The Many Branches of Torchwood

BigFinish are well-known at this point for giving anyone and everyone a spin-off range… that’s probably why someone thought it was a good idea to resurrect the Paternoster Gang.

Their Torchwood output has always been some of their best, and they’ve branched off into a couple different series:

  • Torchwood Soho: set during the 1950s and with a distinct Quatermass vibe.
  • Torchwood One: takes the mick out of corporate culture, set before the Battle of Canary Wharf.

I’m honestly surprised BigFinish haven’t made more Torchwood series, considering we know of at least four other branches that have existed.

So I’ve got two questions:

  1. Which branch of Torchwood would you most like to see explored next?

  2. And what would make that series distinct from the rest?

Personally, I’d love to hear a full series focused on Torchwood Four - the branch Cpt. Jack previously claimed disappeared, which was later confirmed to have been destroyed by Object One.

Based on the locations of the other three main branches, we can assume that TW Four would be located somewhere within Ireland, so use the location as an advantage - have a series of Torchwood plays set during the Troubles in N.Ireland.

The India branch has been mentioned a couple of times, and I’m shocked BigFinish haven’t jumped at the chance to create a series based around it. Could play around with Indian legends and mythology and give the whole thing a truly unique feel.

I’m hesitant to suggest this, but I wouldn’t mind hearing more from the Los Angeles branch that appeared in ‘The Dollhouse’. I know that story was absolute garbage, but Juno Dawson has since proven she can write some amazing stories - just look at Dr Who Redacted.

I could easily see a range set amongst the glitz and glamour of 1970s Hollywood going down a treat!


On one hand I’d love to hear more about Torchwood Four, but on the other I’m worried that the more we find out the less interesting it would be. Some things should be left unexplored, for fans to speculate about forever. A canon explanation would never be as good as the kind of things we come up with in our own mind, and other media that has tried to fill in these kinds of gaps was often met with disappointment.

I’d love to see some Torchwood America - after all, the US was a British colony once upon a time, and if India had a torchwood branch so should they. Not sure how well it would work, though.

I’m also not sure I want them to stretch themselves any thinner. They don’t seem to have an awful lot of writers at the moment, and making even more audios on top of the monthly range might lead to a drop in quality. I’d rather have fewer releases that are guaranteed to be good than constantly churning out experimental stuff that comes at the cost of quality.

I will say, however, that I would love to see some non-show Torchwood members, such as Tania and Orr, get their own monthly.


I’m don’t follow Torchwood that closely, but I second @uss-genderprise, I would love to see Tania get a few stories for herself. I think she deserves to have a life outside of Stranded


Torchwood India would definitely be interesting, I think all the Big Finish references to it are in James Goss penned scripts because he’s the one who created it in Golden Age. I love the idea of it, but to fit into continuity with that it’d need to be a historical… that said I really want more Torchwood historicals, especially during the empire, and especially during the empire without Queen Vic

Torchwoods Two and Four I would absolutely love to hear more with and about, mange range story or two and then spin off into their own things?

Speaking of main range things I’d love to spin off into their own, I really liked Double, and would love to see either more main range things with Roberta or even her own set, like come on, 1970’s Torchwood, that’s ripe for a UNIT crossover.

Torchwood LA I’m a lot less interested in, but you’re right, 1970’s Hollywood is an incredible backdrop to these stories and I could see them playing with it more.

I haven’t listened to Stranded so can’t say anything about Tania, but 100% agree with @uss-genderprise in that I’d love to see some other characters get their own monthlies, the Among Us boxsets give us a taste of what that could be giving some their own stories, but yeah, give us an Orr monthly, or ones with Eng, Tyler, hell give me a monthly with Colin, Rhys has proven you can do those.

Also last note, I’d just love some more monthlies with the spin off teams, the Soho crew for example. Madam, I’m was brilliant, and while I like soho, I think I personally prefer their monthly outings, and Tube Strike I thought was alright, and wouldn’t mind some more with those two.


See, I think Torchwood India would work really well because it could tie into a Doctor Who audio set during that period.

If the Torchwood India spin-off have music and sound design, and writing on the same level of quality as ‘The Emerald Tiger’… I mean, BigFinish could just take my money.


Without spoiling anything from Stranded, Liv and Tania could quite easily resurrect Torchwood One and run it from 107 Baker Street.

Like have the branch be much smaller-scale, like Torchwood Three.

By the end of Stranded 4 - again, without spoiling things here - they do have the resources and finances to bring the London branch online again: and with Tracy-Ann’s recent comments likely pulling the plug on the current TWO stories, it would be a great way to keep that range going without her.


I would love some more monthlies, and possibly a full spin-off, with one of the Torchwood off-shoot teams that have only appeared once.

The WW2 team from ‘The Dying Room’ was excellent, and I think we’ve been deprived of more adventures with LeDuc.

Getting a whole Torchwood WW2 series would be magnificent!


Completely forgot about The Dying Room, but yeah, 10)% that could be great too

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