What returning villain do you hope to see in 15s era and why?

It can be anything - honestly I’d be interested in seeing what obscure villains you’d like to see.

My dream list would have to be:

  • Thijarians (not sure you can bring them back satisfyingly but i just love them)
  • Sea Devils (I do enjoy all their appearances tbh but I need another GREAT Sea Devil story like ‘The Sea Devils’ was)
  • Pting (lots of potential + silly)
  • Fenric
  • Tetraps (they’ve actually got a top tier design. they deserve another chance)
  • Cybershades (extremely underrated)
  • Shansheeth (big vultures from SJA… i just thought they were cool. no idea what you could do with them)
  • The Ravagers/Swarm and Azure

All I can think of right now lol.


Not that obscure, but I’d like a new Silurian story. After I watched “Doctor Who and the Silurians”, they really grew on me.


There is the Silurian two-parter in Series 5 and “Warriors of the Deep” in Season 20. Plus “Bloodtide” from Big Finish.

I’d like to see a return of the Voord to TV.


The Voord is a great shout

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Yes, I watched the Silurian story in Series 5, but at the time I considered it rather average. As for the other one, I still have to watch that.

Personally I’d like Gallifrey to be restored again (maybe not this year, next year?) and have the Time Lords trying to stop the Doctor from getting away again, that could be fun.

Could also tie into The Division and the Timeless Child stuff, he could learn more about his past (I actually think it was a good idea, just badly handled, and it sounds like RTD is going full on into it with Fifteen’s comments about being an orphan).

I want the Master to have an extended break, there’s been too much Master recently, unless Michelle Gomez comes back in which case I want Missy!

I’d quite like to see The Meddling Monk or The Nun (see Big Finish) instead.

Failing that, Chumblies and Quarks :smiley:


New who always seems to be afraid to bring gallifrey back, though I would absolutely love it


Is it afraid? RTD brought it back and then Moffat brought it back too and then Chibnall brought it back…

Not seeing a huge amount of fear of Gallfrey there :smiley:

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Okay maybe that’s the wrong way to put it, they like the idea of bringing it back, just not keeping it

Every time it’s brought back it’s immediately gotten rid of again

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That’s a fair point.

RTD got rid of Gallifrey in the first place, said it was boring (misquoting him but he did say that) and only brought it back as a “big bad” to be done away with immediately.

Moffat brought it back as the culmination of his time as Showrunner, but then only did one story there and punted the rest of it to the next showrunner Chibnall…

… who immediately destroyed it again :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Ptings! Chibnall’s proposed sequel to The Tsuranga Conundrum.


I can’t express how much I’d actually love it.

Was there a plan for such a sequel? That could have been great :+1:

yes i heard him mention it briefly on a podcast


I know he’s been in Big Finish, but how about getting Sil back on the screen?

Just largely, he was a fun villain I’d like to see again.

And, okay, while I’m not sure I want her to play a big part, I’d kinda like to see Tecteun again, just on the basis that I think the inventor of regeneration should’ve been a lot harder to kill! (To be honest, I’d kind of like her to show up in a Master episode, and for her to be treating both of them like they were still kids…)


I have to throw the Rani into the mix, she could find Tecteun’s files from the Division and continue that research - Tecteun could then feature as interactive hologrammatic files ala the Doctor in “The Power of the Doctor”…
Or alternatively a disillusioned Susan, angry at her grandfather for never coming back for her despite his promise - she could then have a redemption arc, regenerate and travel in the TARDIS once more…

I spend too much time thinking about these things…


100% I want Susan back, although not as a villain lol.

I don’t understand why no-one will touch Susan (aside from Big Finish of course). She’s such an interesting character, and they could bring Carole Ann Ford back for a touching reunion and then have her regenerate after a while so we have a brand new actress (I’m just thinking logistically, it would look better for his granddaughter to actually be younger than him!)

She could fill a River Song -shaped gap that I have in my heart, by being another time travelling adventurer that occasionally bumps into the Doctor. Plus as a family member they could discuss his adoption together.

But villains - yes The Rani would be a good one to come back, a welcome break from The Master at least!


I’d kinda like the Rani to be in charge of “New Gallifrey”, a colony initially populated with people that managed to get away from Gallifrey or were off planet at the time.

(Reappearances of Romana and Leela would be welcome.)