Over 4000 stories!

We now have over 4000 stories on the site!

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate that, as it has taken a lot of work to get this far.

Remember, you can see what I am adding on my big list, and you can see everything I’ve added this month here.

There are many more stories to come - can anyone guess how many stories total there will be once comics are added? (I haven’t worked that out yet).

What shall we do to celebrate this moment? :confetti_ball:


Hurray!!! Good job!

My guess: 11433

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I really hope not!!

Let’s go for a nice, even number that isn’t too far from 4000, to keep @shauny calm. Let’s say … 5420! You’re almost there!

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You will find new stuff to add all the time :joy:


Great job and don’t burn yourself out. Comics should hopefully be under 1k extra stories but could be way off.


It’s amazing that there are this many Doctor Who stories and we haven’t even got all of them yet - and we know there are even more coming on TV, audio, books and comics. I bloody love Doctor Who and its neverending storytelling.