K9 - How?!?! Why?!?!

Oh my god, the Blakey character was a postman called Postman Pat (and his accent was all over the place!)


But I’ll give this episode a little more credit as the ending was quite nice (even if the CGI butterflies were a bit dodgy).

It’s also frustrating how Starkey has to be the main character in every story because actually, by the slimmest of margins, Darius and Jorjie are played by better actors.

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Okay, watched Oroborus.

Starkey seems not to have noticed he was missing a backstory until now, and Darius sucks, but I think at this point they have “Darius acts like a jerk” somewhere on their checklist for every episode.

Liked the story, though. By K9 standards, it was a great episode.


Also watched Alien Avatar. Not as good as the last episode, though there was some nice fanservice with Jorjie hitting Darius. She should do it more often.

Do kinda like the aliens. More Darius suckage. Kinda like Jorjie’s mom, honestly.

And, usually you can’t just reverse polluted beaches like that. More fantasy in that aspect…


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Okay, I was right near the halfway point, so I watched Aeolian.

Apparently music is like a hurricane, and we really needed a love triangle.

Moving on…


You’re catching me up. I did Last Oak Tree last night but probably won’t get any further this week. My tolerance level for Starkey may have reached it’s limit for the week!


Can totally understand that, since my tolerance for Darius is kinda getting there, too.

OTOH, I do have enough time in the next two days that I could easily end up going farther…

Probably helped in this session that I liked one of the episodes, and was okay with another.

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Two episodes polished off tonight - Black Hunger and The Cambridge Spy.

And do you know what, they weren’t terrible. I even rated The Cambridge Spy as a 3/5 - if only for the obvious Russian spy guy’s two different accents.

And Drake is gone! Hoist by his own petard!

Very confused about how old Darius is supposed to be - his great grandfather behaves as if he is much older than Jorjie and yet Darius was fawning over Jorjie only a couple of episodes ago.

I’ve worked out what bothers me a lot about these - it’s the repetitive sets. Black Hunger is set in those bloody sewers again and The Cambridge Sky has to go with the fairly unbelievable idea that the mansion used to be a police station.

And there is always a LOT of just standing around by characters whilst they wait for something to happen, or for K9 to do some macguffiny stuff and save the day.

I did like the Atrios reference in Black Hunger though and the fact that Spy was set in 1963.


Absolutely. The standing sets create a very flat viewing experience with static camerawork. If it was from the 1960s this would probably feel more natural. As a classic Doctor Who fan I kept wanting it cut to on location camera work.

Lol at Macguffin-of-the-week.


I just watched “Fear Itself”.

So very boring and nonsensical!

The best bit was when Drake got angry at a wardrobe :sweat_smile:


It’s really not a mistake that a lot of the quotes I’ve added for K9 are dumb dialogue. I want it to be representative of the show!


I’m nearly on the home stretch - one more DVD in Volume 2. Watched the Lost Library of Ukko last night and this was definitely a strong episode (comparatively speaking).

Starkey is shoved off stage for the majority of the episode which is a good start and then we get a genuinely fun alien character. Yes, the make-up is a bit cartoony/Power Rangers but the performance is one of the best the show has seen so far.

Thorne is already a much better baddie than Drake and they’ve moved the Department out of that bloody bus and into an actual building!

The fact that this story has more location work than I think we’ve seen up till now also adds a freshness to it. The actress playing June has definitely upped her game now she is sparring with Thorne.

It does all fizzle a bit at the conclusion but there’s far more to enjoy here than in most episodes. This was the first episode to feel a bit more like the Sarah Jane Adventures and it was all the better for it (even if most of the main characters actually just spend most of the episode standing around).

Oh and the use of extras at the Department was hilarious. The teenagers queuing in ill-fitting suits were hilarious but then one of them is in the next shot walking through the department clearly meant to be an employee and then a later shot of outside shows all the same people walking around as if they are just general members of the public and they’re clearly meant to be different to those visiting the department.


I’ve watched a few more of these now, well I put them on in the background while I was working on the site.

Just finished Curse of Anubis. It was actually not as terrible as the others. Fingers crossed I’m getting to better stories now?

I can’t believe there are 16 more. Why did we get only 8 episodes of Class yet 26 episodes of this drivel?!


There are only 26 episodes? With the amount of complaining I was sure this had five full-length seasons.


Believe me, if you’ve seen any of it, 26 episodes is more than enough!


A part of me wants to do rewatch and make reviews of all the episodes :joy: :k9:


I swear the BBC had nothing to do with it, because Baker and Martin owned exclusive rights to the character. Probably why - here in the UK - it originally aired on Disney XD from what I remember.

Also found it funny that they claimed it was set in Britain, when it was blatantly filmed in Australia.


I wanted to try this whole review thing. It is my first longer review hope that you like it. I do not promise to review the entire series but it was fun to do a deep dive into the first episode.


That’s a brilliant review with some bits that really made me chuckle.


Thanks :k9:

Allways gets a bit scary to write longer texts in English