Would you travel with your fav Doctor?

Who wouldn’t want to travel with the Doctor? It’s probably all of our dreams!

But I would be seriously concerned for my safety, no matter which Doctor you picked.

I just wrote a whole post saying I’d most likely want to travel with Thirteen because none of her companions died or were seriously traumatised or manipulated, but then I started to remember - Grace died, so Ryan and Graham were seriously affected (to the point of almost murdering someone in cold blood), Yaz was kind of led on and left to worry for a very long time, then dumped with a pretty bad explanation. Dan had a near death experience.

So yeah, she doesn’t get perfect marks either.

I think if I joined the Doctor in the TARDIS I’d first ask to be taken to the far future and have my consciousness copied into a perfect android replica and my body stored safely, then after my inevitable death they can go and restore me. Although the facility where I am copied would probably be invaded by Cybermen and I’d end up being upgraded :man_shrugging:t2:


Yep. End of story.