What are you currently listening to?

6th Doctor audio, Quicksilver, as the next audio in my marathon and I’m also relistening to Doom Coalition 1 ahead of Doom Coalition 2.


I’m also on Doom Coalition! Up to series 3 of it now and loving it.

I flit around between series, my aim is to listen to it all eventually :sweat_smile: but been mainly focusing on Eighth Doctor stories.

Once I’m caught up on new Eighth Doctor I plan to go back and listen to the Main Range from the beginning! A big marathon!


Just listened to “The Crooked Man”, a Fourth Doctor story from Big Finish (FDA 3.3) by John Dorney. Delightfully creepy without being too dark and scary.


That’s a great audio.

And a sort of sequel to The Mind Robber if I remember rightly

I know that’s a spoiler but getting FOMO about not reading it :flushed:

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Well you’ve actually got the spoiler listed on the TARDIS Guide’s entry for it (I was checking to see if the blurb dated the story because I thought I’d included it in my marathon).

Oh! Well I have no memory of all the stuff I’ve inputted because it’s like a fever dream now. I’ll edit it to blur the character - who is it? (spoiler tag it, or DM me) - in fact we are going off topic again so just DM me :smiley:

I am currently listening to Big Finish Rose Tyler series.


Hi Tian and wecolme to the forum.

How is the Rose series? It’s not one that has massively appealed to me but I do quite like the idea of alternate universe stuff.

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Nearly at the end of Quicksilver and it’s a corker. I really love Mrs Constance Clark and pairing her up with Flip was a stroke of genius.

Rose and 9 was my first Tardis crew and they will always be one of my favorites.

I like them. They are short fun adventures where they are looking for the doctors dimension in preperation for the end of series 4. They also have Jackie and Claive (the man that reaserches the doctor in the 2005 pilot) as major characters.

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Well who can resist more Jackie Tyler! Camille Coduri is brilliant. :heart_eyes:

I really love the Rose audios (listened to the first box set so far) and Jackie is brilliant.

But what I wouldn’t give to have audios with Rose & 9 or 10 again!

Been making my way through the Sixth Doctor’s main range run. Just finished up Blue Forgotten Planet. I was so devastated by the ending, honestly, I really enjoyed his dynamic with Charley and had high hopes for where it was going to go… a little disappointed they didn’t get more of a character arc together honestly.

I’m not very familiar with Doom Coalition… Any required listening before getting into it?


Doom Coalition is part of the Eighth Doctor range. I’m not sure how necessary anything is for Doom Coalition itself, but there are character threads for the Eighth Doctor that make listening to his adventures in order very rewarding. While the Charley stuff is excellent, that run of Eight goes: Lucie Season 1, Lucie Further Adventures, Lucie S2-4, Dark Eyes 1-4, Doom Coalition 1-4, Ravenous 1-4, Stranded 1-4, What Lies Inside?, Connections. Doom Coalition is probably a decent jumping on point as there seems to be a least a little bit of gap between it and Dark Eyes.


There are definitely threads pulling through from Dark Eyes but nothing that I think, at least in the first box set, would confuse a new listener. The Eleven, the first story of the first box set, jump starts the storyline quite cleanly. You might want to read up on the background of Liv, his companion, but just so you have an idea of who she is and where she came from.


I am in the middle of Doom Coalition at the moment. I’ve been listening to all of the Eighth Doctor in order (although I skipped the main range for now).

Doom Coalition is fine to start with, and to be honest I don’t rate Dark Eyes, but I definitely recommend listening to the Lucie Miller stuff, she is absolutely fantastic :heart:

Liv is also an incredible companion, she is such a good actress.


Just finished The Red Lady - I’m not sure why I didn’t remember how brilliant it is from my first listen. Hattie Morahan makes an instant impact as Helen Sinclair and the Red Lady herself is a chilling adversary. McGann and Walker as the Doctor and Liv are such a brilliant pairing and consistently make me smile in their scenes together. Went and re-rated it on TARDIS Guide from my 3 stars to 4 and a half. Wonderful!

The Galileo Trap up next.

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The Red Lady is fantastic. I can just imagine it being remade into a TV story and not a lot would need to change for it to be a top tier episode.

The Galileo Trap however… I’d skip it if I were you lol.


Doom Coalition is my go-to recommendation for people who want to start the 8th doctor audios. It’s effectively a showrunner change, similar to series 5 or 11, so it works very well as a starting point for new listeners (and it’s far better both as a starting place and as a story than Dark Eyes, which I keep seeing people recommend to new listeners and I’ve never understood why).

It’s a fresh start with new characters and lore, with a new tone and feel and direction. There are no plot threads connecting it to the past (there’s occasional references, but they’re on the same level as when the modern show references the classic series, nothing vital), and it’s got one of my favorite doctor who writing teams.

Technically the companion carries over from Dark Eyes, but she’s very effectively reintroduced (technically she’s first introduced before Dark Eyes in the 7th doctor story Robophobia, which you also don’t need). So long as you’re aware that she’s been around for a bit and met the Daleks and the Master and that kind of thing, you’ll be fine.