TV Time - (but not Doctor Who!)

I’m a big OG and TNG fan so SNW fits it more with that style. DIS felt too much like the Abrams movies which i find Meht.

But i’m glad you enjoy DIS. Hard to find something enjoyable to watch as there is to much forgettable crap out there.

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Having a hard time trying to watch or listen to anything lately. Family night is thurs for Young Sheldon and Ghost. Daughter loves the UK Ghost but Paramount only has first 2 seasons. Pretty bad since Max had the full series till they pulled it.

Not… Doctor Who? I don’t understand.

But for real I’ve kinda been so deep in the Doctor Who special interest that I’ve just been rewatching it or watching Classic instead of watching anything else. Wife and I finally finished Torchwood and instead of finding a new show for us to watch we just started SJA for the first time for her but second for me.

I have been really wanting to watch One Night though, but haven’t gotten to it because it’s not been legally released here and I haven’t put in the effort to find it


Oooo, I love TV. I’ve been making my way through The Blacklist (S6), New Amsterdam (S5), So Help Me Todd (S2), Ghosts (newest season of the American version, though I slightly prefer the UK version), and Elsbeth (S1, which is nice and quirky so far), and the new Fallout series (just finished episode 3).

I’m from the US, and we just added BritBox again to our subscriptions. I started watching QI a few days ago for the first time, and I’m loving it! I picked the 2022 season (letter T) right now. Really good. Loved Sandy from Great British Bake Off before so it’s cool to see her here.

@deltaandthebannermen the new Quantum Leap is SO GOOD - the end of season 1 picks up and season 2 is very good. You’ll enjoy it!

@shauny I’ve tried to get through Clone Wars but I keep dropping it :sweat_smile: last I checked I was somewhere in season 3? I know it keeps getting better, at least that’s what I hear, but I get side-tracked by other shows. Also, my family got bored with Andor episode 1 and dropped it… so I gotta pick that back up sometime… lol

@SweetAIBelle Love me some Lower Decks, sad it’s ending. I’m somewhat into Season 2 right now. What do you think of Prodigy?

@sircarolyn Love me some Buffy. I’ve been stuck on my 1st watch though, just slightly past S5’s “The Body” (which was excellent, but has made me avoid Buffy in the same way I had to take a break from Dexter after S4, if you’ve seen that).


Prodigy’s great.

The opening might feel a little Star Wars-y, but it feels very Star Trek later. It is a little slow getting going initially, but part of that is that you have a crew that is learning a lot of basic things that most crews already know. (Which makes it a good first trek.)

Once it got going, well, a lot of my favorite episodes are in the second half of season one.

I’ll also say that it somehow manages to also be a bit of a followup to Voyager. Some of the reason I was hitting Voyager a bunch for a while was because I’d been watching Prodigy and wanted more.

I hated it when they canceled Prodigy after season 1, and I’m glad they got picked up by Netflix for season 2. Sitting here wondering when they’lll release it, of course…

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Oh, it definitely dips in quality at some points. There’s an entire season set underwater which was just bleh. But we carried on (and it took us ages, watching about one a week sometimes) until we got to the end which was just fantastic, and both that and Rebels are kinda required viewing to enjoy Ahsoka so I’m glad we did it!

I’ve been meaning to watch this - we love Voyager and Janeway. I was put off by it being a cartoon, but since we’ve watched all the Star Wars cartoons I’m sure we can enjoy these now!

I tried to watch Lower Decks but honestly the humour is too loud and shouty and I don’t really find it funny :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I want to enjoy it though because I liked the crossover with Strange New Worlds.

Discovery is probably my favourite Star Trek series, maybe joint with Voyager. One of my favourite things about it is that through 90% of screen time there isn’t a cishet white male anywhere to be seen :joy: it’s so diverse and brilliant. They have characters from all different ethnicities, loads of excellent female characters, gay men, trans, non-binary. It just feels futuristic in the most wonderful way, and is a breath of fresh air compared to most other shows.

Plus being so far in the future is loads of fun because their technology is so advanced. I particularly love the personal teleports, and programmable matter. It’s also very action-orientated, and the direction is incredible. So sad that it’s ending. I do also love Strange New Worlds, but that is so tame and sometimes boring in comparison!


Just about to finish Fallout myself! More generally though my bf is showing me through The Office (US) and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I also have the X Files on the back burner for when I order a chinese takeaway.

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Oh I’ve also been watching the new The Twilight Zone series because that kind of Sci-Fi is exactly my jam, but it’s been so incredibly disappointing.

I loved The Outer Limits and stuff like Black Mirror, short stories of Sci-Fi or horror are incredible, and it’s something I enjoy in Doctor Who as well.


One of the reasons I wasn’t that big of a fan. Not a big fan of pure action.

Ahsoka is Rebels season 5, and I have feelings about Ahsoka/SW TV in general.

I watched X-Files when it originally aired. I was a big fan. About 10-15 years a go I bought the whole thing on DVD. I got through to season 2 and I couldn’t watch any more. Seems as though I have moved out of being a fan.

The Jordan Peele one? If so I have mixed feelings. Some episodes are great but for the most part it was meh.


Yes. Most episodes I have thought have been pretty weak. They seem to deal with science fiction tropes but never go very deep into them. It’s like they think their audience is new to science fiction.

For example they just had an episode about a character who is looping through time, Groundhog Day style. the whole episode was explaining and showing how it works and that he knows what will happen at any moment because he has lived this day hundreds of times, then there is a very slight twist which just takes Groundhog Day and makes it slightly sinister, then it ends. Such a lost opportunity to do something more.


If you like Discovery’s diversity, wait until you see Prodigy!

With the initial crew, the closest you come to even having a human there is the hologram of Janeway. In the spot they are in at the beginning, they don’t have universal translators and can’t even talk to each other!

I’m a bit of a sucker for the opening sequence, too.

One thing I will say on Lower Decks is that for some reason, some of the worst of it was right at the start, and they tend to put the best episodes near the end for some reason. They do have some great characters and character development. And we eventually get an episode called “Twovix”. :stuck_out_tongue:

You might get confused on the Pakled stuff, but if you feel like watching a later Lower Decks episode out of order, maybe “Wuj Duj”?


I’ve still got most of the last season of Black Mirror to watch - I watched the Salma Hayek episode and then forgot to go back and finish the rest.

New Inside No 9 starts 8th May!!! Final series :frowning:

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I’ll watch it sometime. It’s good to have a short, easy to watch show. Maybe after I finish K9 :smile:

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Oh yes Inside Number 9, being anthology horror episodes, is a show after my own heart I love it.

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I’m going to watch this last series and then do a massive rewatch.

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Just to throw it out there but I might watch the rest of Season 4 of For All Mankind. Been putting it off. The story quality dip has been real. Went from Historical/Retro Future scifi to pure scifi.

Season 1: 8/10
Season 2: 9/10
Season 3: 7/10
Season 4: 5/10 (so far)

Well, one thing Prodigy does have in common with K9 is having a bunch of kids as protagonists. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will actually warn you that one character can be rather annoying early on… but it’s because they are at the beginning of their character arc, and undergo significant growth during the first season.

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What?! There’s other TV outside Doctor Who? :exploding_head::exploding_head:


Slow Horses. This has very quickly become one of my favouirite tv shows.


so dissapointed how Paramount has treated it, especially as it does perfectly fill a spot for getting new kids into trek now that random episodes on tv are unlikely to be seen by them