My big list of things to add to the site

As you say, I don’t think you should worry too much about fan-made stuff for the time being, mainly because it’ll drive you insane. AudioVisuals makes sense to include since some BF stories are direct adaptations of AV ones, but sifting through the literal tens of thousands of Doctor Who fanfics on the internet to find the notable ones feels like a thankless task with very little reward.


It seems like a lot of people have been sending @shauny stuff to add. Would it be worth while to add a feature where, like the “add a quote”, where certain people could add things to the Guide in a sort of draft mode? The idea would be that people, probably limited to a handful of approved users, could draft new material for the Guide and then all Shauny would have to do is approve the entries with maybe some minimal editing and make them live. That way, most of the work would be done and Shauny wouldn’t be adding in everything everybody sends all by himself.


Thr way it works now is that you ask @shauny to help with stuff and then he will give you acess to a template Google Sheet were you add all the relevant information. I think that this is easyer both for us that find the information and to then add it.


which reminds me I really need to finish the summaries for the torchwood magazine stories, it’s just that none of them have any even on TARDIS wiki, and I’m lazy


I know. The “problem” at the moment is getting lots of the same stuff from multiple people. Like for instance, I’ve been working on going through the “year (releases)” pages on on putting everything on there that wasn’t already on the Guide on a spreadsheet. I made it through 1967. But, as I’m getting ready to start 1968, I learn that @deltaandthebannermen is also working on the TV Comic. I think I heard that someone had also supplied the TV Century 21 Dalek comics. So, I’m just trying to find the best, easiest way to not overwhelm @shauny with multiples of the same stuff.

I’d love that but the problem is, adding these stories is way more advanced than just adding quotes.

It’s probably something I will add in the future but at the moment my time is best spent just adding them from spreadsheets.

Sorry there was duplicates, this happened because I was away and not able to take a good look at what you were providing. It’s easiest for me to add stuff in batches based on series rather than by date.


But your spreadsheet will be really useful to spot what is missing once the major stuff has been added because there is lots that don’t really fit into a series.

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Then I’ll probably pick it up again and keep going. Maybe if you want to delete entries as they get added, that would be useful?


Any chance of getting comics on the stats page?

Curious to see them on the year by year breakdown


Yes that will happen, although it won’t be accurate until all the comics are added.

To be honest I added a whole year-by-year stats section of the site, back in January, but never announced it because it’s missing stuff so it’s inaccurate lol


Absolutely fair on both counts lmao


Are the New Whovian Chronicles on yet, I don’t see them.

New Whovian Chronicles?

A series of charity ebooks featuring the “Kris Marshall” incarnation - you can get them on Amazon. There are 5 so far in the first arc “The Lost Doctor”

Looking everywhere for them and I can’t find anything, but tbf I think the prioity for the site is just getting everything official on, and then maybe unofficial things but that’s a way off (which it sounds like this is)

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I’ve never even heard of the Kris Marshall incarnation xD I just know he was speculated once or twice to take over the role from Tennant/Smith.

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I cant find them at all. Can you send a link?

Would some of the more story-driven flash games on the old website warrant inclusion? (“The Last Dalek” springs to mind.)


Not sure I should include games which are completely impossible to play now


The page is still up, though. It’s only unplayable because of not having a flash plugin. Theoretically, you could download it and find a program to play it with…