'Torchwood One' REVIEWED!

I’ve transferred all my Torchwood One reviews here to TARDIS Guide. Due to recent drama on Twitter, they do all carry this disclaimer.


It was only after pre-ordering ‘I Hate Mondays’ that I was made aware of the Islamophobic and transphobic rhetoric that Tracy-Ann Oberman continues to share on social media.

For this reason, I will not be purchasing any further releases featuring Oberman. I refuse to support someone with such despicable views.

I previously covered the first four sets for TimeScales, so will be porting those reviews over to this site: each of them will carry this disclaimer. They were all written prior to May 2023. Please remember not to take any of my comments in this review about Oberman’s performance – positive or negative – as condoning her frankly awful views.

‘New Girl’

‘Through the Ruins’


‘The Law Machines’

‘Blind Summit’

‘9 to 5’

‘Retirement Plan’

‘Locker 15’

‘The Rockery’

‘My Guest Tonight’


‘Less Majesty’


Sigh, when will people learn to stop saying things on twitter… great reviews though, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading all of them even if I’m not famliar with the story <3


It baffles me when performers make the decision to put such vile comments online, and act like there wont be repercussions.

It honestly saddnes me because - in terms of pure acting talent - I used to have a lot of respect for Oberman. After finding out about the comments she made online, it’s tainted what used to be one of my favourite ranges.

Obviously I pre-ordered ‘I Hate Mondays’ before I was told about the comments she made, but I wont be purchasing any more stories with her.

Still debating whether or not to even review the most recent set - obviously, those reviews would come packaged with the disclaimer too. It’s just because my favourite writer - Joe Lidster - has written one of the stories, and helped with another.

I just hate situations like this, and it seems to be so common amongst the Torchwood family too. At this rate, BigFinish are going to need to create two whole new brances:

  • Torchwood Two (Scotland)
  • Torchwood Four (Ireland)

And give them new teams.

Thank you @sircarolyn, that means an awful lot!

I’m still just transferring my old reviews from TimeScales over to TARDIS Guide… and it would be fair to say that number is quite enormous!

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So, frankly, God knows how long that’s gonna take me.

But writing my reviews is my passion, and it’s what keeps me somewhat sane. Especially if it’s a story I really like - the review of ‘Retirement Plan’ in this post is one to check out. One of my favourite stories of all time.

But also if it’s a story I hate, because it gives me a chance to blow off some steam which is really cathartic. Can’t wait to port my ‘Heroes of Sontar’ review over here.


To be fair we do know a little about Torchwood Two from other expanded materials. Archie Bell is the leader who’seemingly another immortal (or at least he ages much slower). He’s mentioned in a few of the novels (which I haven’t gotten round to yet), and he’s in Redacted (without any lines).

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Wow, that’s loads! I would like to be better at reviewing - as you say, it’s fun to get it off your chest especially if you didn’t like an episode. My issue is just that I listen to more than I have time to write about :sob: But that’s why I like reading other people’s!


He also first appeared in ‘The Victorian Age’.

I would absolutely adore a proper Torchwood Two spin-off focusing on Archie and a new team - they could even use the old Torchwood House from ‘Tooth and Claw’ as their base of operations.

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This has become my issue more recently. I used to be able to bang out four or five reviews in a day, but as I’ve updated the format to be more user friendly and tried to make them more entertaining, it usually takes me a lot longer now.

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I actually just made a post on the forum about possible spin-offs exploring the other Torchwood branches - outside of the main two we’ve explored and TW Two - as well.

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