Big Finish: The Monthly Adventures

aaaaaaaaa I love when audio dramas stamp all over my heart <3 maybe one to avoid listening to in public then! I literally had to stop what I was doing in the workshop to go :astonished: at the end of Gods and Monsters haha


omg i bet youll love this one then lol. before i started it i was thinking to myself “if theres a conversation where [SPOILER] its going to ruin me” and then there was and it was fantastic

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I absolutely love seeing people’s first reactions to Protect and Survive, its a very good audio.

Seeing as others are saying their personal fave audios I’ll post a few of mine (you might notice a trend):

Arrangements for War
Thicker Than Water
A Death in the Family
The Secret History
The Two Masters
The Last

I love all of these audios but especially ADitF, that one destroyed me in all the right ways


Finished the Divergent Universe arc, definitely a mixed bag. I don’t have much to say, so I’ll keep things short:

Scherzo - instant classic. 4 stars

Creed of the Kromon - Phillip, why? 0.5 stars

The Natural History of Fear - everyone clearly had fun on this one, and so did I. 4 stars

The Twilight Kingdom - it exists. 1.5 stars

Faith Stealer - in one ear and out the other (granted, I was in the middle of being discharged from hospital when I listened to this one, so I might not have given it a fair chance. I’m not in a hurry to relisten to it though). 1.5 stars

The Last - Wannabe Warrior’s Gate. Cool atmosphere but way too long. 1.5 stars

Caedroia - simple fun. 3 stars

The Next Life - I liked having a six parter for a change, but it’s way too exposition heavy and the TARDIS trio barely contribute anything. Zagreus handled its lore dumping better. 2.5 stars

Next up, I’ll be finishing off my 7, Ace and Hex stories (Angel of Scutari - Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge).


Im currently making my way through the Divergent Universe arc as well. Scherzo is a perfect 10/10 for me but I agree that Kromon is pretty bad. I haven’t listened to the rest yet, there’s just too much other stuff getting in my way :joy:


lmao yeah, unfortunately I don’t have anything nicer to say than this either. The Divergent Universe is… fine. But I don’t really rate Charley, and poor C’Rizz is inconsistent at best, and the Kromon is… well, yeah. So not a lot about that arc works for me, alas


I just finished the Burning Prince trilogy, and I found them to be okay. The first story was definitely the best and the last one was fun, and the middle one was kind of boring, to be kind to it. Not a trilogy I particularly want to repeat tbh. But the fact that Vienna Salvatori showed up in the last one took me by surprise - I was aware vaguely of her spinoff series but I didn’t realise she was a MR original (tbh I didn’t realise she was from the whoniverse at all :sweat_smile:)


That’s one I never got around to. A large chunk of the later half of the Main Range are ones I haven’t gotten around to.

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Same, this is partly why I’m doing them in order because I had scatteredly listened to most of the first 100 in the past, but I’m well into unknown territory now, which is fun. My next milestone will be The Assassination Games because that’s the next one I’ve already listened to (and love!!)

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Oh mood. Finally listened to it in late 2021, after 8 years of seeing it hyped up (and memed) so much on tumblr and felt So Disappointed at the long convoluted mess it ended up being. Especially after the masterpiece that is Neverland.

That saying though, definitely enjoyed it a lot more on the second listen, without the baggage of those expectations colouring it (plus I was still procrastinating on listening to Scherzo, even after putting it off/falling off the dr who train for 2 years lol)


Finished the Hector arc and alas the main adventures with Hex. The trilogy was mainly a dissapointment in everything that had to do with Hector. Briging back Hex as a different person was a very interesting premise, especially seeing how they barely any similarities but the fudge all of that and what is worse the waste Philip Olivier. He’s perfomance as Hector is strong but it’s ruined by the writing. For something like this should have left him dead It’s not all bad, they gave Hex half a decent ending and the final scene it’s kinda moving.

To remove some of the bat taste i listened to Muse of Fire, an absolute blast and something i see myself relistening quite a lot. It features the return of Iris Wildthyme in the Main Range and she’s the clear standout, with a terrific perfomance of Katy Manning. Great characters and great performances all around.

I aslo listened to the last stories with Erimem which also sees the ending of the stories Peri with 5th. At least in MR. I liked them all and Erimem has a satisfaying ending. I’m not sad but i will certainly miss her. They were a powerful team that lifted whatever they were in.


I’m rapidly approaching the Hector stories and I am a little dubious because the end of Gods and Monsters was so good. But I will see when I get there I guess.

Muse of Fire is a classicccc and I also felt Erimem’s end was strong, I thought she was a very strong character even if she didn’t always have the best stories.


It’s a pity that she didn’t got to come back. The end very obviously serves for a comeback. I don’t even know if she was ever mentioned again, certainly not in the Doctor and Peri’s stories i’ve listened and i’ve listened to a LOT.


Erimem has been quietly forgotten at BF I think partly because they got a bit uncomfortable having a character of ‘colour’ being played by a white actress (including using her on cover illustrations). I also believe she wasn’t as popular with Briggs as she was with Gary Russell so her time at the company got curtailed somewhat when Briggs took over.


It really is a shame as she was such a great character.


Listened to The Wrong Doctors in the workshop today, and it completely lifted my bad mood. I love it when BF does stories that are genuinely fun, and this was definitely one of them.

And I suppose I ought to start advertising my reviews a little better if I want the badges, so I have been reviewing my MR listen since about Gods and Monsters, and this is the latest one!

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I understand all that, it was definitely an unfortunate thing but i loved her all the same. I’d take at least one little mention, a breadcrum.