What's Made or Not Made Your Day?

Puck is superfun. I remember once he said to me, “Lord,” (he called me “Lord”) “what fools these mortals be!” Got a real way with words, Puck has.

I’d have loved to play Puck, don’t think I really suited the part.


i played bottom at summer camp a while back–definitely was lots of fun. we didn’t do anything like the whole show, i think that year we just seriously compressed the first couple acts (like, i don’t think i even got turned into a donkey), but it was lots of fun, lots of room for drama and physicality. i always get cast in over-the-top sorts of roles like that, it’s fun but i start to feel like people don’t take me seriously!


Same, my last two shows I’ve been over dramatic and hit over the head, so I think I am in danger of being typecast :sweat_smile:


We don’t. Or maybe that’s ourselves we don’t take seriously.

Speaking of seriously…compressed, and Shakespeare… I’ve actually seen The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) twice. First time I was actually in London, and OMG did my cheeks ache, I was laughing so hard. Great show, though I would never attempt to perform it in community theater.


Up at 4.30am to get my eldest to school for their trip to Ypres. Never felt as anxious as I have today, but I know they’ll have a good time as they love history and WW1/2 in particular. Just hoping all the plans we made for them having money etc pan out (we’ve given them one of those travel money cards and my biggest fear is it won’t work!).


Not feeling great again today. I seem to be having a run of bad days at the moment. This is not fun and I’m sorry to dump it on you lot as well. I shouldn’t do that really.


Dump away. Sometimes we just need to know someone is listening. And this is a small enough community that we can at least look out for each other virtually.


Feel free to do so.

Delta is quite right. We can always at least give you an ear and a virtual hug :hugs:


Thank you. You guys are great. :hugs:


Mental health is important. Please feel free to share here.


Never feel sorry for sharing. If you’re in the UK maybe this will help, I’m sure other countries have their equivalent.


Bill is quite right about delta being quite right. Please remember that you are not alone!

And if you’re ever worried that you might be “dumping” too much on the forum, just remember – they let ME blather on about all sorts of things! I bet they’d even let me argue for The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe being the best of the Christmas specials, if I wanted to, and don’t think I wouldn’t do it.

But seriously, I personally find venting - or even just expressing one’s feelings - can be a healthy release. So I say, if it helps, go right ahead.

In fact, I think I’ll do my own post now.


You are not alone on the TDTWatW defense squad! It’s overhated for no reason


I’m in the ‘Meh’ camp. It’s pretty, but kinda boring. I think it’s the worst of the Xmas specials.


Two words. Humany. Wumany. :eyes::eyes::eyes:


So, today’s “What Made or Not Made”… It’s kind of both, really.

I worked at one company for nearly 20 years, and was let go in April 2020 when they finished moving all my work to India. In 6 months of searching, I managed to get an interview at just 1 company, which thankfully hired me in November 2020.

From then until mid-March, I was on a project, until my work was shifted to less expensive people to improve the bottom line on the project, some of it to India, the rest to a more junior employee here.

So, for about 3 months now, I haven’t really had a job. I’m still employed, but I’ve done a little bit of side work here and there, and otherwise have just kept begging people for work to do. So, that’s the background to what I’m dealing with today.

Finally, someone reached out to me with an opportunity to get work on my plate. While that in itself is a good thing on the surface, it’s not the opportunity I would want.

First off, I’d be replacing someone they are moving off the project because the client is unhappy. I don’t know the details, but I think I’d be trying to repair a relationship.

Second, the project involves aspects of the business that I know nothing about. I’m supposed to be the client-facing expert, and I’ll have no idea what I’m talking about.

Third, I would have to be at the client site 3 days a week. My company is obsessed with its people being at the client all the time, and while I understand the idea somewhat, I think they’re really overboard. As it is, our policy is that you have to be in an office (ours or a client’s) 3 days a week.

During the pandemic they hired a lot of people who don’t live near our office, so they made an exception to that policy for distant people, and they only have to go to the office once a week. I’m 100 miles from my office, and in that exception group.

This client is slightly further than my office, and I have to go there 3 days a week, that’s 2.5-3 hours of driving in each direction, so it’s tacking 5-6 hours of travel onto each of those three days. That makes for very long days, and it up my personal life, because I have things I do in the evening.

It sounds like it will be an exhausting, horrible experience, but given how long I’ve been twisting in the wind, I don’t think I can turn it down. If I had any other opportunities I could choose, sure, but I’m afraid of being let go, and not feeling too confident about landing another job anytime soon if I am.

So, that’s where I am today.


Hope it works out. If you need a bright side to it, you can take the 5-6 hour drive as an excuse to work through any backlog of Big Finish you may have.


I don’t have any backlog, I stopped getting them rather a few years back, as I found I wasn’t really listening anymore. I’d put them on, play them through, and have no idea what had happened by the end. A serious attention span issue on my end, I think.

But what I might do, is start going through the ones I have, back at the beginning with The Sirens of Time. I have, at a guess, a couple hundred stories. I’ve thought about doing this on my weekly commute, but have opted for music instead up to this point. Maybe it is, in fact, time to go Big again.


I’d be right there with you on the battlements. I have a loooong review about how misunderstood that story is and how wonderful it is. I must transfer it to the site.


Oh there’s a reason but it’s not one many fans like to face up too :wink: