Planned updates for Reviews

Not yet, thinking where to put it.

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I’ve added it to the header.

I have plans for the homepage - making it customisable what is on there. But one step at a time…


I’ve added those links now to view a list of stories you’ve reviewed, or have not reviewed.

As a bonus I also updated links to all the other ones - stories I own, do not own, completed but unrated, etc. - they are all now fully sharable.



Another update done - one that I hadn’t planned but just thought of.

The Members Page now shows number of reviews next to each member, and you can sort by number of reviews too - kind of like another leaderboard :wink:

I’m thinking of a best way to show number of likes as well.


Needless to say, I love this update. :joy:

Would be great to have a way of seeing popular reviews or “popular and new” or whatever. A sort of digest pointing you towards interesting (or high traffic?) content on the site.


I might be changing my mind about now showing the ratings alongside reviews now.

I find myself looking at a long list of reviews and thinking I want to read only the positives or only the negatives, and there’s no way to tell :joy:

Should I do it? Show the rating that the user gave to the story next to the review?

My only reason for not showing it was that there might be a disconnect between them if someone updates their rating but doesn’t update their review but really how often is that likely to happen?

Sorry for the total 180. I’ll add a poll:

  • Yes show rating
  • No keep it hidden
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I’m in two minds about it now. If you show the rating, you may only end up looking for reviews that agree with you. Leaving them unmarked may mean you see a differing opinion. Then again, if you can’t filter them by ‘story score’ it might not matter anyway.

That was my long way of saying I don’t know. :rofl:


@deltaandthebannermen what’s your thinking behind voting No?

I suppose it’s a bit of what RobotNinja says above and a bit of how I don’t think a rating can always reflect the nuances of a review. It’s really just a personal thing but I tend to find ratings on reviews a bit superfluous - I never do them on mine. To be fair, as much as I love going through and star rating the stories on the guide, I’ve already changed a few due to Audio Club and more often than not whack things down as 2.5 or 3 because it has to be really good or really bad to get anything else. A review is more nuanced and better reflects my views than a star rating. This is a long winded way of saying I don’t really care what other people rate the stories even if I am interested in their actual review.

Does any of that make sense?


I voted no because, like Delta, I think I’d read a review for the nuance. But I do also like going on goodreads and reading hater reviews for fun, so I think my honest answer is maybe?


I could maybe keep them as they are (they are due a full redesign by the way, that’s in the works but will take time) but add filters to show by ratings? So it’s there but optional, and not in your face?

Might be a good compromise.


Maybe show ratings at the bottom of the review?


I know I was against this at the start, but maybe adding a rating that is attached to the review would be a good idea. Something that shows whether the review will be positive or negative while still letting the reviewer change their rating separately. Even just a smiley face/frowny face/neutral face next to the reviewer’s name for a general vibe. I know I don’t generally like reading negative reviews, so having something like this might help.


Maybe a big banner at the top of the review saying “POSITIVE!!!” in green for positive reviews and “NEGATIVE!!!” in red for the negative reviews?

Okay, just kidding. I don’t think there’s a right way to go about this, and I can agree with the arguments from both sides. Personally, I find it a good idea but I don’t mind if things stay the way they are.


I am definitely pro adding the rating. After finishing a story I’ve loved, when I’m feeling the glow, it’s quite nice to share that experience with someone who also appreciated what I just saw. Also would stop me feeling self conscious about bumming people out when I post a negative review.


So far showing the rating is winning.

Maybe with an option to hide it??

(I’m too worried about pleasing everyone!)


The poll vs. @shauny Trying to please everyone


I won’t really care either way so don’t worry about pleasing me!