Would you travel with your fav Doctor?

it’s a complicated question for me because i consider Nine MY doctor, but my fav to watch is Eleven

for the former: hell yeah!
for the latter: NEVER!

i think i’d grow a ton as Nine’s companion and he would be supportive and help me align my values. on the surface, i think Eleven would be a great friend, but he gets weird and manipulative with time. and i don’t want a weird nickname

bonus question: if your fav isn’t someone you’d want to travel with, who is? now, let me choose, and with only one whole episode so far: ncuti has me :eyes: already


Me walking onto 13’s TARDIS


Eleven in my Doctor, and probably still my favourite despite there being so many others I have seen since. And yes, I would want to travel with him, but I’d probably be happy to travel with any Doctor. Still, I think he’d be one of the more enjoyable ones to travel with.

(Controversial opinion time: I don’t really vibe with Ten, and I think Three is a bit too mean to anyone who isn’t Liz. No thanks.)


I think I could travel with 5 or 11. I’d like to think I could jump aboard with 2 but seeing how he manipulates Jamie in Evil and the dark side simmering under the surface I’m not sure I’d ever trust him.


I think I would consider 5, but only in Black Orchid:
Hanging out with 5 trying to decipher the incomprehensible rules of cricket, doing the Charleston with Tegan and going nuts with Adric at the buffet.
Otherwise I don’t think I’m suited for TARDIS travel :sunglasses:


Tricky mostly because picking a favourite is tricky - yes, though, I would travel with 3 or 8. And I’d probably die horribly with 8 but, worth it :rofl:

But more than any other, the Doctor I as myself would go with would be 11. He was always the Doctor I used to imagine travelling with, and I think something about his era corresponding with a specific time in my life is going make him my travelling Doctor forever


i really do love Eleven!! he just scares me, especially when he thinks he knows better than you. he’ll take that to some heights i don’t think i could be comfortable with or really trust him as much fun as it’d be to be with him. there’s a coldness he can have. but he might be my favorite to watch because of that stuff. i think finding out ‘Kill the Moon’ was originally planned for him doesn’t help, haha


I’m ignoring the “favorite doctor” part, because I’m bad at that sort of thing.

My biggest concern traveling with the Doctor would be my safety, and I might very well be like Nyssa, sleeping away entire adventures inside the Tardis.

Safety-wise, bad things happened to most people that traveled with 10-12, unless they were smart, like Martha, so they are out. 9… wasn’t actually that friendly to anyone that wanted to travel with him other than Rose.

13 actually had a pretty good track record with companions. Might go with her.

1 was kinda grumpy. 2 didn’t think unicorns were real, so I’ll skip him. I do like 3, and his companions all did well, but he did get into a lot of action, and you’d always be running into the Master.

Maybe 4. Having a robot dog running around at my side with a laser seems promising.

5… no. Of the people that traveled with him, one died, two had relatives die, one went on the scrap heap, and the most successful companion was the one who tried to kill him.

As far as 6 goes, after him and Peri… probably not.

As much as I enjoy watching 7, he’s pretty manipulative, and if he pulled some of the stuff with me that he did with Ace, I’d be out.

Unsure on 8. Only companion of the Fugitive Doctor’s I know about died.

I guess 4 & 13 are really seeming like the best options. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Left 15 out because I haven’t seen enough of him yet…)


Am I misremembering something here, Karvanista didn’t die while travelling with the Fugitive Doctor did he?

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it’d be so much fun to stumble around with 8! i’d love that, tbh. i feel like he and i would vibe more than a lot of the Doctors

haha, i’m seeing i’m the odd one out on my 11 opinions. it does pain me to say i wouldn’t


I actually forgot about Karvanista. I was thinking of Lee.

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And I forgot about Lee :joy:

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8 is all fun and games until he loses his memory again and the world starts exploding :rofl: but usually it’s fine - as far as being mainpulated goes, 11 is way worse for that


safety is a wonderful concern!! idk if any of these can offer that, though lolsob for a being who despises unnecessary death they sure are around it a lot and unfortunately so are their friends :((


“Death is his constant companion”, IIRC?

Even 13, I could hold Grace against, but really, Ryan, Graham, Yaz, and Dan all ended up safely back home without incident.

(Now, if I was a TARDIS, I wouldn’t want to travel with 13…)


I love them all tbh. Some more than others but there’s not a single Doctor I can hardcore say I don’t like, if not love.
One: Super grumpy unless you remind him of his grandchild, doesn’t explain anything. No for me.
Two: We could have fun but there’s some darkness hiding in that cosmic hobo that would terrify me to see come out.
Three: Back to grumpy and I fear I am a tad too pudding-brained for him.
Four: It depends when we’re talking. Season 12 - 14 where he’s mysterious and cosmic? Maybe. Season 15 - 17 where he’s fun and flippant, I’d have a blast traveling with him but I fear he’d bring out the worst in me. Season 18 where he feels old and rundown? I’d just want to take care of him.
Five: I fear we are too alike and that we’d end up not getting along because of it.
Six: Pre-Evelyn? Maybe, if I could deal with some of the more arrogant moments. Post-Evelyn? Absolutely. A Doctor I could genuinely trust with my life to make sure I get out of everything and back to the TARDIS safe and sound.
Seven: Cut and dry, absolutely not.
Eight: I think I’d have fun with this Doctor. Pretty solid yes.
War: I’d rather not die a horrible death.
Nine: Back to the “I fear I’m too pudding-brained for him” but I wouldn’t say no to an invitation from him.
Ten: We would not get along.
Eleven: Back to my problem with Two where I could see myself traveling with him but the dark side would show up and I’d be absolutely horrified by it.
Twelve: Another absolutely. I’d trust that Doctor implicitly. The Doctor I’d most like to travel with.
Thirteen: I know I’d be safe in that TARDIS. I’d hop on.
Fourteen: Therapy TARDIS. I’m at peace with that.
Fifteen: From what we’ve seen, I would actually have a lot of fun next to him.


I agree that Thirteen in probably the safest bet, and she’d be fun to travel with, so no downside really.

I can’t believe I forgot about Eight! He’s just been on my mind so often I forgot he was even an option and not just this nebulous thing in my head. I think we would get along and it could be a lot of fun. I think I might like even travelling with him more than Eleven.


My fav is 12, and I mean a big chunk of his life is just messing about in a university so its probably fine as long as he isn’t showing off for his best friend

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I’d love to travel with 8, especially the earlier “zest-for-life” and eager explorer 8.


My favourites are 2, 7, and 11.

2, why not? I’d be travelling with Jamie as a bonus, and if I could join during the time they travelled with Zoe, I’d be part of the best TARDIS team ever! And Two is such a loveable comic hobo, we’d get along very well.

7, I don’t think so. He’s very manipulative, and I’m very different in personality from Mel and Ace, so I’d probably be playing the third wheel here.

11, maybe. I mean, he has some of those sillier hobo qualities, but he can also be very serious, dark, and manipulative, which would make him scary.