels, I just wish it had come up again.

It was nice to see the Fugitive Doctor, I just wish she had more to do. It feels like she spends the whole story either reacting to something, or being manipulated and playing into someone else’s hand. I’m struggling to think of a decision she makes or an action she takes on her own.

She’s a cog in a story that’s happening around her, instead of a driving force, or even an active participant. It feels like a weird choice for her first solo story, something that’s meant to show her off as her own Doctor.

The art’s good, and the story is nice (I love non-human looking timelords). I just came into this expecting to see more of the Fugitive Doctor in action, and I don’t feel like I got that.


Don’t have this but is that a Nimon, Tetrap and Carrionite on the cover?

Looks like it.

I haven’t really delved into comics yet but I like the look of this one. Excited to get them added to the site at some point!

I liked it, it’s a good little story that easily could lead to more Fugitive Doctor adventures. The artwork and colours added substance and atmosphere to it.
As this incarnation is so unexplored it was nice to get a little glimpse as to how she handles situations, I feared that she would resort to her gun for troubleshooting.
But we need more Karvanista🙂

I’ve just remembered I have access to this after all…

Once I’ve finished A Matter of Life and Death, I’ll have a look at this one.

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Absolutely loved it !! The new Time Lord lore was really interesting and even though the story was quite simple, I really enjoyed it. Always need more Fugitive content…


There, finally got around to reading this one (I have read it before). I enjoyed this and am rather intrigued to see what Big Finish does with the character. As I said in my Goodreads review, it’s a decent Doctor Who story with decent art. The plot is enjoyable with just the right amount of mystery and straightforwardness. I enjoyed the character of Taslo as well as the Bond-like cold opens with both the 1962 clubhouse and the space station with the spider and weeping angel. I also like that this leads into Fugitive of the Judoon. I do agree with @NyssaUnbound that it does somewhat feel like the Doctor is more stuck reacting to the plot and the manipulations of the Time Lords than driving the plot herself, but I still found it an enjoyable story. I love that even this far back, the Time Lords are just as concerned with purity as the Daleks, foreshadowing the Time War. I even thought I saw some Arubesh (the Star Wars alphabet) in the diner scenes where the Doctor meets Taslo and get their mission. In all, an enjoyable solo outing for the Fugitive Doctor. It’ll be interesting to see where Big Finish takes the character and if those stories mesh well with this one.