Episode Discussion: Space Babies

@ItsR0b0tNinja why did you edit capital letters into my post? is there a rule on this forum about using capitalization? and why on earth would you edit my post without my knowledge or consent rather than contacting me and asking me to adjust my speech patterns? i do not type the way i type out of ignorance of capitalization rules. (edit: especially when multiple other people in this very thread have been speaking without capitalization without their posts being edited, and my post was edited within under a minute of my posting?)

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My apologies. I was just checking out what I could do. Didn’t mean to save it.

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huh, got it. wild that mods can edit posts. thanks for responding, sorry to come on so strong. :saluting_face:

It comes in handy sometimes. When we have forum games where you can only post in a thread every 20 hours, you also can only edit the posts that often, so we end up having to edit people’s posts to fix mistakes.

I also sometimes edit people’s posts to add spoilers if they left something in the open that might spoil other people on something.


Oh, he is a handsome [redacted], but i don’t think my partner would appreciate me spending too much time on that.

I don’t like that sort of joke. It didn’t work for me.

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It was my fault. I’d feel the same. :rofl:

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okay, sure, i will begrudgingly admit it’s useful…

literally no worries. and like i would get it if there was some kind of rule about capitalization, like i would disagree but i get why someone might implement that, i just react strongly to that kind of editing!

anyway. back to what’s really important:



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Ncuti is just SO charming in this one no matter how you feel about the level of silliness. when he laughs sooo hard at Ruby getting snotted… if i wasn’t already in love with him before that part had me infatuated. they’re so totally two bffs who have the same uni classes together and stay up til 3am texting each other. its such a real besties dynamic. VERISIMILITUDE


i loveeee their dynamic! makes me so happy to see them together. i knew i was going to like fifteen from the second he showed up in the giggle but i’m so happy to like ruby and her dynamic with him as well!


Okay, guys. I finally watched this one and The Devil’s Chord on Tuesday (after rewatching Ruby Road), and I’ve been gathering my thoughts for a couple of days.

Space Babies is weird, a bit childish, and very recognisably RTD. It’s not the strongest season opener, but it’s not too bad either. The plot is straightforward, the jokes are largely unfunny (I didn’t find Ncuti’s constant reference to the story’s title amusing, nor did I find the butterfly gag at the beginning particularly amusing), and there are a lot of poop jokes, as if we’re back in 2005. The idea of a spaceship full of babies is equally bizarre and eerie, and it only works in Doctor Who. And the political allegories are subtle enough not to feel too forced.

Ncuti and Milloe are magical. Ncuti has good, youthful energy and feels like the Doctor already. Actually, the Bogeyman is a fun gag, and I appreciate its effective scariness, which is a result of the camera work and editing (clearly inspired by Alien). The monster costume looks great, and the spaceship set is huge and detailed. The animation on the babies’ mouths looks very wrong.

Oh, and I love how this harks back to The End of the World! I love how the Doctor introduces those new Time Lord names!

Overall, this is a 6/10 for me.


Meh it was alright. Some pretty heavy kids TV vibes here - and not in the way that “Doctor Who was also a family show” - I mean like actual kids TV. Ncuti and Millie are great together, and I’m happy to have taken that away from this at least


I loved this line. Really made me laugh and let’s be honest, it’s the truth :joy: x

I added screen grabs for all the quotes on this episode because of course I did, I’m obsessed.

Note that they are displaying a bit strange on desktop at the moment, need to fix them, but they appear better on a single quote page and the full quotes section.


I liked the episode .all the babies were so cute and adorable . I mean this in a complimentary way .it reminded me of the evian Babies advert .any uk people on here remember these ads :sweat_smile:


Hey, welcome to the forum!

Completely forgot those ads before you mentione, but now that you have, I can see it