Big Finish: The Monthly Adventures

Or, as it used to be known, the Main Range!

Basically I want a place to complain/praise/get excited about/complain about the various MR stories as I progress through them because I am on a quest to finish the range, every story, in order.

And I just finished #151 The Doomsday Quatrain, which was fine, but pretty boring. Unfortunately, that’s my review for a lot of the MR stories, but there are some really good ones (and reaaallly bad ones…). Some of my favourites include (off the top of my head)

  • The Apocalypse Element
  • Zagreus
  • Robophobia
  • The Quantum Possibility Engine (at #243, this is the one I’m living for rn :rofl:)
  • Forgotten Blue Planet
  • A Death in the Family

I know we’re listening to the beginning in audio club which is fun, but for anyone who’s listened further than that, what are some of your favourites? If you’ve got further than me, what have I got to look forward to? Or to dread…


I’ll throw into this thread too if that’s OK? I’m about to start a ‘BF in order’ run. Should start Sirens of Time tomorrow after the begining of Benny Series 1.


Please do! I’m interested to hear what you think! I promise you have a lot to look forward to, despite some of the bumpy bits!

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When BF first started I listened up to about 50. A couple of years ago I listened up to about 15. Obviously some were better than others but for the most part I enjoyed them all.

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Be sure to jump into the Audio Club threads as you progress.

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Already planned to do that hehe :rofl:


I’ve listened to lot of them, bouncing around, some in order, some relistens. My introduction to Big Finish were two in the middle of the range (and towards the ends of their respective arcs): Patient Zero (#124) and Legend of the Cybermen (#135). Most of what I haven’t listened to is post-200.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Patient Zero
  • Spectre of Lanyon Moor
  • The Apocalypse Element
  • Storm Warning
  • Spare Parts
  • The Chimes of Midnight
  • Seasons of Fear
  • The Eye of the Scorpion
  • Project: Twilight
  • The Harvest
  • The Settling
  • A Death in the Family
  • LIVE 34

And that’s just to name a handful.


There were some excellent companions introduced in this range: Evelyn, Charley, Hex, Erimem, Flip, Constance.


Agree with that whole list, and I’d put Natural History of Fear in there too. I have a handful past this point that I’ve heard, but I am mainly in new territory for me now


I’m really enjoying the Audio Club and discussing Big Finish with somewhat like-minded people. I have a few friends who sort of watch Doctor Who, but no one who’s delved into Big Finish. So being able to discuss various things with people in somewhat real time is awesome.


What are your thoughts on the Hex arc, specifically the Hector arc and the double story around 224-ish?

I actually haven’t listened to the later Hex stories, and though I broadly know what happens (I’m not generally bothered by spoilers), I don’t know enough to pass any real judgments.

I do really like Hex though, and I think in general his storyline is really interesting - personally I quite like how twisting and interconnected it all is

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I like the Hex arc in general with some really good stuff in there. I think the biggest downside to the “Hector” arc was that there wasn’t that much of a difference between Hex and Hector. Also of the three Hector stories, the first was horrible ( don’t care for Invisible Enemy in general and the story here wasn’t that good ), the middle one was… fine, but nothing outstanding, and the third was decent enough with a nice final end for Hex. I almost wish they’d let it end with Gods and Monsters. The double-story one was just kind of average, like it was just an excuse to bring back the actor, and there was no indication of where in the run it slots into, just that it’s fairly early.

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Ugh, I hate it when it feels like they’re doing something just because they can :confused: well, I will report back in about two months when I get there :rofl: I will find it a shame if I don’t really care for the Hector stuff though because as I say, I do really like Hex


I finally finished Zagreus. After 7 years of this story looming over me like a mythical white whale, being hyped up as a story so impenetrable that it would take several hours of homework just to even have a chance of not letting my brain melt, I found it almost disappointingly easy to comprehend. Like, it was no more complex than a Moffat finale. Maybe it just helped that I’d done all my figurative homework beforehand, and went into the story roughly knowing what to expect.

Still, I very much enjoyed slaying the metaphorical beast. You could tell that everyone was having fun playing new characters in such an unhinged script. I especially loved how Reverend Townsend is looking after his orphaned niece, much like the 5th doctor had to with Nyssa, except that Townsend is openly resentful of the responsibility being forced upon him. I loved learning more about Rassilon as well. Even having watched The End of Time, I was still shocked at how much of a scumbag he was, probably because Warrington seemed so noble in his appearance in Neverland. The story did not need to be 4 hours long though. Even with several hours in between each part, my head was starting to hurt by the end of Wasteland.

I purchased the Divergent universe arc several months back, but I’m going to take a break from the 8th Doctor for a little while, as I have to finish off Graceless and work my way through the bundle of Hex audios I got in the recent easter sale. I’m looking forward to A Death in the family.


I think a Death in the Family is FAR more dense and “impenetrable” than Zagreus considering you are at the intersection of at 2 to 4 arcs between Evelyn, Hex, the Black and White TARDIS, and the Forge (depending on how you count them all) but god damn does it progress/conclude them all in such an amazing way!


I think Zagreus gets a bad rap for being overcomplicated because it’s long and has a lot of characters when really, it’s just a bit weird and long and you only need a vague idea of the 8th Doctor story to get it. I really love it because it’s daft, but I think people are often unfair about it because of that. Plus it’s the start of Leela and Romana’s friendship so how could I hate that!

A Death in the Family is genuinely brilliant though, wept my eyes out to that one


What are everyone’s favorite “anything” from the Main Range (arc, recurring character, individual story, new companion, etc)?

I mean obviously Evelyn is one of the greatest things to come out of the MR, and indirectly Gallifrey is a product of Lalla Ward demanding more work with Louise Jameson because of Zagreus, so I love that too!

I’ve also loved that I’ve had episodes that I’ve been expecting to be meh about that I’ve actually really enjoyed, like The Council of Nicea or the Six & Charley stuff


Council of Nicea is one of my favorite Main Range stories! Takes a fascinating piece of history and creates an absolutely riveting drama out of it.