What is the worst series of the revival? (2005-22)

  • Series 1
  • Series 2
  • Series 3
  • Series 4
  • Series 4 Specials
  • Series 5
  • Series 6A
  • Series 6B
  • Series 7A
  • Series 7B
  • Series 7B Specials
  • Series 8
  • Series 9
  • Series 10
  • Series 11
  • Series 12
  • Series 13: Flux
  • Series 13 Specials
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For me, it’s 11-13. I just genuinely think they are badly written. Everything was in place for it to be great, but ultimately it was the writing that let it down.


I’ll definitely agree with Series 11.

Series 12 though I felt was incredibly polarising - it had some really dreadful episodes (‘Orphan 55’ and ‘Praxeus’… that finale!) but it also contained some of my favourite episodes from the Chibnall era;

‘Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror’ is one I feel is very underrated, ‘Diodati’ was excellent, and ‘Spyfall’ is probably my joint favourite story with the Thirteenth Doctor.

There were also odd cases like ‘Can You Hear Me?’ which I feel were just pure missed potential.


For some reason I can’t get interested in the Eleventh Doctor’s episodes. I’ve watched a handful and they were all boring. I like the Doctor himself though.


The big caveat to my votes is that I have only half watched the Thirteenth Doctor run. I gave up after Rosa. I’ve skimmed and watched bit and pieces. There are probably solid episodes in there, but it’ll be a while before I get there.

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13 just doesn’t have anything that works for me. At least 11 and 12 sometimes do interesting stuff sometimes. Flux was just a disaster in my opinion.


Flux feels like a bit of a mess to be, though I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched it too much, maybe a rewatch is in order, but yeah,

7b is my least favourite though, it’s Moffat at his worst

  • Clara’s not a character yet, she’s a mystery box
  • Bells of Saint John annoys me as someone who does Comp Sci
  • Ring of Ahkaten is a meh story a great speech and a bad resolution
  • Cold War takes the ice warrior out of the suit and it just doesn’t work
  • I used to be able to do name every NuWho story (roughly) in order, and Hide was the only one I always missed, just completely forgot everything about it
  • Journey to the Center of the TARDIS is missed potential
  • Crimson Horror is a guilty pleasure, it’s the one story here I like and it’s got the least doctor
  • Nightmare in Silver makes the Cybermen feel like just generic robots (detatching head, really?), the kids are annoying, and the line
  • Name of the Doctor would be the worst Moffat finale, but unfortunately Wedding of River Song exists

Sorry everyone but s7 is good actually and I will be a s2 hater forever :woman_shrugging: teasing, I don’t actually hate s2, but it definitely is one of my least rewatched. I find it dull and I don’t really like tenrose. Series 12 is probably my other least watched series


Fun fact about ‘Nightmare in Silver’ - it was almost completely rewritten by Steven Moffat because the BBC wanted to launch the new Cyberman design.

The original script Gaiman wrote was supposed to be called ‘The Last Cyberman’. Remember a couple of years back when people were begging BigFinish to adapt it.


For me, it’s Series 12, undoubtedly, but mostly because of a personal grudge since it almost turned me off the show entirely I was so disappointed.

Firstly, I’m one of the many people who despise the Timeless Child, considering it’s a ridiculous, bumbling plotline with no respect or thought towards any other piece of Doctor Who canon and all it feels like is Chibbers trying to forever get his name branded on Doctor Who.

Secondly, I either hate or can’t remember every single episode from the season. I got some enjoyment out of Spyfall Part One but the recycled twist of the Master’s reveal and the fact that I ■■■■■■■ hate the Spy Master with a burning passion ruin it for me.

It has the 13th Doctor, a character already almost entirely lacking in interesting qualities, at her absolute worst, a TARDIS team even more boring than their first outings with a show runner literally avoiding giving them interesting characterisation, the most ridiculously misunderstood and confused moral quandaries I have ever seen that unintentionally villainises the Doctor and it all ends on an unsatisfying, underwritten, underdeveloped and poorly executed finale that left me feeling so hollow I genuinely considered turning off the TV and never returning to the show.


i want to say s7 is one of my least favorite (and as a season in general i think it is) but there are a couple episodes in it i genuinely really enjoy, in spite of how much i dislike the way clara and eleven are written together… the crimson horror and JttCotT are both personal favorites. i am absolutely a 2013 specials hater i think theyre overhyped for their actual level of quality, even if i enjoy day of the doctor.

s11 has to be my least favorite with how many of the episodes i find actually distasteful. i do think the following two series get progressively better with s13 having some episodes i genuinely really enjoyed (especially war of the sontarans) but it just never calms down. way too much going on to keep track of and nothing ever gets to breathe. if you had me write a list of things that happen in that season i dont think i could possibly tell you which episodes they were from.


Nope. Not biting. :wink:

Every season is some person’s favourite and as much as I might dislike something who am I to rain on someone else’s parade

And besides, you’re all wrong.

It’s Series 8.

(Why the hell are people voting for Flux?! It was brilliant!)


Everyone voting Flux, y’all have got terrible taste besties.

For me it’s S3. Has an incredible run in the back half, though the finale kinda gets worse as it goes, but man the first half of the season just has nothing that I really like, and as much as I love Martha, the whole season feels dragged down by her “why doesn’t he love me back” deal.

And even as a big 13 fan, S11 is near the bottom for me. As a collection of episodes, it’s really solid: mostly sorta mid episodes that are a lot of fun and good comfort watches, with a couple real standouts in there, including one of my top 5 stories of all time. But as a cohesive season? Yeah, not much going for it. Some character arcs, particularly with Graham and Ryan, but it’s just such a drop off from how incredibly thematically cohesive and character-driven 12’s era was that it’s jarring on a first watch.


I agree with Delta on this - I don’t want to vote. Every season has stuff I like and stuff I dislike. I can find things to enjoy in all of them, and things to complain about for hours, too. Such is the nature of Doctor Who.

I am a little sad to see s7B so high on the list, though. It’s my favourite. I know some of the episodes aren’t great and again, there’s plenty to complain about, but I love Eleven and Clara so much, both together and apart. My favourite new-Who Doctor and companion, so of course the combination is going to have a special place in my heart.


I quite like 11 and clara together in the 7B specials, but it just doesn’t work for me in 7B itself unfortunately

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I like 7B, but I am a Clara sucker. I think its biggest problem is so few episodes to build to a finale/50th. For me, the highs far outweigh the lows, hence I can’t give it a ‘worst’ vote.

Plus its not a season so I couldn’t vote anyway.


The series 4 specials. Not even close.

Planet of the Dead was boring.:sleeping:
The Waters of Mars gave us the Time Lord Victorious. :roll_eyes:
And The End of Time sigh - The 10th Doctor might not want to go but I sure was glad to see the back of him after that mess.

And I’ll echo: Flux was brilliant! And it’s series 9 that’s the best one :wink:

Dishonourable mention to series 2!


I respect your opinion but you are wrong.


Why don’t we just stick to our individual tasks on this site.

You: Make everyone suffer through K9

Me: Keep banging the “The End of Time is terrible” drum until everyone agrees with me



Incredible how you can start so badly, then be incredibly based for a bit, then go right back to bad opinions /lh