K9 - How?!?! Why?!?!

I swear the BBC had nothing to do with it, because Baker and Martin owned exclusive rights to the character. Probably why - here in the UK - it originally aired on Disney XD from what I remember.

Also found it funny that they claimed it was set in Britain, when it was blatantly filmed in Australia.


I wanted to try this whole review thing. It is my first longer review hope that you like it. I do not promise to review the entire series but it was fun to do a deep dive into the first episode.


That’s a brilliant review with some bits that really made me chuckle.


Thanks :k9:

Allways gets a bit scary to write longer texts in English


There’s plenty of people in this country who couldn’t write as cohesively as that, so you shouldn’t be embarrassed at all!

And I couldn’t write anything in another language!


Thanks. With those kind words, I might do the second episode :slight_smile:


You know what we need - a badge for reviewing all the K9 episodes (but you have to write a minimum of 500 words for each review…)

How’s about it @shauny? Maybe it could come with a cash prize as well - or a prize where you get to accompany Shaun on one of his many holidays…


A badge would motivate me to do them all!


Haha I like it!

(Not the cash prize or free holiday though).


Yeah, I only really count myself as knowing english.

I technically took two years of Spanish in school, but the first year, my teacher quit, we had a string of teachers that didn’t know where the others left off, and the second year, they assumed I’d actually learned things. I passed, but that was a long time ago, and I mostly could ask someone where the bathroom was, say I didn’t know Spanish, count, and ask where various other things were.

And I know occasional words of Japanese from anime, but nothing particularly useful.

I can program in assorted computer languages a bit, though.


At school I did English, French, German, and Latin.

I passed them all but can barely remember any of them. Except English, obviously.


Yep, sounds familiar! Though the good thing is that the romance languages are related to each other enough that if you know one of them, it’s easier to pick up others. Spanish and French and such all were descended from Latin at some point.

Funny thing is I’m actually interested in languages, just not in learning them so much. More the history of them, how they evolve, conlangs, and that sort of thing.


I think I could enjoy K9 if it was more like how you describe it here :+1: You know if I could discard the acting, direction, editing, dialogue, CGI, creature designs, K9’s design, the accents, Drake, costuming, set design, etc.

Great review, made me chuckle :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you flag reviews for moderation if they are too positive about K9 :thinking::wink:


The strange thing is that I think that I have started to like it a bit more. I need to watch something good now to get rid of that feeling :joy:


I completed a watch-though of the series and discovered two key tricks to enjoying it:

  • Don’t even attempt to take it seriously. It sits in a genre which I have taken to calling “cozy dystopia”. Angsty teens complain about oppression whch turns out to be little more than being told to do homework and tidy their bedrooms. A suposed police state is “enforced” by clomping cyber-cops which pose no more threat than an indulgent babysitter playing “hide and seek”. The all-powerful “Department” is just some people hanging out in an old bus bickering with each other.
  • Everything - the dialogue, the action, and even the music, is better at 1.25 speed. I found this by accident when I needed to finish an episode in a hurry, and it made the whole thing not only more fun, but over more quickly :grin:

After binging the whole series I now kind of miss it. I do wonder if it might have got a lot better with a second series. By the end, everyone seemed to be getting more comfortable with the show.

And as a final comment, I now want to find a way to “cross the streams” by getting Dan Starkey (famous for portraying Sontarans on TV and a lot of Big Finish work) to wear a Stark Reality T-shirt at a con :rofl:


This is why I started reviewing it. Even if it is bad it is also fun :slight_smile:


I’ve not got many episodes left - I really should get back to finishing it. The problem is the synopsis of my next episode ‘Mutant Copper’ just sounds awful.


I don’t remember it, but i gave it 1.5 when I watched it.


I mean, I’d act surprised it’s so low but that’s about average score wise for me…


They took all the trees, and put them in a tree museum,
and charged all the people a dollar and a half to see 'em…

The Last Oak Tree may be the Space Babies of K9. Alien eggs hatching, and corridors full of snot… :k9: