What if Modern Who gets Tales of the TARDIS

Next year celebrates 20 years since Rose. What if we get one Tales of the TARDIS episode for each Doctor? What episode would you choose to celebrate each era?


I would love love and Eleven and Amy The Eleventh Hour - I think that has such potential to be so charming and lovely, and I think that episode is a great pick out of the era as a general


Now I feel old :joy:

For each Doctor I’d choose:

The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End
Day of the Doctor
Face the Raven / Heaven Sent / Hell Bent

I think all of those are bigger than your standard episodes and are of the best of their runs.


We can get UK exclusive Tales of the TARDIS episodes of Love and Monsters, In The Forest of the Night, and Arachnids in the UK


My pick:

Nine: Dalek feels like the obvious choice but I don’t think that CE would return and then Billy would be alone. Jack also feels like someone who can’t return. Leaving an episode with Jackie and Rose. I think that Father’s Day would be great with them.

Ten: I would like to reunite David and Billy but I think that Martha would be a better pick. Maybe: Human Nature/Family of Blood.

Eleven:: 11 and Amy should reunite. As @sircarolyn wrote I think that The Eleventh Hour would be perfect.

Twelve: Something with Clara I think. Listen maybe?

Thirteen: Thasmin feels like a given. Demons of the Punjab might be an emotional one or something later where their feelings are shown. Like: Eve of the Daleks


The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances - Obvious choice but would give an opportunity to explore the themes of Nine. Sad story with a happy ending, Jack, what family means to both the Doctor and Rose.

Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead - Can be about how things end, but life will always go on. It can 10/River talking. 10 can talk about how he wished he would have known the full story, River replies Spolers as they both laugh.

The Eleventh Hour/The Beast Below - It can talk about how traveling is dangerous and confusing, but worth it for all the good you can do. Talk about “The first face this face saw.” etc

The Zygon Invasion/Inversion - War. War never changes.

I’m out after that point.


I was trying not to think about that! The amount of stuff that has happened in my life since then…!


Two of those episodes are better than people give them credit for.

In the Forest of the Night is dull as hell!


How did I forget Thirteen lol

And oh if we get River in the Remembered TARDIS then I change my mind and pick Silence in the Library for Ten.

But wait I want Donna. This is too difficult.

For Thirteen I’d pick The Power of the Doctor I guess but it isn’t that old.


But what about all the “faughts” that was in the little girls head?


I want “Journey’s End” in there just to have the 10th Doctor admit that he was trolling when he said that it normally takes six pilots to steer a TARDIS :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


They actually delivered episodes of television, so that’s an accomplishment that doesn’t get enough credit. Other than that, I don’t see anything worthy of praise. :rofl:


To my mind TotT is all Iconic episodes that have some place in the history of the show, potentially introducing things to newer viewers, also for this going to try and be more realistic in terms of who they could get (i.e. I don’t think they could get Gillian, I think she’s too busy). Also sticking to the lengths of the episodes, so going for 2 parters

Going by each doctor:

  • Empty Child/Doctor Dances - Eccelston and Piper
    • Though this is never going to happen
  • Human Nature/Family of Blood - Tennant and Agyeman
    • SitL/FotD with Tate is second, but given we’ve had Tate back recently, and absolutely need more Martha, I’d go for this, also this is a great intro to the Fob Watch for new viewers
  • Hungry Earth/Cold Blood - Smith and Darvill
    • Could get some fun talking about Rory’s deaths and introduces sillurians to new viewers, also tbf there aren’t many 2 parters that really work for this with smith imo
  • Magicians Apprentice/Witch’s Familiar - Capaldi and Gomez (alternatively Gomez and Coleman if they can’t get Capaldi)
    • Daleks are fun and we haven’t had one with them yet, fun history with Davros and The Master too, and would be nice to see them both interact again
  • Spyfall - Whittaker and Gill
    • Not too many to pick from but I think this is also a great one and could do with a few cuts and re-edits from the TotT format like Pyramids got, it’s another Master story, but I think it’s different enough, also if were formatting this like a full season of TotT I think I’d put this first and Magician’s Apprentice/Witches Familiar last

I take back what I said for 11’s story, Smith and Kingston with Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone would be iconic


15 and Martha watching “The Shakespeare Code” and 15 apologising for the “walk around like you own the place”


Saw this right after seeing a Twitter thread on the topic lol. Trying to stay away from multi-parters and including ideal episodes for Eccleston and Capaldi coming back and more realistic ones since they likely wouldn’t

9: Ideally 9+Rose doing Dalek, but realistically Rose and Jackie doing Father’s Day

10: It’s gotta be 10+Martha. I think Human Nature/Family of Blood is a kinda weird pick since it doesn’t really have the Doctor and breaks from my avoiding 2-parters, but I think Blink is out as a fully Doctor-lite, the finale at 3 parts is definitely too long, and the first half of the season I just mostly don’t like much. But if I were to pick something else it’s probably 42.

11: 11+Amy for the God Complex or 11+Rory for The Girl Who Waited

12: Ideally, 12+Clara for Mummy, 12+Bill for Thin Ice would also be great. Realistically, either Bill+Nardole for Eaters of Light or Clara+Rigsy for Flatline.

13: 13+Yaz for LotSD


You’re right in the first sentence but wrong in the second


Since I’m having trouble convincing myself to go to sleep, and it says each Doctor, here’s a slightly expanded list including who is watching:

9: The Long Game - Adam, Rose, and I’m throwing in Pete, since he’s Rose’s ride there, and he’d have interesting commentary on Adam.
10: Love and Monsters - Jackie Tyler, Elton Pope, and Ursula on the wall of the TARDIS.
11: Amy’s Choice - 11, River, Brian Williams
12: In the River of the Night - Clara, Me
13: Arachnids In the UK - 13, Yaz




Amy’s Choice on this list of poorly-regarded (even if undeservedly so) stories is insane