Planned updates for Reviews

I thought I’d just post some of the updates I’ll be tackling soon, so people know what is planned. Reviews was only added a few days ago but there are definitely some quality-of-life features I need to add to improve it.

Here are some ideas! Feel free to chime in below with more.

An easy way to view all the stories you’ve reviewed - DONE :white_check_mark:

Just like you can view someone’s stories they’ve rated a certain way, or favourited, I will add a page on people’s profiles to easily view & filter stories they have reviewed.

So if you want to look at someone’s profile and find which episodes of K9 they’ve reviewed, it will just be a couple of clicks away rather than loads of reading :smiling_face:

A way to see stories you haven’t yet reviewed - DONE :white_check_mark:

The opposite of the above. An easy way to see stories you’ve yet to review, so you can plan your next one!

Badges for reviews, and reviewer ranks - DONE :white_check_mark:

Who doesn’t like badges?! I’m of course going to make some for reviews. They will mostly be to do with reviews that receive likes, to encourage the best reviews. There will also be badges for giving out likes, to encourage reading and interacting.

And for our most prolific reviewers, special badges and titles for having highly-liked reviews. Something to aim for!

Auto-saving in the browser

I always recommend you type your review on your computer first, but I’ll be exploring the best ways to auto save in the browser.

A proper, paginated list of all reviews - DONE :white_check_mark:

I quickly made the /reviews/ page to keep track of incoming reviews, but will properly paginate this so you can more easily browse. And also a “has a review” filter for stories so you can view in any list just the ones with reviews.

By the way there is also an RSS feed, if you like that sort of thing. I love old-school nerdy stuff like that!

Link to reviews from the homepage - DONE :white_check_mark:

Once pagination is sorted.
(I’ve just linked it in the header for now, need to do a proper look at the homepage later)

Link to write a review after you complete a story in “my next story”

When viewing “Stories I’ve reviewed” list, probably need a quick link to the review here.


Those are just some things I’ve noted down. Any favourites? Any other ideas? :smiling_face:


These all look great! Thank you for getting all this sorted so quickly !


Wait. Do I need to rewatch it to be able to review them?!?!?


Yes I suggest you do, after all you loved it so much :rofl:


Well. Sometimes I miss it. I know that it is bad but I also have poor taste :joy: :k9:


Maybe rewatch a condensed copy with only the good bits?


I feel like something of a moron here, but what does paginate mean?

I’ve never seen that word before, and my brain’s first instinct was “oh, it must be what we call the pigeon royal family, if pigeons were to have a royal family.”


Basically to add pages and not have them all in a long list.


Yes @Tian is right it means add page numbers and navigation.

But now I like the idea of a royal pigeon family :duck::crown:

(Yes that’s a duck. No pigeon emoji)


I’d suggest adding a button that links to the reviews page somewhere in the homepage. They’re probably going to be a big draw for people, so it’s best to have them easily accessible.


Yeah definitely, but after I add pagination (:duck::crown:) otherwise it looks like we only have a few.

There are almost 400 now already :tada:


Especially now that TS is dead in the water.

To be honest, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the reviews are only a recent adition to TARDIS Guide. Everything @shauny and the staff have done here carries a huge amount of polish to it!


Me, remembering I have 646 reviews to transfer over here

Me, heading back to my review documents to find the shorter reviews so I can get them out the way first


Great road map. Amazing progress in only a week from it being in beta form.

I’m always up for more badges, so I’ll keep plucking away at reviews as I consume stories. I have 19 up so far. Maybe I’ll go back and do the TV shows that I’ve watched to pump the numbers up. :rofl:

I think my style of review is a brief overview, with only 1 flagged as spoiler. Usually just 5 minutes of writing as the interview/music at the end of a story is playing. Quick, but I’m getting my point across.


Yes the irony is I’m not very good at writing reviews. Maybe if I sat down and spent some time on it. But as you can tell I am constantly looking towards the next thing!

Maybe I’ll try and force myself to review all of The Diary of River Song when I do a re-listen. That would be very on brand.


Review badges?!

Now I’ll have to do some


There’s always that elusive K9 badge… :k9: :k9:


I’m 1 episode in, I know it’s only 12 hours to get the badge… but I’d rather spend double that time getting the war master badge

^Secret Tardis Guide Badge Spoiler


I may have been tracking the hidden badges


Well, I can understand not wanting to spend more time with it then you have to. I usually watch it while I’m doing something else, as I’m really not worried about missing bits with K9. I mean, missing something Darius is saying is only likely to improve my opinion of him…