Big Finish Cover Art Gallery

Welcome to the Big Finish Cover Art Gallery. Entry is free. Please be careful if you have food or drink with you, we don’t want to damage the artwork. I’m afraid the gift shop is temporarily closed for renovations.

What are some of your favourite cover art or artists working for BF. Going back to the beginning its noticeable how much the art has changed. How basic it was in the beginning & what we have now.

Also feel free to mention some of the worst, we can hang them in the gallery of shame :joy:

One of my favourites is The Lost by Simon Holub. A story from Dalek Universe.


Ooh nice thread. I have a huge folder of textless covers which I will at some point put on the site…


Scherzo is a definite favourite. So simple, so evocative, just like the audio itself.

Another one I love is Torchwood: Fall to Earth. Many of the Torchwood covers have these gorgeous swirling clouds in various colours for the background, but this one is especially beautiful.

And a shout-out of shame to Expectant. The proportions are all wrong; his head his too big, his arms are all wonky, and I’m not sure what’s up with his torso and legs. And just look at that baby! Terrible all around. I love it.


I love so many Big Finish covers! My favourite is probably the Last Post, it’s so striking and melancholy:


Looking up that image sent me on o Companion Chronograph spree. Just look at Home Truths too!