My big list of things to add to the site

Here is my big list of things I’ve yet to add to the site, but are on my roadmap!

Some I’ve labelled “reference?” that means I’ll add it but it may be in the reference section, which will be later. Maybe after Comics.

I’ll be doing the audios first, want to check that off, then books, then comics. Some things, like BBV and Sock Puppet Theatre, are being sent from others so they’ll be added when I get them, out of this order.

If there is anything missing from here, please let me know :blush: I may have it and just haven’t detailed it correctly, or it may have been missed. There’s so much Doctor Who! :flushed:

In Progress now:

  • Faction Paradox novels

Stuff to add:


  • Paul Magrs Tie-ins (Imaginary Boys)
  • BBC Short Trips Audio originals
  • The Doctor Who Audio Annuals
  • The Minister of Chance


  • Dalek Annuals
  • Classic Doctor Who Annuals
  • K9 Annual
  • The Essential Book of K9
  • Megabytes (K9)
  • Target Missing Episodes
  • Virgin New Adventures Preludes (maybe?)
  • Doctor Who Yearbooks
  • Doctor Who Poster Magazine (maybe)
  • Paul Magrs Tie-ins (To The Devil, The Stones of Spookiness)
  • Faction Paradox Books
  • Telos Novellas
  • Doctor Who BBC Books (more reference?) (The Time Lord Letters, The Whoniverse, A Brief History of Time Lords)
  • Time Hunter
  • Iris Wildthyme books
  • Revival Doctor Who Annuals
  • BBC Children in Need Books
  • The Darksmith Legacy
  • The City of the Saved
  • Lethbridge-Stewart
  • The Paternoster Gang Investigates
  • Erimem books
  • The Lucy Wilson Mysteries
  • P.R.O.B.E.
  • Cwej
  • Into The Unknown
  • The Doctor Who Role Playing Game
  • BBC 2-in-1 books
  • Bernice Summerfield True Stories book
  • Some more Doom’s Day books
  • The Science of Doctor Who
  • Adventure Calendar short stories
  • Decide your Destiny books
  • Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space


(Some of these I don’t know the proper name of, I have lists though)

  • TV Comic / TV Action
  • TV Century 21
  • Give-a-Show Slides
  • Captain Britain Crossover
  • Free-Fall Warriors
  • The Incredible Hulk Presents
  • The Incomplete Death’s Head
  • Radio Times
  • The Forge
  • Doctor Who Adventures Comics
  • Battles in Time
  • IDW
  • Sarah Jane Adventures Comics
  • Cutaway Comics
  • Miranda
  • Titan Comics
  • Torchwood
  • DWM Comics


  • BBV
  • Reeltime pictures
  • Faction Paradox Rebirth
  • More minisodes and spin-offs - too many to list!
  • TARDIS Cam
  • TARDISodes
  • Monster Files (maybe reference?)
  • TARDIS Index Files (maybe reference?)
  • Doctor Who Confidential (reference)
  • Totally Doctor Who (reference)
  • Doctor Who Unleashed (reference)
  • Video Games
  • Case Files
  • Comics… eventually
  • Behind-the-scenes stuff - (books, audios, extras) eventually
  • The Doctor Who Magazine?
  • An Adventure in Space and Time (reference)
  • Audio Visuals
  • Doctor Who Audio Dramas (fan made)


Oh, there’s too many to list. I’m going to do these after Stories though. Here are a few things:

  • All the figures
  • All the Sonics
  • Magic The Gathering cards
  • Board Games

By golly, that’s a LOT of stuff!

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The website if printed into a book:


I’m surprised not to see the “Audio Visuals” ( Audio Visuals (fan work) | Tardis | Fandom ) in this list. Is this deliberate or just an oversight?

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Oversight! I’ve added it. Thanks :smiling_face:

Cool! In which case you might also want to consider the slightly more obscure fan audio series DWAD ( The Doctor Who Audio Dramas | Doctor Who Expanded | Fandom )

I’m becoming addicted to the Tardis Guide, and I’d love to be able to check off and rate some of these oddities as well as the more mainstream offerings.

Thanks for all the work, BTW.


Ok, I’ll add those to my list!

Note that it’s a very long list and I’ll be prioritising adding stuff in this order:

  1. Anything patrons or lots of users ask for, or helps with
  2. Anything official - audio and books first
  3. Comics
  4. Unofficial / spin off / extra stuff
  5. Behind the scenes

Related to this, could you add the ability to sort stories by “recently added to the site”, so we can easily browse and rate new additions?


Hmmm that’s not currently feasible because I don’t save the date when it was added to the site - everything is dated for when it was broadcast / released.

However I’ll add a new field starting now that can show stuff added in each month, and link to that as I add stuff. Would that be ok?


Sure, that should work. The main thing is having some way to rate/check off stuff as it gets added without having to regularly scan through the entire catalogue for updates

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Just bumping this, as I’ve added the following recently:

  • Sock Puppet Theatre Parodies
  • The Team TARDIS Diaries
  • Now We Are Six Hundred
  • Puffin eShorts
  • Origin Stories

I’ll be releasing that special list of everything added recently so you can browse it properly, soon(™).


Bumping this again as I’ve added lots more content!

Here’s a link to view everything new in March 2024:

I’ve added:

  • Out of the Darkness (audio anthology)
  • The ArcHive Tapes
  • Kaldor City
  • The Nest Cottage Chronicles
  • BBC Audio Dramas (The Thing from the Sea, etc.)
  • A Fix with Sontarans
  • Some Short Trips books, more coming soon…

I can see that it is already on your list, but here’s a bump request if it helps :wink:

I just read one of the four Adventures of K9 books ( The Adventures of K9 Series by Dave Martin ) and was distraught to discover that I couldn’t log it. Now I have to try and remember it until it gets added!

Seriously, though. No pressure. There’s so much on here already that I was just surprised to encounter something that wasn’t.


Boom! K9 added.

I need to try and source bigger, better images but that will do for now :blush:


I have audio versions of these.

Still haven’t added audio versions of books yet, still thinking how best to do it…

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Bumping as I’ve finally added all the Short Trips books! Yay!


Great job!!! What is your next project?

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Looking at that list, I’ll finish the Audios (because I like checking off a whole section, and thought I had all the audios before…) then do more books.

Comics are slowly coming along, got some people helping with those, but my focus is on finishing the sections I already have!