What's Made or Not Made Your Day?

Another forum classic that always makes for a nice read over cups of coffee or tea.
What’s up? Everyone good?
I’m on cloud nine, personally. My last day at this front desk job is tomorrow and I just bought an engagement ring. So yeah, I’m doing pretty great.


It’s a pretty special feeling buying an engagement ring :blush: :ring:

Best of luck :crossed_fingers:


I’ve just woken up at 2pm. at work from 6pm until 6am, on my own, and then I’m off for 2 weeks. My plan is to just vegitate at home with occasional day trips out.

So a good day :rofl:


I am currently training for my aircraft mechanic certificate - today, we are at the hangar jacking an aeroplane. I have four of my six terms ahead of me, nearly at the end of term two and I’m not going to lie, this term has been pretty trying. Our teacher is… not great. So I’m tired of him yelling and yelling endlessly (ex air force so he’s half deaf), but it is Friday and I don’t have to go to work tonight, so that’s nice.

So, not the best, but looking forward to better to come.


Just got my Daleks! badge and my wife has made me an iced coffee. Can’t complain :+1: Happy weekend everybody! :tardis:


Work’s really slow, which means I have time to read. Whether I actually do that or just keep messing around on here remains to be seen, but still. Also I’m taking Monday off for the eclipse, so I’ve got a 3-day weekend to look forward to


I know the feeling. I bought one back in 2017 and kept it away for almost a year before popping the question; we’ve been married for five years now :slight_smile: the best of luck to you!

Anyway, I’ve had a pretty unproductive day (I’m working at a government agency, resolving basic income applications). Tonight, we’re going to sit in the audience for the first live show of this year’s Voice of Finland. One of our friends is performing tonight, so we hope he qualifies for the next round!


The plan is October when we’re on a cruise but if the moment is right, the moment is right.


That’s how it is, yeah! Getting the ring is the first step, and after that, you just have to wait for the opportune moment!


Congratulations on the (soon to be) engagement!

Had an okay day, I joined a new gym today so went to check that out and sort out my induction and programme, and tomorrow I’m going to my Grandad’s 95th birthday party :flushed::partying_face:


For the first time in a long time, I got to spend all day hanging out on the couch with my cat! I have a really hard time giving myself days off as a freelancer, I like finishing my work ASAP and then I move on to the next project without giving myself a breather, but today he sat down on me right after breakfast and that was that.


I had a small disappointment in that the pickled cornichons I got were a bit bland.

This was quickly made up for by the garlic-stuffed olives that I bought being delicious.


It’s good you overcame such hardship!
That’s no way to start a weekend :wink:


I submitted my PhD thesis after years of work on it. Huge sense of relief :grin:


Took my eldest to the Set to Stun exhibition at Gunnersbury Park Museum in West London - saw loads of original props from Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Blakes 7. Got some great pictures which I’ll upload later.


Congratulations to you c: While not today per se- my closest friend, who had dropped off the face of the earth and completely cut contact with everyone, reappeared just a bit ago, after nearly a year. I just about had a heart attack, not believing what was happening. I’d had a great many nights of sobbing and mourning, my partner being the only solace. I was just relieved he returned.

Perhaps it’s silly. But as someone who lives in rural Alabama in the US, I’ve never been able to make any friends or socialize here. Due to my living situation, I am stuck here with family for an indeterminate amount of years. Finding VRChat was a sorely needed outlet. There, I can simply be myself, as despite technically being an adult, I have great dependency on my father due to my chronic illness, as well as them having dependency on me due to my mother’s early onset Alzheimer’s. There’s a lot weighing on everyone. The last thing I want to do is deal with the uncertainty of them knowing my gender identity at this time. I plan to finally make strides towards being myself physically and socially, through treatment, once I can finally obtain my drivers’ license after countless things getting in the way. At that time, I’ll simply begin my transition in secret, and it will eventually become the elephant in the room, and will most certainly still be controversial, but at least not to the point where anything can be done about it. But, I sorely need something to keep me sane until then. Allow me to feel normal. VRChat became that. I’m able to fully be myself there, act normal and be treated normal, and never ever have to wear a mask to avoid conflict. For the first time, I was able to make friends, and feel like I exist, to a degree. The friend that I’m referring to. He was the very first that I made, in that context. He changed everything for me, and made me realize how much I was missing, how badly I needed it. I cared so deeply, for him specifically, even the thought of losing someone like that, doesn’t bear thinking about. I’m very glad I don’t have to keep feeling that hole that he left.

On a less ’ I am autistic and have to give half my entire life story to explain how much something matters to me’ note, I finished cataloguing my comic collection today using League of Comic Geeks, and I’m very hungry to collect more. Despite my physical illness giving me a great deal of pain lately, there’s a lot to be happy about.


Thank you for sharing, I’m glad your friend is back!

I hope your family are ok with your transition - you may be pleasantly surprised. I know a couple whose son is transitioning and they are the most right wing conservative people, and yet the other day we were all together and their father stood there and told us how proud he is of them (whilst using all the wrong pronouns - he was a bit like Sylvia in The Star Beast - wanting to get it right but struggling)

Sending lots of love :heart:


I deeply appreciate it, thank you. I’m not at all worried about being kicked out, or anything remotely that far, and even if I were, my older half-sister and her family happen to be the only supportive people in my entire extended family, and she would absolutely be there for me if anything were to happen.

I’m frankly lucky to have the type of father than I have. He’s more a reasonable person than anything else, and is leagues better than 90% of any other family people have around here. I try to be grateful things aren’t worse, because they are for so many people. I know what’s more likely is that he would attempt to convince me not to very heavily, or worse, be inclined to not allow me to use what are technically his vehicles if he suspects I would use them for such a purpose as gender affirming care - entirely because, due to the media he views, he has a very different picture in his mind, and would be attempting to protect me, in his own way. As such, I would rather keep it a secret than risk that. I don’t even want to think about the possibility of being forced to live a double life any longer than I have to. I know if I’ve already started, then, in all likelihood, he’ll accept the logic that it would be more unhealthy to stop.

I have a plan in place, and I most certainly will be losing most of the people that have been in my life the longest. I’m hoping some will surprise me, like you said, and end up still wanting me in their lives, at the least. It will be hard no matter what, but, I’m thankful that I won’t lose the friends I care so deeply for, nor my siblings, and while it will certainly be a strain, I know I won’t lose my father. While the disapproval and discomfort will certainly be there, I know the love will outweigh it. In that regard, I’m luckier than most people in my state.

And I also have series 9 of Diary of River Song which is of course the only important thing, I happen to be going to listen now!


Congratulations :tada:
In what field? And what’s the thesis about? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Last day as a hotel concierge at Disney World. Day absolutely made!

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