Big Finish Cover Art Gallery

b.b.b.but Ace looks awesome.

(yeah I agree this one is terrible)


Another one for the gallery of shame


This whole cover was utterly horrific, and one I planned on suggesting as one of the worst myself.

Then again, I suppose it’s fitting for one of the worst Torchwood Monthlies.


Suddenly very happy I keep all the cover arts in a folder once I finish reviewing a story.

Firstly, I think we have to acknowledge what a stunning job Christopher Naylor - who happens to be the current voice of Harry Sullivan - has done with his hand drawn covers. These are some of the greatest I’ve seen in recent years… much better than what the Noonan sets started out with (I DESPISE that Gironi water-colour effect artwork).

Another of my favourite BigFinish cover arts - one I’m shocked isn’t in this thread already - ‘The Scorchies’! Not only one of the funniest stories I’ve ever listened to, but that cover is just phenomenally stupid… and I love it all the more for that.

I mean, what else was the cover going to be for Doctor Who does the Muppets?

‘Blood of the Time Lords’ got an absolutely gorgeous bit of artwork; the Gallifreyan symbols and the gorgeous green and burnt orange colour scheme. Also nice to see an outfit we rarely see Four in - from ‘The Deadly Assassin’.

‘Blood’ was a great story too… shame it got overshadowed by a vile person’s comments on social media (look at the bottom of the cover, if you don’t know which performer I mean).

The “side-bar” era didn’t have all that many amazing covers, but ‘We are the Daleks’ was another immaculate bit of artwork. Having some visual representation for the Dalek skyscraper was really helpful.


That’s who does those? That’s so cool!


Yeah, he even showed a step-by-step for the artwork he made for ‘The Demon Song’.

(All these images are sourced from his Twitter - where he often posts his art)

And then the final cover.

Honestly, it’s clear that making artwork is Christopher Naylor’s passion. Since he plays Harry Sullivan though, I would love him to do the artwork for the next Seven, Harry and Naomi set.


I’ve recently been relistening to the Six & Connie stories and reviewing them as I go, and it made me realise there is an error with two of the covers.

Some people will agree this is gallery of shame worthy, others will think I’m being really nit-picky like… well, like a Doctor Who fan (we really can be insufferable, can’t we hahaha).

Anyway, in both ‘Planet of the Rani’ and ‘Shield of the Jotunn’, characters mention Connie’s uniform from her home period of Bletchley Park in the 1940s… which makes me wonder why she’s wearing 21st century outfits on the covers.

I know this is really nitpicky, but they clearly prepared some photos of Constance in her Bletchley get-up - see the cover for ‘Criss-Cross’ - so it baffles me why they didn’t use those photos for the other two entries in that trilogy, for the sake of consistency if nothing else.


Honestly I feel exactly the same every time I see Helen Sinclair in generic modern clothes. That girl does NOT wear jeans I know this to be true in my heart


Yeah I agree.


I love Disco’s cover purely for the symbolism. At first I was a bit down about not having Disco’s actor on the cover, but the more time has passed the more I’ve realized I don’t really mind. The cover itself gets the point across.

The way the Disco shards fall onto Ianto, the way Disco balls in general are quite reflective, the way Ianto is not looking at the Disco ball.
I won’t spoil the audio but it makes sense once you listen. The cover is so beautifully symbolic while also being quite fun and camp.

I will say too, I do prefer covers where the characters are within a location, or next to one. Not a fan of the Floating Heads design with neon shapes that you see in the main Doctor audios (I’m looking at you Geronimo :expressionless:).


I tried to get my local library to buy that cover art book Big Finish put out recently but they said no :sob:


This cover art is simultaneously iconic yet awful at the same time


This hasn’t been released yet but I love it!



But oml it’s a NEED. Found it on Tumblr I think.


Not Big Finish but god, I need Brian Blessed as Omega on screen

He could really get the presence of the character down and this cover shows it so well


I’m just gonna add this one here.
This one made me preorder the story from the cover alone (I had no knowledge about this story previous to ordering it back in March) so I think it should fit here pretty well.


The Future Phantoms cover is a thing of beauty imo, but i can’t help feeling that it’s another in the long line of fakeout covers


I have this, still not listened to it


Don’t they use fakeout covers for certain CDs in boxsets??

Idk it just looks like a cover of a CD rather than a boxset


You know it be true. I know it to be true. Because is is true. A fixed point. A definitve fact. :smiley: