My big list of things to add to the site

Ok I’ll add it to the list :joy:


Yay! :tada:

The actual flash file from that page seems like it’s this:

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Its such a good game! They need to re-port these. Hours of fun.


I loved playing that game :slight_smile:
There was a similar K9 one as well which was really hard!

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Sorry it must just be a UK thing - here are the links.

  1. The Long Sleep:

  2. Avalon:

  3. Lost and Found:

  4. The East Wirral Collective:

  5. Survivor:

They belong with other “unofficial” charity releases such as the Obverse Books Forgotten Lives volumes

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I also liked the Daleks vs Cybermen one.
There are definitely some that shouldn’t make the site (or should only be there as reference) such as whatever you were meant to do in that Wire game.


That makes sense, I live in hope that the BBC will rerelease them at some point, if anything just for the nostalgia.

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I think we should let Shaun get everything official on the site before we start worrying about self-published fan fiction. The problem with fan fiction/fan audios etc is that they are of markedly variable quality (and legality - I’m not sure what the rules about selling unofficial Doctor Who books on Amazon are but they’re probably not in the author’s favour). There is also so much of it and I’m not sure where you would decide to draw the line.


I wasn’t suggesting prioritising them, just adding them to a list somewhere. Yes it’s definitely a very grey area, but a product that’s on commercial sale on a recognised site and where all proceeds are donated to a BBC charity to me would rank higher than free online content on a fanfic site


I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate the sheer breadth of this site. It’s quickly becoming my one stop site for all things Doctor Who. The amount of work the everyone has put in is immense. Thank you to all contributors, mods and, most importantly, to @shauny!


Seems some of the files on the original site are missing, btw, so I’d actually download the 7z file here instead if you’re looking for a full copy of “The Last Dalek”…

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@PlumPudding @SweetAIBelle


(although the page is a bit barebones lol)


Since you’re adding future releases with “unlock” dates, might I suggest adding the rest of Series 14 since we know the airdates for all the episodes? Also, since we have release dates for the upcoming novels [Ruby Red (June 13), Caged (June 27) and Eden Rebellion (November 14)] and the three Target Novelizations (Space Babies, 73 Yards and Rogue) which release on August 8, those could go on the guide too.


I am planning to add those a bit nearer to the launch dates because otherwise the “all stories” page will be quite cluttered with future stuff. That would bug me I think.

Or I might add them but restrict “all stories” to only show near future? Not sure yet what is best to do…


I think that this would be the best way of implementing this. In the future, it would be nice to have a place for upcoming releases.


Yeah, that would be nice. Big Finish has a drop down menu in the “My Account” section that does something similar.

Something like this could be nice. Either have it so they start hidden and the user can unhide them, or have them start visible with the option to hide them. Because I could see it as an awesome tool to see upcoming releases all in one place without needing to hunt multiple sources.


I have a goal that we help you add more stories to the site each month than the month before. This will be harder each month since the titles we have to add will be more obscure :joy:


I was pleasantly surprised when we added more in April than March. It’s definitely going to get more difficult though.

I have a few spreadsheets lined up…


As long as we have comics we have a lot of stories to add :grinning:


Added loads more today - May should easily beat March now, but will it beat April…?

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 00.33.09