TV Time - (but not Doctor Who!)

Inspired by the Movie Time thread - what are you currently enjoying on TV that isn’t Doctor Who.

We watch loads of TV. Currently rewatching Season 2 of 911 Lone Star as I’ve managed to get my wife into it so catching her up before watching Season 3. Will probably catch her up on Season 3 of the original 911 (although she’s seen the later seasons already).

We’re also on Season 1 of the Quantum Leap reboot which is actually rather good and honours the original series (which I adore) in a good way.

Comedy wise we’re rewatching Frasier and just finished the marvellous Extraordinary (which I highly recommend). Just started Series 2 of Avoidance too.


We’re currently on the first season of The Terror after being inspired by the first season of True Detective; these two shows both started out incredibly strong and then the anthology format just failed them.


Nearly finished an epic watch through of all of the Star Wars TV shows, we watched:

  • The Clone Wars
  • The Bad Batch
  • Rebels
  • Ahsoka

Just have a few more Bad Batch to watch.

We also recently watched Shōgun, which was excellent.

And the final season of Star Trek: Discovery! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Been watching Drag Race with my housemates, the big one though is waiting for Interview with The Vampire season 2 to drop


My wife is working her way through the animated Star Wars ahead of us watching Ahsoka - I’ve only done the live action but do keep meaning to go back and do the animated myself. My eldest has done everything up to Ahsoka too. I’m trying to convince my wife to watch Andor but she’s got it into her head she won’t like it for some reason

Oh, and I just finished a rewatch of I, Claudius. Absolutely brilliant but very stagey and studio bound. If you can get past the 70s BBC-ness of it, it is well worth hours of your time (and is packed to the rafters with amazing actors - Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, Patrick Stewart, Sian Phillips, Frances White, John Hurt, Patricia Quinn, George Baker, Fiona Walker, Kevin Stoney and loads more. It’s a proper epic. (It’s all on BBC Iplayer for UK people).

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Drag Race UK and Down Under are must watches in our house.

Andor is brilliant, best Star Wars TV show ever. Tell your wife to watch it!!

And yeah we went through a phase of totally binging loads of Drag Race UK but probably overdid it because we have stopped mid-season 4 and not picked it up again yet.


UK, UK vs The World, America, and All Stars are the ones we’ve been watching (though one of our housemates watches more)

Currently we’re going back and doing a rewatch of season 5 (with Jinkx Monsoon, so I guess tangentially Dr Who related?)


I haven’t personally been watching a lot of tv, and I do it through my computer when I do, anyways.

Technically, what I’m watching is K9, but enjoying would be a stretch.

Star Trek-wise, I’d cancelled my Paramount+ subscription until something I want to watch shows up. With Discovery, I never made it past a few episodes into season 2. The three new Trek series I’m following are Prodigy, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds. (And of course, Lower Decks is cancelled after season 5.)

I’ve also technically been on a rewatch/watch of Voyager for a while, Haven’t gotten around to continuing it for a while, though.

(Also need to get around to season 2 of Good Omens some time. I was watching Inside Job at one point, but found myself losing interest a few episodes in…)


I wish I could say I watched TV that isn’t DW, but honestly if I’m on my own, that’s what I do. I recently finished Farscape though, and I’m kind of getting an itch to rewatch Buffy, again again. I live with my best friend, and we’re swapping between Abbott Elementary and Upload when we eat our dinner, both of which we are enjoying.


I should get back to Farscape some day. I remember enjoying it, but I don’t remember where I left off, and I feel like I’d have to start over.

Buffy was great. I feel like I remember the first few seasons too well for a rewatch, personally, though maybe 5+…


Love Abbot Elementary - obviously UK primary school is a different beast to US elementary education but I recognise those different types of teachers. It’s a shame the principal is so grotesque as she’s the one bit I’d change.


Finished Shogun today. EXCELLENT Miniseries.

Watched Fallout last week and it was solid to good.


I think my wife might like Shogun - she loves some Japanese based drama.

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Just so you know it is 90% subtitles. I know a few people who were turned off by that.


Finally rewatched the first 4 seasons of Star Trek Discovery, so partway through season 5 now


is that still going? wow.

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its the final season

I stopped watching when they get to the future. before that I found it a bit meh. I prefer Strange New Worlds.

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I’ve quite enjoyed Disco and think I rate it above SNW tbh

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