If you could choose one story to get a target novelisation, what would you want?

I’ll put it on the list :+1:
I still don’t really know what to make of Kerblam!, it’s a good story put the messaging is so muddled.
Is it against Space Amazon, does it encourage us to buy more stuff from Amazon?
I’ve no idea.

But there’s literal killer bubble wrap, does it get more Doctor Who than that.

And Lee Mack is delightful!


Yeah it’s definitely very muddled at the end and certainly a big drop from the explicitly anti-capitalist Oxygen just a season earlier. But I see what it’s going for and I do feel there’s an argument for episodes that are tackling specific modern issues to try to present solutions that are more politically palatable, even if I’d have enjoyed a bit of a more scathing anti-capitalist take.


Well, my first choice might be The Curse of Fatal Death. Not sure that’s where the question is intended to go, though. So, sticking to “proper” Who, and since Flux has already been discussed…maybe Turn Left. I think that there’s an opportunity to expand on the alternate history we got in the episode and do some interesting stuff with it.


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And Oooo, Turn Left could be really good as a novelisation


@JayPea In the words of the 11th Doctor: “Never, ever, tell me the rules!” :wink:

Now I’m just thinking of Modern Who novelisations written by deceased authors.

Legend of the Sea Devils written by Ursula K. Le Guin

Spyfall written by Ian Fleming

Smile written by George Orwell

Robot of Sherwood written by Alexandre Dumas

Listen written by H. P. Lovecraft

Survivors of the Flux by Jules Verne

What would Isaac Asimov write?


I suppose my first instinct was Robots of Death…
I mean, it is all about robots that seem to break their programmed laws.
Classic Asimov.


That is classic Asimov right there for sure :+1:
I guess I was only thinking Modern Who :slightly_smiling_face:


The Idiot’s Lantern - Clive Barker
The Girl in the Fireplace - Diana Bagaldon

All of them. Every single one that hasn’t been done yet. By the original authors whenever possible. If not - I could even have a go myself! I could be the next Terrance Dicks…!


They should let me write the Cyberwoman novelisation, I think I’m one of the few people in the world who Get It well enough to do it justice.


I would like to see Listen, and It Takes You Away get novelized, the latter moreso, to see more of the frog, the Antizone, and the weird creature that was supposed to be in it but didn’t get in it, not too much changed but its cool, the last scene could also be slightly bettter


Asylum of the Daleks by Steven Moffat would be my main choice
Heaven Sent by one of the writers but not sure if it can properly transfer into writing


I guess it would be weird if the bulk of the book simply consisted of one paragraph repeated over and over and over. Or even mostly identical paragraphs with only slight variations. Could be a rough read.

Closest thing I can think of would be Jim Mortimore’s Campaign novel, but that one went through a lot greater variation than I think this one could. But maybe there’s a cool approach that would work, that I’m not coming up with.


Clive Barker is one of my favourite authors and I have no doubt he could make The Idiot’s Lantern something I could enjoy.


by ‘not sure if it can properly transfer into writing’ I’m talking about how the episode feels, how it looks and the stunning visuals. It could easily lose that in writing if it’s not done properly.


This just gives me flashbacks to a sequence in the anime “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Hiroshi” called “The Endless Eight”. They aired eight episodes of the anime that were all the same episode with minor changes!

Basically, Hiroshi’s unconscious godlike reality warping powers were causing the same day to repeat itself until the day went perfectly. Great idea, but they really should have just hit the changes rather than repeating the same episode, as it was not the easiest to get through…


Actually, yes, the Flux novelisations would be very welcome. I do enjoy that short season, but there are plenty of points where a little fleshing out would work wonders!


I’m a dyed in the wool Hulke fan. I’d truly LOVE to see this. Gods of the parallel universe… this would be AMAZING!


I have no doubt that Moffat could do it (Heaven Sent, that is). He did such a remarkable job of “Day of the Doctor”.

Asylum of the Daleks could be extremely interesting, delving further into what we never saw on screen. Potentially quite disturbing.


Moffat’s a good choice for Heaven sent. I hope it will work in story format

I haven’t even thought about that for Asylum of the Daleks. I was mainly thinking about Oswin being in a dream world and expanding on that but yeah it could probably get disturbing if it explores what happened before and at the end.