K9 - How?!?! Why?!?!

Well, I like Edgar Alan Poe’s “The Raven”. I like haunted houses. I like a good ghost story.

Fall of the House of Gryphen is not a good ghost story.

I’ll give it credit that I was liking it more near the beginning of the episode, at least…


K9 - Jaws of Orthrus.

8 episodes in and they are recycling plots. May contain bad dialogue and acting.


K9 - Dream-Eaters.

Well, they were doing a reasonable job at comedy in this episode… but I think it was supposed to be horror.


After a long day of coding and banging my head against the wall trying to do some things, I’m going to sit back and relax with a bit of K9… what could go wrong? :laughing:


Update: it was pretty bad. How are there 26 of these?!

Also, it’s pretty cool how this site is now the largest collection of ratings for K9. You can clearly see that over on Trakt.tv and The Time Scales only superfans are reviewing it, as they rank it a lot higher :crazy_face:


Which one did you watch?

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And to think that at one point there were rumors of a Baker/Martin-penned feature film where K9 fought Omega. :laughing:


Personally, I find it easiest to deal with K9 if I toss it up on my second monitor, and sort of half pay attention to it while doing other things. I’m not great at multitasking, but it’s easier if I don’t really care about one of the things I’m doing.

The most irritating thing on K9 is that sometimes things actually start to get interesting, I start paying attention, and then they start doing all the bad stuff that was making me not like it in the first part.

If I was trying to fix this show, I think I would:
a) Get better writers.
b) Have an episode where they run into Tegan. Then a monster kills all three kids and damages K9 enough that he regenerates back to his original, non-flying design.
c) Show continues with K9 and Tegan.


Okay, I’m not saying Curse of Anubis was good… but it is the one I’ve rated the highest so far.

I like the Egyptian theme, and I like the aliens. They worship K9 and hate Darius, and I’m good with both these things.

Of course, I really couldn’t stand Darius in half the episode, and he saves the day, but so it goes.

Makes me hope that there might occasionally be decent episodes?


Watched Aeolian last night :woozy_face: - or the one where Jorjie has a personality transplant and there’s a big wind machine just off the side of the set…

Possibly Drake’s worst performance yet (and he’d set a bloody low bar to start with).

But Jorjie was even worse. That whole bit with her stuck under the masonry (which came through a broken window? I don’t know the editing on that scene was really, really weird). And then the rest of the episode is people shouting at each other over the weather effects.

The basic concept behind the episode is - again - a good one but literally everything about the production lets it down.

I still do not get why they insisted on pretending this was set in London. That bit where they name places beginning with H that have hurricanes and then places beginning with F that are being flooded is just downright silly! I reckon half the issues with this would have been solved if it had just been set in Brisbane or somewhere.


One of the things motivating me to finish classic Who is how much I want to watch this terrible show and complain with all of you.


For me, Drake is the very worst performance in the Whoniverse. He plagues the first half of the series before thankfully being written out.

My controversial opinion is that yeah Drake is bad at acting but he’s at least some eye candy in this hot mess of a show :joy:


Just reading this thread and experiencing the show secondhand, the most fascinating part to me is how I don’t think a single person in the thread has mentioned K9 himself. Does he do anything in the show???


Yes he flies around and says “I’m not a dog

Oh and in one episode he wears a swanky cloak.

I think this is a fair and exhaustive retelling of what K9 does in this show…:grin:


K9 has some snarky jokes and every now and then saves the day with pew pew lasers.


Well, I’ve added quotes to a couple of the K9 episodes here, and they often had K9 involved…

K9: Why was it necessary to provoke the tin faces?

JORJIE: Hey, I’m having fun. Are you having fun?

K9: Checking database. Modifying definition of “fun”.


He got to ask ‘What is love?’ in an episode which hardly had anything to do with love except for an extremely forced love triangle betwen Jorjie, Starkey and Darius (which none of the characters are actually aware is a thing apart from Darius) and the fact that the alien was trying to get hold of its long lost mate.


Multiple people have said he’s done some murdering, so there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue: