Torchwood - who am I supposed to like?

I am watching Torchwood for the first time (I am on episode 4 of the second season) and I don’t think I like any of the regular cast.

Gwen - cheats on her husband and is a bit annoying
Owen - is a dick that used alien technology to rape a couple in the first episode. I really don’t like Owen!
Ianto and Toshiko are pretty boring
Captain Jack who I liked in Who is not as charming as he is in the main show

Will this get better?

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Tosh is lovely.

But part of the point of Torchwood is that they all have their faults.

Children of Earth, though, that is where you will - hopefully - ‘get’ the series.


Yeah, she is probably the most likable of them. I get that they are supposed to have faults but to what extent? But I can see some redemption for all of them except for Owen I don’t like him at all.

He gets some comeuppance in Series 2.

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I love Ianto and Gwen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m not a massive Ianto fan (and definitely don’t understand the whole memorial thing in Cardiff - that’s just odd) but I do see why he might be popular.

Added a spoiler tag, just in case :wink:

I went to see that in Cardiff! (Not just to see it, went to The Doctor Who Experience) I think it’s great. My husband says I look like Ianto so maybe I’m biased lol


You’re only supposed to like Myfanwy :sunglasses:


You do a bit :smiley:

What’s the statute of limitations on spoilers :wink: Ianto died nearly 15 years ago!

I think it’s less of a timeframe and more about how this thread was started by someone who explicitly hasn’t seen it yet

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Oh crap - yes you’re right - I had neglected to process that bit!!

I like this version of Owen.


Just gonna drop this here without context. iykyk


I don’t know if I should be excited or scared of that :joy:


Massive torchwood fan here; season 1 is a bit rough and heavy-handed with the characters flaws.

breakdown of major character traits in season 1
  • Gwen is cheating on Rhys with Owen.
  • Owen is just a bit of a prick.
  • Jack is “im the boss and im mysterious”
  • and Ianto is distant and left out however his development after Countrycide gives him depth imo
  • Tosh is largely neglected in season one other than I think she fawns for Owen a bit.

most of these characters do get extra development in the EU from the audios and some of them are quite good.

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Yes it really does want us to hate the characters at first doesn’t it! It’s an interesting way to tell a story… but I love them all by the end!

Welcome to the forum @darkmagicsauce . Good to have you here. I think part of Torchwood’s mission statement was to have main characters who weren’t as instantly likeable as the Doctor as their companions. It was trying to do science fiction with a harder edge and I think those characters were very much part of it. Even Ianto isn’t shown in a great light bearing in mind what happens in Cyberwoman.

An updated. I started to like Owen a bit at the end.

I just watched the first episode of the third season and omg it is exciting! But one of my biggest questions so far is how the man from Pompei managed to travel to the future. I hope that this gets an answer in the coming episodes.


You are in for quite the ride with Children of Earth. We were gripped when it first aired and it was one of few programmes we watched live because we were so desperate to see the next part - and it was ‘stripped’ across one week so it was an intense experience.


Children of Earth is one of the greatest things to come out of the Whoniverse.

It’s incredible.