What's Made or Not Made Your Day?

Ein Hoch auf das Deutsche Steuersystem. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Is it that much work to do taxes?


There is an entire job dedicated to doing other peoples taxes.


Hello Scherzo! I love you already!

If you’d rather have 22 °C, blue skies, and full sun, you’re all welcome to visit Finland! Just stay away from all those pesky mosquitoes in the north!


Suomi, täältä tullaan! :finland:


It depends: the principles are not that complicated. For most working people (so probably no fancy investments, because not enough money in the first place), it is - theoretically - simple: Too much tax was deducted from my pay. By telling the tax office that I had some tax-deductible expenditures, I get money back.

But to actually know what kind of expenditures count, and how much (100%? 30%? Maybe only working hours but not material?), it is highly recommended to at least use tax software, or better still, hire a tax consultant.

For me, most of the time spent goes into figuring out what the tax software actually wants from me. For example, there was an error message telling me that with the data I put in, I have to set a toggle in another part of the software to true or false. But as I am no expert in tax laws, I had a really hard time finding out what’s correct for our situation.

It is just frustrating, and tax consultants are so expensive that it’s still better to do the work myself.


Been feeling irritated all day long and it’s tiring. Good thing is I thought my pancakes would fail but they actually taste good.


A comedian - I think it was George Carlin - once described the IRS’s new simplified tax form:

  1. How much did you make last year?

  2. How much do you have left?

  3. Send it in.


All this talking about tax…

I am still trying to figure out if taking volunteer payments from patrons counts as a business / software-as-a-service because I also offer extra features to patrons, and whether or not I need to set up a company to run this website. It’s not like I’m making a profit yet (not even breaking even). I don’t want to get fined by the tax man!


Just realised Gareth David-Lloyd follows my TARDIS Guide account on Twitter and had a happy moment.

Ok he follows 1.5k people and probably just saw the name of the site and thought it was worth following but wow maybe he actually knows I exist :face_holding_back_tears::sweat_smile:


Living with my grandma is unbearable. She keeps getting under my skin. Now I just feels mad nearly all the time for tiniest things possible. Like, she’d get my towel to another hook for absolutely no reason and then forgets it and later deny it saying “why’d I do that? It makes no sense”. It’s making me crazy.

On the other hand, I just got a copy of The Hitler Years: Triumph, 1933~1939 read by Paul Mcgann! :smiley:


Maybe he lurks :sob::pray:


So I have three things that made my day today:

  1. It was the last day of uni for the semester so I am basically free now (not counting term papers I have to write and studying for exams, but that is fine for now)
  2. Someone from the last course I had today invited me to go to the CSD with them and their friends in a couple of days.
  3. (Probably the least special one, but) I got fast-food for dinner on my way home. So I didn’t have to cook.

My laptop is fixed!!!


Had a panic this morning as an elderly relative wouldn’t answer their phone so we rushed round to check on her, wouldn’t answer the door, we assumed the worst and then as I was trying to peer into the curtains to see if she was lying on the floor or something, I tripped over some plant pots and sprained my ankle.

She is fine, she was in the shower and her phone was on silent. I can barely walk now :weary: and I was planning to get back into running this week.

Also our washing machine broke down straight after we came back from a trip, and we have had no water all day - apparently it’s coming back at 10pm tonight.

Worst. Day. Ever!


I thought you were Doctor Shauny not Companion Shauny? :joy:

Glad to hear your relative is OK.


It would have been funny if it were my grandfather I was checking up on, because I could have lay on the floor, ankle sprained, yelling “Grandfather!”


just had to drive to the airport :sob: but my best friend in the whole world is visiting for a few weeks and is just minutes away from being in my car so it’s definitely worth it :slight_smile:


It rained very heavily this morning so I got super wet and couldn’t change as I was at uni, so my day started out pretty badly. But in the afternoon I managed to clean some much needed stuff, which was disgusting but gave me a sense of achievement anyway, and then listened to home truths on my way home to my parents, which was absolutely amazing. Also my semester is finally over (minus exams) so I can relax a bit more, so that’s a day successfully turned around


Home Truths is great. So is the rest of the trilogy (The Drowned World and Guardian of the Solar System).